Dating sites and apps targeting specific groups rather than the general population are known as niche dating services. Their ability to fill unique yet gaping voids in the consumer chain of supply-and-demand has created an industry bubbling with exciting options.  Who or what you’re searching for is just a click, swipe, or tap away from revealing him- or herself to you. 

If you’re drawn to different races or cultures, we’ve compiled a list of the best interracial dating sites for singles with a breakdown of what each has to offer. This will save you from all the note-taking and jumping back and forth between open tabs if you’ve been curious.

Interracial Dating Sites

These niche services see people of all races — including biracial and mixed-race singles — searching for love, romance, and friendship. There are quite a number of these services, making it tricky to decide which is best suited to your individual needs. So, take advantage of our legwork and check out who made the cut for the five best interracial dating sites and apps today.

1. Interracial People Meet

Considered a leader among mixed-race dating sites, “Creating Relationships. Connecting Lives” is their slogan.


Part of People Media, caters to singles looking for partners of different races. Members consist of white, black, Hispanic, Asian, and bi- or multiracial singles. People Media operates six of the top-50 ranked niche websites. Possibly due to its acquisition by in 2009, the user experience is similar in respect to appearance and features. Some people might be encouraged to try IPM because of their close affiliation. review

The site takes a more streamlined approach to online dating, eliminating a lot of the fancy bells and whistles many of the other niche services employ. Their goal is to get you out and date, not indoors scrolling and swiping. If this sounds like you, this might be your service.


  • Basic membership free
  • 1 month – $13.99
  • 3 months – $8.99/mo
  • 6 months – $6.49/mo


Basic members can expect to perform fundamental searches, view profiles, send flirts,

message, post and browse photos, and communicate via chat. Beyond that, premium members can access the following:

  • Search, filter, and sort profiles
  • Live chat
  • Like and leave comments
  • Read and reply to all emails 
  • Receive top matches 
  • Instant Match for quick compatible matches 
  • Viewed and favorited notifications
  • Watch member videos
  • ConnectMe, an app for keeping phone numbers private

Pros and Cons


  • App for Android and iOS devices
  • Safety feature for cloaking phone numbers
  • See who’s online and who’s not
  • One of the least expensive dating site options
  • Log-in with Facebook


  • Memberships automatically renew unless canceled
  • Fewer platform features than other services

2. Interracial Match

One of the earliest and most visited platforms for this group, it’s also considered one of the best interracial dating sites today. “Bringing people from different countries, regions, and ethnicities together is what we specialize in, and feel is our duty towards having one worldwide family,” is their motto.

Outline was released by a Silicon Valley firm in 2001 as a dating app for singles of all races. In addition to helping strangers meet, their goal is to help destigmatize interracial relationships. The service sees hundreds of new members join each day and has facilitated thousands of compatible matches. There are said to be approximately 1 million active users engaged with the app at any one time. It’s celebrated for serious relationships and offers a range of unique features seldom seen on other dating sites. Review

Clients initially create a profile using photos, answering questions, and setting personal preferences. 

Matches are then selected through the use of “the latest technology algorithm” and eventual client feedback.


  • Basic membership free
  • 1 month – $39.95
  • 3 months – $24.95/mo
  • 6 months – $19.95/mo


Basic membership allows users to create a profile with photos that other basic and premium members can view. In order to create one, photo verification is required. Standard users can send free winks to anyone, reply to premium member messages/online chat, and use basic search for browsing.

Premium members can expect these extra privileges:

  • Initiate sending messages/chatting online
  • Create and respond to other members’ first date ideas
  • Check online lists
  • Advanced search
  • Who’s favorited/viewed me/liked my photo notifications
  • Discover new members
  • View reverse matches
  • View last login times
  • Hide others from search results
  • Browse profiles secretly
  • Add/edit personal notes on profiles of interest
  • Show up at the top in searches
  • Prioritize & Highlight listing in search/browse results
  • Get highlighted as a featured member
  • Check “Likes me” and undo “Pass” on “Spark” page

Pros and Cons


  • App available for Android and iOS devices
  • 24/7 customer support 
  • Membership verification required


  • Auto-subscription needs to be deactivated on all premium membership plans
  • No membership pause option for temporary account freeze

3. Interracial Cupid

Part of the ever-expanding Cupid Media Network (CMN), which boasts 35 international dating sites, this app gives users a shot at finding love without racial boundaries. 

