If you are seeking love with someone from Asia, you need to focus on the best Asian dating sites. Just keep in mind that Asian dating platforms for Asian dating sites may not give you as many amenities as the big sites – such as eHarmony or Zoosk

Unless it is otherwise indicated, the best Asian dating sites typically support inter-racial dating and primarily concentrate on marriage-minded Asian women dating marriage-minded Asian or Caucasian men. Take a look at the following list to further review the details for Asian dating online.

1. Asian Date Net

This site primarily concentrates on helping Asian or Caucasian men and Asian women dating online find a permanent partner. Other cultures or races are also featured on the platform. As soon as you access the site, you are asked to register. This registration starts with a profile. 

The profile is meant to help you find a pen pal or friend first with the hopes of building a budding romance. Asian Date Net is a small and navigable platform that encourages friendship and love.

You need to comply with some of the rules of the site. For example, after you upload photos, you need to wait for site administrators to approve them. Also, after you submit your profile, you need to confirm it. The site will send you an email for activation. Once the profile is activated, you can log into the site and add more information.

Remember, when communicating on the site, delete old correspondence to be able to continue and receive messages from friends and love interests. If you ever want to remove your profile, you will need to contact the site to eliminate your information.

The cost is free to join, so why not give this site a try?

2. Asia Match

Another one of the best Asian dating sites for finding Asian women dating and seeking a relationship is Asia Match. When you click on Asia Match, you will soon discover that this site is primarily designed for single Caucasian men seeking Asian women. 

You can either connect with Facebook or find your matches by filling out the profile information on the home page. You will need to check off your gender, and include your contact details, such as first and last name and email. Insert a password and confirm it and add your country, birthday, and relationship status. For example, include whether you are divorced, never married, married, widowed, or separated.

For a Western male seeking Asian women dating and currently looking to find love, the tools are quite helpful on this site. For instance, if you want to make sure you communicate smoothly, translation is provided on the platform for any mail correspondence. Men are also encouraged to give the women on the site gifts or participate in live chats or love calls.

This integrated dating platform provides direct access to other singles, and profiles are confirmed for authenticity and safety. Again, the tools featured on the site make it easy for men seeking an Asian woman to effectively communicate anytime and anyplace.

3. AsianDating.com

Backed by the Cupid Media network, AsianDating.com boasts 2.5 million members. Again, this site seems to focus on Western Caucasian men finding the Asian love of their life. In fact, if you are a man who wishes to date internationally, you will want to check out Cupid Media network’s other sites. 

Some of the sites include IndianCupid.com, FilipinoCupid.com, ColombianCuipid.com, and BrazilCupid.com. You can also find love at ChinaLoveCupid.com and InternationalCupid.com. A whole listing of the other sites is found at the bottom of the AsianDatng.com home page. 

You might say that this site is a great site to choose if you want to expand your dating horizons and connect with matches across the globe.

While it is free to sign up at this site and create a profile, you should pay the $19.99 monthly subscription cost to get full benefits from the platform. 

4. Cherry Blossoms

Based in Hawaii, this site promotes obtaining a K-1 fiancée visa or fiancée visa and green card package. Again, Western Caucasian men often visit this site seeking Filipino and Asian women dating to find a wife.  If you want to remove the risk of filling out visa forms yourself, you will find that Cherry Blossoms is your one-stop source for finding an Asian or Filipino girlfriend and lifelong companion.

Probably, this is one of the best Asian dating sites for any man who knows that he is seeking. Not only are Asian women featured on the site, so are Filipino ladies. Right now, about 50,000 men and women currently visit the platform. 

This site bills itself as the only company worldwide that supports conversations that lead to marriage and ultimately true love. Mobile-friendly, the site makes it easy to connect and find the true love of your life.

5. EastMeetEast

This platform is one of the best Asian dating sites on the North American continent that caters to Asian dating. While EastMeetEast is designed for Asian-American singles, it is expanding across the globe. The site helps compatible Asian men and women connect by using a proprietary system for making matches. 

Members are sent a one-to-one match weekly. Members can also browse profiles independently. Free-to-do activities for men include searching for matches and getting started. They need to pay for other featured services. If you are a woman and sign up on the site, you can access all the site’s tools free of charge all the time. 

6. AsianD8

AsianD8 is considered the largest of the best Asian dating sites in the UK. Getting started on the site is simple and free. Once you fill out your gender and contact details, you can view the profiles, search for matches, and message members. The platform posts more than 200 singles events yearly. 

7. FindLoveAsia

This site is designed to cater to both heterosexual and gay members. You can browse and video chat for free on the site. One of the nifty features on the platform is the timeline – a tool that permits you to see who just joined, who added images, and who just became friends. It also short-lists those members who wish to begin a conversation. 

This site not only covers Asian dating but is also made for anyone who is involved in Filipina dating or Thai dating. This site, like most of the best Asian dating sites, is created for White Caucasian males who wish to check out ladies seeking love and romance or marriage and friendship.

8. Heyyy

Of all the best Asian dating sites and apps, Heyyy scores points with respect to freebies. Just about everything on the platform is free – signup, searching, matching, and communications. The one-click Facebook feature for signing up makes it simple for singles to upload their photos and information. The app also authenticates people’s identities. The Heyyy platform only enables the messaging tools when two people mutually like each other.

9. AsiaMe.com

This is one of the older, if not long-running, best Asian dating sites on the Internet. The site has been in operation since 1998. Originally designed for Chinese women to connect with men from various countries, the site makes communication easier with its innovative translation tools. Members can also keep up-to-date about what is happening in Asia by reading associated articles on the site. It is free to view members and obtain customer support on the site.

