Do you want to find someone who is more committed to finding a permanent partner? If so, you should first check out the best dating apps for relationships, like the ones represented in this article.

Best dating apps for relationships and serious partners

Take time to sign up at the sites and carefully scrutinize the choices.

Before you begin the process, think about the qualities you are seeking in a partner.

While these qualities will not be apparent when you first meet someone, you need to look for them when communicating through a dating app.

Best Dating Apps for Relationships: Ideal Characteristics

If you are seeking a partner through a dating app, take note of the following attributes.

1. Maturity

While it may take a little time to determine the level of maturity of a possible partner, you should keep this quality in mind when trying to form a more ideal union.

When a person matures emotionally, he or she is less likely to talk about past dating experiences or project them on the current situation.

Mature people are independent and are much less likely to form a relationship to compensate for weakness or shortcoming.

Instead, the mature person wants to find a romantic partner with whom he or she can share their life. The mature person has broken away from the past and therefore is available romantically.

2. An Open Nature

Ideally, someone who is more interested in a serious relationship is more open-minded, and therefore more expressive. An open nature shows that a person is interested in his or her personal development, and wishes to contribute to forming a lasting relationship.

While perfect unions are not possible, openness can do a lot toward obtaining feedback and keeping the channels of communication transparent and sincere.

3. Integrity and Truthfulness

Someone who wishes to form a permanent bond understands the importance of being truthful. Truthfulness builds trust between partners. On the other hand, a dishonest nature leads to confusion and can destroy any close ties.

Look for someone through the best dating apps who display integrity and honesty – someone who wants to avoid any miscommunication, with respect to words and actions.

By finding a truthful person or someone who shows integrity, you can more easily see where a relationship is headed.

4. Independence and Respect

To form a closer bond, you need to respect each other’s boundaries while still remaining close emotionally and physically. Respect, when it is shown from another person and returned, allows us to see someone for whom he or she represents.

best apps for serious dating singles

5. Empathy

Find someone who shows empathy – someone who communicates by understanding the other person’s special needs or values. If you want to build a closer bond, you and the partner you find must be able to tune into each other’s thoughts and feelings.

6. Affection

To develop a closer relationship – a longer-lasting bond, it is important to seek people who are naturally affectionate. This means finding someone who is responsive verbally, emotionally, and physically.

He or she should be comfortable at outwardly displaying tenderness and warmth. Someone who wants to form a special bond has no reservations about giving or receiving affection.

7. A Good Sense of Humor

A sense of humor often can be the anchor that keeps a relationship alive. Finding a partner who does not take life too seriously while maintaining a realistic perspective can help you get through some of life’s trials or difficulties. A sense of humor removes any tension and makes life more of a joy.

A Special Kind of Love

When you are reviewing the best dating apps for relationships, you may want to think of the above qualities as resolutions. Resolve to seek a partner who exhibits many of the above traits. Doing so will assist you in finding a special kind of love – one where both partners bring out the best in each other.

dating apps for mature serious relationships

Now that you have a better idea of what to seek, with respect to character and personality, you can review the best dating apps for relationships with more clarity. The apps below will make it possible for you to quickly survey your choices and take a chance at finding the love of your life.

In fact, you may find the person you will marry though a dating app. According to one research study, conducted in 2017 by The Knot, around 17% of women met their future husbands through a dating app. The same percentage of women also indicated that they met their future spouses through friends.

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The 5 Best Dating Apps for Relationships that Last

If you have exhausted finding Mr. or Miss Right through friends, you may want to check out the following best dating apps for relationships.

1. The League

This app bills itself as Intelligent Dating for ambitious people. It is designed for the picky person who wants to meet someone he or she actually wants to date. What you will like about this app is its UI and UX enhancements – improved updates that give you more details about membership offerings.

If you are an educated and professional single person, between 25 and 40 years old, feel free to give it a try. Who knows? Mr. or Miss Right may be as close as your smartphone.

the league - best dating app for relationships

2. Coffee Meets Bagel

If you are seeking quality over quantity, this app was designed for you. Profiles are limited, as they are listed according to like interests. This app is meant for the person who wants to find that one meaningful link to love. Curated matches make it possible for you to experience favorable first impressions.

