Most people think that you can only meet women out at social events like bars or parties or that they only exist on online dating sites. This is SO not true! In fact, most of your day is spent outside of these types of mediums. If you live in a city, you seen thousands of people pass each day! So many beautiful women, so little time! To help you guys out, here are the 5 best places to meet women during the daytime!

1. Coffee shops

The coffee shop has become the de-facto hang-out now in urban areas. People will bring their laptops or books and pull up shop for hours! For many that work at home, this is their office. You, my friend, whether you realize it or not, are her coworker! They are in no rush to go anywhere so they are easy to strike up a conversation with. Ask them what they are working on. Share what you’re working on, even if it’s in its infancy stage.

2. The Gym

I think everyone belongs to a gym these days, whether they actually show up or not! If you belong to one, it’s prime space for meeting like-minded individuals. You both value your health, you’re both trying to make yourself better and you both know the value of a good sweat! Say hello, offer to spot, ask when they are done with their machine. Don’t go for the immediate full conversation or asking for number. If she belongs to your gym, you’ll see her again. Just start building a friendly relationship and see where it goes!

3. Subway

Many people think that the subway is a tough place to meet people. They are in their own world, listening to music, playing games on their phone, reading, etc. However, what are they actually doing? Killing time! They’re not doing anything important. Do you like meeting interesting people? So does everyone! She would much rather kill time talking to a nice, attractive guy than playing Candy Crush. Plus, there’s a nice time limit build in, so everyone knows it’ll be a short convo. Ask her where she’s headed; is she a tourist or local? And when your stop is coming up, it gives you the perfect excuse to ask for her number! And if you’re lucky, you can get another number on your way home!

4. Book Stores

Personally, I love book stores to meet women in! Again, people are there to kill a little time so you really won’t be interrupting their day. And there are so many topics to bring up in conversation! It’s almost like you can pick and choose the type of personality. Women in the Manga section are going to be way different than women in the Romance section, etc. You can basically scope out what books they are checking out and see if they are up your alley! The conversation can flow easily because there are so many things around you to talk about if you can’t think of anything? “Is that book good? What’s your favorite book ever?” And go from there!

5. Parks

Everyone loves it when it finally gets nice out! So when you live in an urban area, where do you head? The park! It’s our best communal space. People are walking dogs, eating, reading, sketching, relaxing, etc. It’s a perfect medium in which to strike up a conversation. Hanging in the park puts everyone in a good mood.