“Now I finally know what they mean by ‘till the stars fall from the sky…’” If you’re wondering what that means, it’s not only a reference to the Doors’ famous hit “Touch Me,” but it’s one of the smoothest pick up lines of all time.

At least that’s the way a lot of women would view it. The rest of the verse continues with “…for you and I” after beginning with “I’m going to love you,” helping to fill in the blanks. It’s insanely romantic, as you’d hope all great pick up lines would be, but they come in several forms.

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The message of the song’s lyrics, one of undying love, is just one way for a man to get his point across when he’s been completely bowled over by a woman he’s crossed paths with.

Another Approach

But there are subtler ways to get your point across. Perhaps not as poetically or eloquently, but using heartfelt lyrics or poetry lines, no matter how old they are, isn’t a bad place to start when you’re trying to get your foot in the door.

The problem is knowing which icebreakers to use with each woman you meet, which is nigh impossible on first sight. You can turn to men’s sites for advice, but most of the pick up lines you’ll find there are written by men, and women are left shuddering after hearing them.

The Honest Truth

Guys, you really have no idea how lame they, and ultimately you, come across when uttering them. While there truly aren’t many to rely upon, we’ve assembled a list of great pick up lines to try out along the way in your search for love.

Golden Oldies

When wooing an older woman, the Doors’ line referenced above could work well for you, because she’ll probably get it—unless she grew up listening to country music or some genre other than rock.

But assuming she did grow up on rock and roll, you could even use the first part of the song’s refrain, which may be even more recognizable, that goes “…till the heavens stop the rain” after saying you now understand what they mean by the line.

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9 Pickup Lines to Break the Ice

Here are nine more ideas for pick up lines for older ladies with a subtle touch.

#1: Is this seat taken?

You can’t go wrong here or get a drink thrown in your face with this line. Even if she’s not interested, at least she won’t slap you or flee in disgust.

#2: Would you like to dance?

This pick up line is obviously dependent on music playing and your ability to cut a rug without stepping all over her toes, but it’s sweet and complementary without being too forward or presumptuous. It also shows that you’ve got moxie, something many men don’t possess. Men and women, both, are drawn to confidence. It’s sexy.

#3: Can I buy you a drink/coffee?

An old standard, but nonetheless effective if she’s even remotely interested in you. Another idea is to signal the bartender or barista and pay for her beverage, allowing the server to point out to the object of your desire that “The gentlemen over there paid for it.”

#4: I apologize if I’ve been staring, but you really caught my eye.

Not too over the top, you’re just breaking the ice and letting her know you’re there and very interested.

#5: Has anyone ever told you you’re captivating?

A bit stronger, but not on over the top pushy.

#6: I’m sorry to disturb you, but I’m drawn to your confidence and composure. You’ve got an intelligent look about you that made me want to meet you.

Most women will appreciate the compliment based on brains and the way they carry themselves rather than strictly on hotness level alone.

#7: What’s a refined lady like you doing in a place like this?

This is no hit on the establishment you happen to be in and can come off as quite funny if the place is actually upper-scale or pleasant. Either way, you’ve got her attention.

#8: Are you alone?

Simple and direct, you’ve come to the point without saying anything loathsome, and if she’s not interested at least you didn’t humiliate yourself using some clichéd line she’s likely heard before.

#9: My friends aren’t nearly as attractive as you and their conversation skills are severely limited. Would you mind if we talked, instead?

Flattering and humorous, you might just have a shot with this pick up line.

Sweep her Off Her Feet

Most women enjoy compliments on their appearance just as much as they enjoy being complimented for their acumen, so make a note of it.

Here are some flattering remarks you can make to women of all ages, but younger women still acutely aware of their looks might be especially pleased to hear them.

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#10: Shoot, you’re so beautiful you made me forget my pick up line. Now I’m embarrassed, but I’d still really like to meet you. Is there any chance we can talk?

Sweet, unassuming, and utterly lacking in cocky over-assuredness, many women will find it both cute and refreshing to be approached this way. BTW, “cute” is a huge compliment, not a cut, so get over it as a male, fellas.

#11: Pardon my intrusion, but you’re a knockout, and I just couldn’t help telling you so!

Here, you’re opening with a polite begging of forgiveness for your forwardness while speaking your mind as to her beauty. It’s a win-win.

#12: I’m sorry, but has anyone ever told you, you have beautiful eyes?

You could exchange “eyes” for “hair,” if need be. Don’t exchange either for the words “figure” or “body,” though, because that immediately tells her you’re scoping her out with a design on getting her into bed. It may be accurate, but you don’t have to be so blatant about it.

I know I’m probably not as handsome as a woman of your good looks would typically go out with, but what I lack in appearance I make up for 10 fold in wit and charm.

You can throw “brains” or “intelligence” in there, too, if you really are smart, but your humbleness will be attractive to a lot of ladies without coming off as self-defeating or desperate. Just be sure to say it with a sly smile on your face in a somewhat playful tone, not mocking or condescending.

#13: Like a broken pencil, life without someone like you in it would be simply pointless.

Corny? A little, but some girls fall for this kind of sap. Profound it isn’t, but not everyone is a Mensa member, so play it if it’s the only card in your rather slim deck.

#14: Beauty and poise are a killer combination

Letting her know she’s got it going on will make her day, and she might make yours in return by talking to you.

#15: Has anyone ever told you that you look exactly like fill in the blank?