This site stresses safety, as it features CamShare, and employs a fraud-prevention system and online purchasing. Men who visit the site may be from North or South America, Europe, or the Asia Pacific area. Some of the other provided services include Chat, Video, Call, and Gifts. EMF email enables you to communicate easily, as translation software breaks the language barrier.

10. AsiaFriendFinder.com

Whether you are Caucasian or Asian, woman or man, you can find who you are seeking on Asian dating sites like this. Some of the benefits of membership include the following:

  • Chat communications enable you to communicate with local Asians.
  • Share your ideas on the site’s blog.
  • Connect with other members by joining one of the platform’s groups.
  • Receive free online dating advice and learn more about Asian dating.
  • Read or submit a FriendFinder success story.
  • Receive personalized matches based on your likes and dislikes.
  • Connect with singles of all religions, races, and ages.

If you want to visit one of the Asian dating sites that offer more diversity, this is the site to choose.

Dating Safety on the Best Asian Dating Sites

Now that you have an idea of some of the niche Asian dating sites featured online, you can find out more about staying secure. 

Before you embark on finding a match on one of the best Asian dating sites, you need to make sure you are seeking a match on a computer that is entirely safe to use. Make sure that your device is secure from virus attacks or hackers. You need to take all the necessary precautions in this respect. 

First, you need to secure your computer with antivirus software and a firewall. Otherwise, using the computer can be likened to living in a home without any locks. Also, keep in mind that your computer features a unique identifier in the form of an IP address. This address permits computers to communicate online. 

Safeguard and hide your IP address from would-be hackers – people who can identify the address and access your saved files. This type of activity can lead to problems with identity theft.

In addition, you need to make sure your computer is regularly updated. Otherwise, your system cannot handle the latest threats. If your system prompts you to make updates, comply with the request.

Do you work on a computer hooked to a wireless network? If so, make sure you are protected. You need to obtain a secure wireless connection through your service provider, including a fool-proof password. Don’t become vulnerable to online trespassing or hacker activities.

How to Secure a Strong Password on Online Asian Dating Sites

Any password you use should be strong enough to ensure total privacy. According to traditional recommendations, strong passwords feature certain traits. The following listing elaborates –  

  • The password should contain at least 12 characters. A longer password will keep hackers away and give you the ability to realize more privacy.
  • The password should include lower case letters, capital letters, symbols, and numbers. This type of mix makes the code harder to crack.
  • Make sure you don’t make your password a dictionary word or a combination of words found in the dictionary. While one word, by itself, is bad, several words, particularly if they are obvious, defeats the purpose of creating a password.
  • The password should not depend on apparent substitutions.

You can create a memorable password by switching out the first letters of a memorable sentence and converting them into your password. For instance, you can create a password of this type from the following sentence:

The first home I rented was on 220 Main Street in New York. The resulting password would be TfhIrwo220MSiNY. That way, you can memorize a fairly long password with virtual ease.

Presenting Your Profile on the Best Asian Dating Sites

Once you make sure that you are using a secure computer and that your password is strong, you are ready to present your profile. While we live in a fairly progressive society, we still need to make things fair for everyone – one of the reasons for featuring online Asian dating sites.

For example, according to one study, Asian men on dating sites receive fewer replies to their messages than men of other cultures or races. Also, men—whether they are Asian or European—prefer Asian women. That is the reason you should sign up to Asian dating sites – sites that make Asian dating fairer. That way, you will not be assessed because of your nationality but by your traits or interests. 

By adding your profile to the best Asian dating sites, you can start a dialogue with like-minded singles and keep it going. To make sure your information stands out, it is always good to keep the following in mind:

1. Highlight Your Individual Preferences

You will waste less time by highlighting what you like or don’t like in your profile. The best matches on Asian dating sites are made by those people who are the most compatible. For instance, maybe you like an extreme sport or enjoy reading mysteries. Perhaps you like certain subjects, such as Asian literature or Medieval art. When you create your profile, talk about some of these passions.

2. Keep the Dialogue Going

People can learn a lot about each other after a short chat. Begin your conversation by revealing any shared interest and keep the dialogue flowing by adding interesting comments or including a bit of humor. You should also inquire about the other person’s interests and hobbies. Doing so will help create a rapport, if not a bond, between you and the other person. By showing an interest in the other person’s hobbies or work, you can take the conversation offline as well.

3. Remember – Quality Supersedes Quantity

Some large dating sites do not give Asian singles a chance to find that one special person because they do not emphasize Asian interests and activities. Therefore, visiting the best Asian dating sites gives you a competitive advantage, whether you are one of the Asian women dating online or a man from the US seeking an Asian woman and partner.

By seeking a partner or match from one of the smaller Asian dating platforms, you can concentrate your energies on a few select matches. Send out a single message each day and you will experience fewer rejections and you can place more emphasis on a single candidate – not a whole slew of people. By taking this approach, you will feel more confident while dating and find more quality matches.

4. Find Love Online – For Real

By visiting the best Asian dating sites online, you can find the love of your life – for real. The sites are designed so you can approach dating more safely and can take a closer look at candidate profiles. This will make you feel less stressed when finding that perfect match for you. 

So, What Do You Think?

What do you think about the best Asian dating sites featured online? Is there one site you like better than the others? If so, what features do you like and why? What are some of the features that are important to you?

Reviewing the Features 

For most people signing up at Asian dating sites, they want to see the following:

  • A site that displays positive testimonials
  • The cost of joining and the benefits
  • The type of dating supported; for example, Asian as well as inter-racial or marriage-minded
  • The year the site began

Also, think about the one feature of a site that stands out when compared to other Asian dating sites. Take note of this feature when making a site selection. You have the ability today to find that special someone, provided you find the best Asian dating sites for you. Hopefully, the above listing will help you find that woman or man who can make your dreams for love and/or friendship come true.