Matchmaking with a personal touch, that’s what Tawkify is all about. There are no algorithms, just an ordinary human being in the role of Dolly Levi doing the vetting for you. If you’re not a fan of musicals, Dolly was a famed fictional figure noted for her meddlesome ways when it came to orchestrating love. And while you may not have Barbara Streisand (Dolly) handling your affairs at Tawkify, they claim to have over 75,000 singles in their “Romance Rolodex” you could be paired with.

How did Tawkify come to be?

When creating an unbiased review of Tawkify, we have to start at the beginning! As a bit of background, the matchmaking service is the result of a collaboration between “Elle” magazine advice columnist E. Jean Carroll and Kenneth Shaw. The website launched in January 2012, and in June 2012, Tawkify launched Mystery Date and Walkify. The latter is a walking app.

Tawkify as an idea

 At the time, Carrol was no stranger to matchmaking. In 2002, she and her sister Cande founded the innovative dating site where women recommended their exes to one another. In addition to Carroll’s long-time “Ask E. Jean” column, she was also a writer for “Saturday Night Live,” a contributing editor to “Esquire,” “Outside,” and “Playboy,” and the author of four books, including “Mr. Right, Right Now.” And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

A tech guy, Shaw was previously a product planner for Microsoft and instrumental in helping launch. The pair met when Carroll approached Shaw regarding help with her app design. Shaw, who was in his twenties when he got involved in the project, is also the creative mind behind My Purity Test, a Facebook app. He’s since stated that, at the time, the notion of designing a dating site without online profiles appealed to him.

Not a Dating site

But Tawkify immediately makes the distinction that it is a matchmaking company, not a “dating site.” That’s how they set themselves apart. While some people might have trouble differentiating between the two, the end result is still supposed to be your soulmate.

So, what do Tawkify reviews say about the service, and how does it work? We decided to find out.

Tawkify logo
How do I get started on Tawkify?

Like most, if not all sites focusing on love, there is the inevitable account set up to deal with. These matchmakers are no different. Should you decide to become a client, the group performs pre-screenings to decide whether or not they want to take you on as a customer. Here’s what else you can expect.

1. Profile  

The first thing you’ll have to do is create a profile. With this service, they initially have you set up a “starter” profile with a picture that your matchmaker will “build-out” from there. This is accomplished through shared conversations, asking questions, and getting details about you personally. BTW, if you’re wondering about privacy, they swear they never share your identity, profile, or private info.

2. Memberships 

Tawkify gives you the option of choosing how you want to approach the matchmaking process. If you want your own matchmaker with “guaranteed” matches and a more personalized experience, they recommend going with their Matchmaking Client service. 

But that’s not the only inroad. You can opt for their Matchable Membership, if you’re “’okay going “passive” and only being matched when you’re chosen’” for one of their clients. This means you’re in their roster of eligibles, but they’re not actively coaching you. If you’re approved for this type of membership, you’ll be contacted for further screenings once you are identified as a potential match for a “client.”

What are the differences in Memberships?

Here’s what you can expect with the two levels of service:

Matchmaker Client

  • Your own personal matchmaker
  • Individualized match recruiting
  • All matches handpicked
  • Guaranteed matches
  • Priority within an exclusive database
  • Matches personally-screened
  • Concierge curated date experience

Matchable Member

  • Concierge curated date experience
  • Unlimited potential matches, none guaranteed
  • Matches personally-screened

What’s Next?

3. Meeting Your Matchmaker 

Should you become an actual client, Tawkify pairs you with a matchmaker who’s considered to be a good fit for you personally. Here’s where those conversations we referred to earlier will occur. The information they extract from you will be used to help build your profile and aid in assessing your compatibility for dates.

According to Tawkify, they’ll “start scanning the universe for potentially compatible candidates” from that exclusive Romance Rolodex we mentioned earlier. Their famous “Love Hunter” recruiters are said to hit the ground running to find you ideal matches —wherever they may be. All matches are reported to be personally handpicked, 

screened, and subject to final approval by “E. Jean herself and matchmaking team leaders.” Now that’s attention to detail founder Gary Kremen likely isn’t able to claim.

4. Curated Dates

Once introductions have been made, Tawkify will plan what they promise to be a unique experience for an exciting and creative first date. Based on the personal interests of the client, they’re designed to take the pressure and stress out of planning one yourself. Referred to as mystery dates, clients merely have to show up with their game face on ready to meet their prospective partner.  

Afterward, matchmakers check in to review the date, providing feedback and offering insights, so you’ll receive dating advice and guidance throughout the entire process. The collaboration before and after the dates helps to ensure the most successful matches possible.

Pros and Cons of Tawkify

As with anything, there are pros and cons to using this service. Here you’ll find a list of both to help you get a clearer picture of what to expect.