As long as the “blank” is some startling beauty she’d be thrilled to be compared to, you may have a pretty good chance here. Possibly a smidge shady, but a touch of deceitful flattery will get you everywhere with some women, particularly those who are overly vain or in need of a compliment.

#16: Regina, is that you? You look amazing! How long has it been?

No, her name is not Regina, and you know perfectly well she’s not your long-lost friend, cousin, or whatever. But it will start the ball rolling. It’s up to you to keep the conversation going with a girl, once you have her attention. She’ll love the fact you think she looks so good, no matter what she goes by.

#17: I’m sorry, but I can’t stand it anymore. Can I see your hand, please?

If she surrenders it to you, gently take it in yours and say “Just as I suspected, a perfect fit,” all while smiling mischievously at her. This takes someone with some smooth moves, not a nervous nerd with sweaty palms, so leave your inner geek at home when busting this one out.

If she insists on knowing why you want to inspect her hand before giving it up, you can simply say, “I just wanted to see if it fit,” again beaming ear to ear. She might laugh or blush, but she might also start scanning the room for an exit, so be prepared either way.

#18: Hey, I think I just found your glass slipper. Is there a reward for returning it?

Insinuating she’s a princess will score you a lot of points with certain women, and possibly earn you scorn from others. This is a pick up line you’ll have to use with discretion, so try and ascertain her type first. Is she a girly girl who thinks it’s sweet, or more of a buttoned-up type who resents men she pegs as “typical males”? You make the call.

Funny Pick Up Lines

If you can’t dazzle her with charm, decorum, confidence, or a refined manner, then try your hand at wit. Most females respond well to humor, as having a sense of one is rated—in their estimation—amongst the highest of essential traits in a partner.

While most jokes are either corny or dirty, try and err on the side of corny rather than lewd and lascivious. You don’t want to send the wrong message unless you’re just looking to hookup, and there are plenty of dating apps for that.

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#19: Can I get you anything? Soda water, drink, a wedding ring?

If she doesn’t laugh you out of the room, you might just be buying her a drink. Hope you brought money.

#20: Dang, girl, you could make the Caped Crusader give up the bat cave and rent an apartment!

Way funnier than cheesy, this is a good example of great pick up lines with a playful side. It’s so goofy you have to laugh—or, at the very least, smile broadly.

#21: I’m no organ donor, but I’d gladly give you my heart.

A little bit corny with a whole lot of cute, a lot of women will fall for this one, so keep it in mind. Who knows, it could end up in your regular rotation—or score you a bride. It all depends on what you’re searching for.

#22: I lost my teddy bear. Will you sleep with me?

If you’re going to pull this one off, you’re going to have to try and look as cute and adorable as humanly possible or risk an epic fail. You might even be told to get lost, but some women will giggle and give it a pass, not you.

#23: Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?

Cheesy? You betcha, but for a woman looking for love, it could be the mating call she’s been waiting for. The words will either act as an aphrodisiac or send her running into the night. That’s how pick up lines work in general.

#24: I would flirt with you, but I’d rather seduce you with my awkwardness.

A lot of women find self-deprecating humor endearing. The line is cute and obviously not intended to be taken seriously, so use it if it seems viable at the time.

#25: I have amnesia, do I come here often?

A clever icebreaker, it should generate a laugh or two, if she even remotely has a sense of humor. If she doesn’t, you may want to move on, anyway.

Pick Up Line Tips for Success

Try not to say any of these lines like a complete cheese ball or creepy lounge lizard. Your line’s delivery is every bit as important—if not more so—as the pickup lines themselves.

And remember this, if nothing else: there is a fine line between coming across as confident and cocky. Self-assured men don’t need to be obnoxious or to come off as a lothario. Being respectful, earnest, and even a little playful will get you a lot further along than a ridiculous façade or being overbearing.

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Another thing to bear in mind is if the line or lines are so corny or trite that you have trouble delivering them—recognizing yourself that they are, indeed, truly corny—do you really want to go out with a woman who would fall for them?

If it’s just nooky you’re after, enough said. Otherwise, you’ve now lured someone whose extremely questionable tastes in icebreakers and the men who deliver them is now on the menu…lucky you!

One of the most cringe-worthy things you can do is to give a girl a backhanded compliment in an effort to shake her confidence and henceforth seek your approval.

Intro to Negging

The word for this is negging, and under no circumstances—certain or otherwise—do you want to be “that” guy. Urban Dictionary defines negging as such: “Low-grade insults meant to undermine the self-confidence of a woman so she might be more vulnerable to your advances. This is something no decent guy would do.”

Regrettably, a lot of men’s sites will actually recommend this tactic. In fact, it’s become so prevalent that it was even referenced in “Kingsman: The Secret Service” back in 2014, giving you an idea of how long the concept has been around. It’s played, and women are hip to it, so avoid it.

Final Thoughts

Finally, whatever you do, DO NOT resort to cheap comebacks when a woman signals her disinterest, such as calling her a name because she’s not swooning from your lame attempts or laughable delivery. Doing so is just pitiful.

If she’s of a mind to, she’ll point out in front of all of your buddies that “Yeah, that’s it. I must be gay if I’m not interested. How else could I possibly resist someone like you?

After all, you’re such a smooth-talking stud.” Even after the laughter dies down, your friends will never let you live it down, and the mocking continues (deservedly so).

So, there you have it. Now go forth and prosper.