Outline is CMN’s first interracial dating and personals site committed to connecting singles worldwide. Comprised of a diverse userbase, the service provides a safe, easy-to-use platform with a number of advanced features. As of August 2019, the site was said to have 20,000 members from the U.S. with 10,000 active weekly users. Clients live globally, providing an expanded dating pool. Review

Registration is brief. Users can choose to verify their profiles immediately by uploading a copy of their ID after first logging in. Accounts that complete the photo verification process receive a 3-month free trial offer. The majority of members are between the ages of 25 and 44, and there are more male users than females. 


There are three memberships to choose from that include standard (free), gold, and platinum.

Gold membership

  • 1 month – $24.98
  • 3 months – $16.66/mo
  • 6 months – $8.33/mo

Platinum membership

  • 1 month – $29.98
  • 3 months – $20.00/mo
  • 6 months – $10.00/mo


Standard members can create profiles with photos. From there, they are able to show interest, send messages to other members, use instant messenger with premium members, as well as read those members’ messages. Paid subscribers have the use of all these features and then some.

Gold members 

  • Communicate with all members, regardless of member grade
  • Live chat
  • Advanced search
  • Hide photos
  • Search for logged-in members
  • Favorites list

Platinum members 

  • Advanced matching 
  • Message translation services 
  • Profile notes
  • Instant notifications for messages or profile interest

Pros and Cons


  • Free app download for Android and IOS devices
  • Register through app
  • App and desktop version have the same features
  • Log on using Facebook
  • Profile pictures and info are visible to everyone for free


  • Smaller U.S. base than other apps/sites
  • Hiding primary profile photo conceals all photos
  • Auto-renew for subscriptions must be disabled
  • First 5 photo uploads are free, but users have to pay extra to add more


Focusing exclusively on black and white relationships, rather than singles from other racial groups, BWS is the latest app for interracial pairings.

Outline — or BlackWhiteDating, as it’s referred to on their website — is all about connecting Caucasian singles with members of African descent and vice versa. To be honest, there are biracial and mixed-race clients using the service as well. Released in 2019, it’s a brand-new app, but it’s already receiving decent reviews. A quick and easy install and sign-up process make it appealing to mobile users who prefer to perform their searches from smartphones or tablets. 

BlackWhite.Singles Review

One of the unique features that makes it so popular is Spark, a system for collecting data based on what members like or pass on. The more the app is used, the more accurate Spark becomes for providing potential dating partners. 


  • Basic membership free
  • Gold membership
  • 1 month – $39.95
  • 3 months – $24.98/mo
  • 6 months – $19.99/mo


Basic members can create a profile with up to 26 photos; perform searches by country, state, or city; create a favorite list; send unlimited winks; respond to gold members’ emails; and receive notifications when other users favorite, wink, or send them a message. Gold members receive these upgrades:

  • Initiate and respond to emails to/from all members
  • Real-time chat
  • Customized notifications
  • Spark for improving search responses
  • Hot Topic allows users to connect through shared interests in a forum setting
  • Dating ideas provided
  • Let’s Meet for skipping the preliminaries and getting to the heart of the matter
  • Advanced search options to filter and sort

Pros and Cons


  • App for Android and iOS devices
  • Latest in interracial dating apps
  • Blog with advice, success stories, and first-date ideas
  • Convicted felons and registered sex offenders are banned from using the service
  • Membership can be terminated at will, any time, for any reason
  • Account verification
  • No third-party info sharing


  • Somewhat smaller userbase due to its newer status
  • Pricier than other apps and services

Declaring itself to be “the world’s biggest and best interracial dating site,” the service welcomes black, white, Latino, East Indian, Native American, Pacific Islanders, and Asian singles searching for love and commitment.

Outline was launched in 2003. It is connected to Swirlr and Interracial Dating Central, two popular services that are often associated with the best interracial dating sites. With members in more than a hundred countries, the site claims to have millions of profiles in its database. One of the nice privacy features is that members can communicate with one another without revealing personal details until they’re ready. Review

The website provides a viewing option optimized for mobile users, but apps for both Android and Apple devices have been released. Their Facebook page, which is filled with success stories, has approximately 2 million followers. Subscribed members have submitted far more success stories than basic members, working out to over 14 times more matches.


