Online dating can sometimes be perceived as intimidating and overwhelming. How do you know if you can trust the person?

Is that really a photo of them? Do I dare meet them in person? Where do we meet? We are riddled with questions and unknowns if we are new to the world of online dating.

Black dating sites

But for us black people, there’s another added difficulty that others might not have to consider.

Research has shown that finding someone to date and even to love online is statistically harder for people of color. This is why we need black dating sites.

Typical Dating Sites

Your average dating site often has options that you can choose for what kind of person you are looking for: tall, short, medium built, fair-haired, etc.

With online dating becoming ubiquitous it has evolved to the point that most now allow you to also choose the ethnicity of the person you are seeking. 

Black dating sites

However, there are several places that are exclusively black dating sites. A “for us by us” type of site that may better meet the needs of this very large market.

Black Dating Sites

You may wonder in a piece about black dating sites, how having these race-exclusive sites is not hypocrisy. How can a dating site that only permits black people not be racially prejudice to other ethnic groups?

Black people need sites where they feel secure in their own skin (pun not intended). It is a safe place where there is a great selection of black people to choose from.

There are many niche sites for people that do the same thing.  There are Christian sites, Jewish sites, Asian sites, etc.

These spaces are where certain groups feel more understood, more appreciated and more comfortable.

The sites originated from people wanting safe environments and for people who are seeking shared cultural or emotional connections. People didn’t want potential dates that were going to dismiss them as soon as they saw their photo.

The Statistics

To support the argument further about the need for black dating sites, let’s have a closer look at those OkCupid stats.

Black dating sites

In 2009, the attraction basics linked with race showed that non-black men were much less likely to start a conversation with a black woman. On the contrary, black men didn’t seem to have any racial preference.

For women, most seemed to prefer men that were the same race as them.

The statistics show a decrease in racial attitudes, becoming less biased over time.

8 Top Black Dating Sites

We’ve covered why we need black dating sites. Now we need to have a look into the sites online and what they could offer us if we’re looking for love.

1. Elite Singles

EliteSingles dating website logo

The Elite Singles name doesn’t give it away as a black dating site,  however, they have a segment of the site specifically for blacks. They hope to connect like-minded black people to create true connections with real compatibility.

Their simple goal is helping you to find your long-term partner. Apparently, EliteSingles create more than 2000 couples each and every month!

And it isn’t just a ‘swipe left and right’ type of dating site either. It uses clever algorithms based on a personality test and considers your preferences before matching you with a potential love interest.

How Does It Work?

The personality test allows them to get a sense of what is important to you and who you are as a person. The algorithm might look at your religion, your habits, location and lifestyle.

It is based on a “Five Factor Model”, a central part of psychology for the last few decades.

They combine all their data and send you between three and seven matches a day. You can adjust your preferences at any time. For example, if you want to have children in the future or if you want to have a similar cultural background, you can list this in your preferences and they’ll do the matching.

They also have a browsing function called “Have you met …” which relies on spur of the moment decision making. These people may not have every preference you listed, but they may end up working out for you! Elite Singles website has everything you need to get started on the black dating scene.

2. BlackCupid

Next up: BlackCupid. BlackCupid claims to be the most exciting network for black dating and chatting with other blacks in America. The site is free to browse.

This black dating site is a part of the Cupid Media network, which is a well-established network of more than 30 niche reputable online dating sites.

Cupid dating review logo
A part of the Cupid Media collection of dating sites

Their platform is easy and safe to use and is helping you meet your match in mind. The network can allow for international black dating too, should you wish!

BlackCupid is a popular niche site and it’s free to join.

3. Black People Meet

This black dating site claims that it’s the biggest dating site for single black people in the USA. Founded in 2002, it has built up a large community of singles all with African-American heritage who are looking for relationships, friendships, dates and, of course, love.

With their site, dating other black people is easy, safe and fun too. You can find your choice of singles in your area at the click of a button. You can send messages, ‘flirts’, use live chat, browse and post pictures and loads more besides.

Creating a profile is free and you can search their personals to find exactly what you’re looking for. Black People Meet is certainly up there with the best of black dating sites today with 1.4 million members.

4. Black Friends Date is a dating site that is completely free to use for black men and women. This site is completely free to use.

Besides the standard functionality of IM and email, there’s the option to chat with audio or video too. Black Friends Date is a black dating site with a large number of members as well as good privacy options as well.

5. Afro Introductions

AfroIntroductions is one of the largest African dating sites. Launched in 2002, Kupidon Media Enterpris manage it as well as their other 30 or so different specialized dating platforms.

AfroIntroductions has more than 2 million users from all over the African continent as well as other areas including Europe and, of course, the USA.

Black dating sites

This site has the primary focus of helping the world’s black population find each other. On this site, you can create a profile with photos and view members by certain criteria and specific preferences.

They have a chat, email and webcam option as well if you want to video chat. They also profess to have an advanced system for matching and excellent customer service.

However, one potential downside is they let others from other ethnic backgrounds find black love too.

6. Black Singles

This site, BlackSingles, allows members to find single black women and men as well as those who love interracial dating, so it might not be for everyone if you’re looking for a black only dating site.

Their approach is friendly so that everyone can find love. It belongs to Spark Networks and offers free membership with excellent features. You can chat and read articles that might interest you about dating.

You can also  see which users are online and search for members who are currently on the site. Additionally, it offers personality testing and zodiac compatibility tests too. Users find the message boards filled with chats. 

7. Black Christian People Meet

You’re black, but you’re also a Christian. You’re not out there to look for anything other than a quality long term relationship, right?

So if you want something that shows potential to grow into something much more then Black Christian People Meet may be for you!

Black dating sites

It provides exactly what it says: a place for black Christians to meet online, knowing that the people who they connect with will share the same values. It is entirely free to use.

8. Senior Black People Meet

Another off-shoot of Black People Meet is for seniors. This site is specifically for blacks over 50. There are hundreds of success stories and 24/7 support from their staff.

It’s affordable with good options to choose and easy to navigate.

Sites With Apps

The majority of black dating sites are entirely web-based. If you are wanting something that you can easily access on your phone, then read on to discover which ones have apps.

Out of the eight sites we’ve explored, only three have apps available for smartphones. They are Elite Singles, BlackCupid, and Black People Meet.

In terms of reviews…

  • Black People Meet fares best with a rating of 4 out of 5 stars for the Android version. However, the iOS version only has a rating of 2.7 out of 5.
  • Elite Singles has a rating of 3.1 out of 5 on iOS and 2.5 out of 5 on Android.
  • Black Cupid is only available on Android and is rated at 3.8 out of 5. It’s worth bearing in mind that these ratings also take into account the functions of the apps themselves as well as the website and content.

In Conclusion

Things have come a long way in the black dating scene over the past decade as online dating has evolved. These days there are more sites than ever that are solely dedicated to black dating.

We’re sure that, from these sites we explored, you will be able to find the site that is a best fit for you. You could even try out a few as many of them are free or very affordable.

Of course, there still exist the inclusive sites like,,, that allow you to select your preference. We can find our safe havens and like-minded individuals on any of the exclusively black dating sites.

The members of these sites will better know and understand our roots, our heritage and our universal challenges better than other ethnic groups.

We have suggested a few different black dating sites that you may want to try out on your journey to find the one! Reader: we hope you find love, fun and friendship in your dating. Happy love-hunting!