  • Real people, not phony profiles
  • Customized dating 
  • Somebody else is doing all of the legwork for you
  • All of the serious screening is also done for you, so there are fewer safety concerns meeting strangers
  • They plan your first face-to-face meeting, taking the onus off of you


  • Without all the swiping going on, you’re basically going on a blind date
  • It can take a while before they rustle someone up for you, so there’s no instant gratification
  • As opposed to free sites and apps, you may be steamed if you’re not meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right after shelling out money for a personalized service

In all fairness, matchmaking is a process. It’s also a significant investment of valuable time and resources. As Tawkify and others remind their clients, you’ll get out of it precisely what you put into it. You also need to have realistic expectations concerning your ROI (return on investment) and the time it can take to see things happen.

How much does Tawkify cost?

While the site is vague when it comes to exact pricing, Matchmaker Clients can expect to spend anywhere between $5,000 and $8,000 a year for the premium service. It could be less, depending on various factors. Matchable Members, on the other hand, are charged a fee of $99 a year to remain in their dating pool.

Remember, though, as a member you’re limited to just being searchable in their database (aka the Romance Rolodex) for potential matching with their VIP clients. It still may be worth it to you.

E. Jean Carroll

So, just how seriously does Carroll take this whole personalized matchmaking thing? Early on after the company launch, the “New York Times” did a piece where it was stated “Ms. Carroll said she speaks with almost every male applicant, screening out the ones she thinks are merely looking for sex.’” 

Fast-forward seven years and who knows if she’s still able to keep up or if her matchmaking support team does the lion’s share. The claim that she handpicks and vets members is still on the website, though. Either way, this hands-on approach is possibly what it takes to get results. One of the most common complaints among dating-site users is phony profiles. With the ability to vet more thoroughly, logic would dictate this approach may have better chances for success.

To try to get a better understanding of what “success” looks like at Tawkify, we checked out their FAQ page regarding the subject. Their answer to the question reads like this:

For a taste of our success, please check out our “Love Stories” page — this is why we love what we do! We work with most new clients 6-12 months, with almost 80% successfully matched in that time.”

While it’s a bit of a dodge-and-redirect maneuver, as it merely takes you to their testimonials, it gives you some idea of the percentages you’ll face. You’d have to have accurate, current membership numbers to really know for sure, of course. But elsewhere on the website, they claim to have “over 20,000 strong matches” to their credit.

As far as the qualifications of the matchmakers, Tawkify explains it this way:

We recruit new matchmakers who exhibit many of the skills and attributes of previously successful matchmakers — many of whom were personally trained by E. Jean herself! We look for people with unusually high EQs, empathy, and intuition, who also demonstrate prodigious professional and people skills. We focus on finding candidates who are cut from this particular cloth.”

Tawkify Reviews from their own Users

The service has been around for seven years now and has members in the U.S. and Canada. They facilitate opposite-sex and same-sex relationships. But what are real Tawkify users saying about the tailored efforts of the team and their success or lack of it?

For starters, a lot of people compare them to Master Matchmakers, another customized dating service with screening, coaches, and guaranteed matches. On, there are over 800 Tawkify reviews, and 71 percent gave the service a rating of “Excellent” with another 10 percent rating it “great.” When you consider the dissatisfaction levels with most dating sites, 81 percent satisfaction is impressive. 

Here is a mix of responses from verified users regarding a Tawkify review.

Tawkify Trustpilot reviews

From Trustpilot –
Aaron posted July 18, 2019

My matchmaker paid attention to my preferences regarding the type of woman I am looking for. She also took notice of the details and modified the search based on my feedback after each date. She did great job in picking different locations that were interesting and convenient for both me and my date. Above all, she listened to my likes and dislike just as a friend and would do and shared helpful advice regarding dating. As I had never used matchmaking service before, I was apprehensive before starting with Tawkify. But, I found my matchmaker to be reliable, helpful and trustworthy. Although, I have not found the ideal woman yet, I would definitely recommend Tawkify’s service to someone looking for their ideal partner.”

Penny posted July 17, 2019

If your [sic] are looking for high quality matches and great date setups, Tawkify is great. My matchmaker was especially in tune with me and provided great experiences.”

Krystina posted July 9, 2019

Working with Tawkify was a great experience. Some may be hesitant at the cost, but when you realize there’s no swiping, no initial back and forth, no arranging of dates, no catfishing, etc you realize the value. Tawkify’s matching understands you in a way glamour shots and witty taglines could never capture. My matchmaker was fantastic. Definitely listened to me and never came off judgmental.”

While in the minority, the complaints cited mostly centered around customer service and delayed refunds.

Kelly Hahn posted July 9, 2019

Poor customer service. I signed up for the 6 month package and after 3 dates, I decided this wasn’t for me. The guys were nice, but there was no attraction or chemistry and decided it wasn’t worth the cost especially since I needed the money for other things. My matchmaker Holly was very nice and understanding. I cancelled in early April and now it is early July and I still haven’t received my refund. The customer service has been very lacking in responses. I only received one email explaining the situation and that wasn’t until June 11th. Since then, I haven’t even gotten a response back from them. I feel as though I’ve gotten ripped off.”

Bottom line: Tawkify appears to be a viable alternative to more impersonal dating services which offer less while maintaining higher levels of customer satisfaction.