  • Basic membership free
  • Gold membership
  • 1 month – $19.95
  • 3 months – $13.17/mo
  • 6 months – $11.63/mo


Basic members can create and post profiles with pictures, perform basic searches, read and respond to all messages received, flirt, and send winks. Paid subscribers can access these additional perks:

  • Multiple chat options, including anonymous and private
  • Send and receive unlimited messages
  • See who’s interested, viewed, or favorited your profile
  • Create a list of favorites
  • Instant messaging
  • First pick of new members
  • Interact via webcam
  • Professional coaching services and tutorial content

Pros and Cons


  • App for Android and iOS devices
  • Website optimized for mobile users
  • Larger userbase due to connections with sister sites
  • 3-month money-back guarantee


  • No background checks
  • Same database as
  • No way to determine the number of users online at any given time

Best Interracial Dating Sites Tips

While attitudes have changed considerably in recent years, experts say that singles searching for partners of other races should be prepared for a certain level of flak from the general public, regardless. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of unenlightened members of the community that are stuck in a 1950’s mentality. There are a number of hurdles you’ll have to face, both from within and outside of your relationship. Sometimes, the external factors are the least of it.

Interracial Dating Sites Tips

Before embarking on a relationship with someone from a completely different race or ethnicity, it’s advised that you go into it with eyes wide open.

Here are some items of importance all parties should bear in mind if they’re going to step outside of their own base:

1. Cultural understanding

Understanding the culture of your partner is crucial if you’re going to make it work between the two of you, never mind the public. In order to fully grasp where your partner is coming from, you need to understand where they come from. That’s why it’s recommended you take the time to study their origin. Where are they from? Ask about their ideas, outlooks, and beliefs. How do they differ from yours? Acquaint yourself with his/her family and their history. What is their dynamic, and how do they view mixed-race unions? 

As with all relationships, you do not just marry your wife or husband, you marry their entire family — nuts and bolts and all. If you’ve ever been in a long-term union, you already know this. Families can make or break you as a couple, so be forewarned.

2. Race relations

This will likely become an issue for you at some point in your relationship. How you deal with it will have a direct bearing on how long you remain together. If your personalities are more in line with ducks allowing water just to roll off their backs, then you’ll probably do well. If both or one of you doesn’t, you need to address it and work on it. 

You’d do well to realize you’ll never be able to change people’s minds, that not all ignorant questions are based in malice, and that many individuals just have boorish manners. So, don’t take it to heart. Instead, try to forgive and forget. It’s not worth it.

3. Maintaining identity

is another item on the list professionals like to point to for maintaining stronger, healthier relationships, regardless of color or culture. Sometimes people have a tendency to take on their partner’s accent, sayings, or mannerisms. It’s actually very common. In mixed-race couples, however, it can sometimes be construed as offensive and even appear like cultural appropriation.

Interracial Couple Identity

Even if your partner has no objections, chances are you’ll catch a bit of grief over it from friends, family members, and the general public. It’s vital to remember who you are and not to try to be like someone you’re not. Don’t try and change yourself to fit some ideal or preconceived notion or allow yourself to be changed by anyone else.

4. Remain positive

Stay enthusiastic and focus on your similarities, shared thoughts and passions, and what it is that makes you both so happy about being a couple. This advice should be followed through good times and bad. Make it your mantra, if you will, but don’t ever lose sight of what it is you two share that is so special.

Positive breeds positive, and negative breeds negative. And, no, it’s not a bunch of new-age hooey. Human beings who maintain positive outlooks live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

5. Stay Strong Against Opposition

Coping with friends and family who are snarky, antagonistic, or just aren’t handling your relationship well can be additional tack strips thrown down on your highway to heaven. According to, give these folks some room to adjust. Don’t try and sway them if they’re not ready. Of course, if they’re openly rude or hostile toward your partner, by all means, curtail their presence. There’s no reason either of you should be subjected to that kind of treatment. No one should. 

We should all try and be more accepting and tolerant of people who are different from us. Rather than fear or hate them for their differences, we should instead try to embrace them and learn from them so that we can better understand them.

So have you used any of these services? Are you or have you been in an interracial relationship? What has been your experience with either of these questions? Let us know in a comment below!

*All prices listed for services were current as of 2019 and are subject to change.