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3. Match

This grandmother app has been around for a long while – way before apps became popular. While you do not have to log into the app via Facebook, you do need to sign up. During the process, you will need to answer questions, add some photos, and create a password and user name.

Winking simulates flirting on Match – all for some playful fun. The service also sends personalized matches daily – all which relate to your specific interests. A personal dating coach also suggests recommendations.

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With that said, to make the most of the app, you should subscribe to the site, which will cost you about $29.99 per month, and that amount is reduced if you buy a three, six or 12 month package.

However, that premium subscription may be worth your while, especially if you are serious about finding that special someone. Paying for a subscription is necessary to send and receive messages and it permits you to see who has viewed your profile and comes with an array of features and perks.

4. Happn

Happn is an app that allows you to connect with people that you may see “but do not see” on your daily commute or walk to work. They may be part of your daily routine without your even realizing it.

You can contact the profiles that catch your eye, and if they feel the same way – well, it is up to you! Happn makes things happen with people you may pass each day. This app is ideal for singles who live in the city.

happn the dating app for adults

5. eHarmony

Probably, the slogan, “Like-Minded Singles,” says it all. This site’s dating app is a great app to choose for anyone who is bent on getting to know someone and, perhaps, establishing a permanent bond.

The site claims that it uses a scientific approach to match compatible people. This approach uses a model, called 29 DIMESIONS®, to match singles. The model employs compatibility features found in successful relationships.

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If you are really serious about finding that ideal man or woman, this site’s app should probably count as one of your top choices, if not number one pick. To find the right woman or man for you, use the app by first answering some basic questions.

Follow up by answering compatibility questions before reviewing the profiles of singles that the site deems as perfect matches. All these initial steps can be done for free. You don’t have to pay for a plan until you try out the service and take a closer look at your matches.

The five above dating apps for relationships are geared more toward traditionalists – people who wish to develop a permanent relationship. However, with that being said, you still should know that people may not be completely honest when it comes to filling out their profiles.

Have You Lied About Your Age on Your Dating Profile?

According to research conducted by, 53% of daters who fill out profiles online lie about their age, job and income, and height and weight.

In fact, 20% of the women who participated in a survey by Opinionmatters said they included a profile photograph of when they were younger (and thinner).

Over 40% of male survey participants admitted they lied about what they did for a living to sound more successful and appealing.

relationships and lying about age

Many of the online daters also ask that friends help build and submit their dating profiles. Women (about 30%) ask friends for help while just over 15% of the men get assistance from an acquaintance or a friend.

If the profile is not completely honest, this may be the reason for the discrepancies.

Where Do You Live in the US?

Where you live can have a strong impact on your success with dating online and dating apps. For example, eHarmony research revealed that about half of the residents in New York state are single.

Also, New York City has a large online dating population. Compare that with Idaho where over half of the population is married. Therefore, your chances for dating app success can hinge strongly on where you live.

What Some of the Research Reveals?

While the best dating apps for relationships can help us find a compatible partner, they can even do more than that. When you use the apps correctly, they can help you take your dating experience from casual to more serious.

One study performed by Harris Interactive indicated that most women and men (around 70%) are truly looking for a more serious relationship.

Tops Five Traits that Singles Seek in a Partner

Best dating apps for long term relationships

The top five traits that both sexes admired in another partner were:

  1. Honesty
  2. Kindness
  3. A Sense of Humor
  4. Physical attractiveness
  5. Intelligence

Therefore, physical attraction was not listed in the top three characteristics. People like people who are honest, show kindness, and can laugh. Those traits, evidently make the other potential partner look even more attractive.

People Like People Who Care

As a result, according to the above study, people who find a desirable partner do not necessarily place a big emphasis on money. Instead, they are often drawn to people who are involved in caring professions, such as doctors, nurses, professors, teachers, veterinarians, police officers, and firefighters.

Also, many singles like it better if a prospective partner enjoys cooking or baking. This is true for both women and men. After all, who does not like to have someone bake or cook something tasty for them?

Most people are seeking, permanency in a relationship – at least that is what the research shows. Therefore, the best dating apps for relationships help singles narrow down their choices so they can come closer to meeting the perfect mate.

Are You a Relationships Repeater?

One clinical psychologist and author, Dr. Seth Myers, has written a book on overcoming “relationship repetition syndrome” and finding a love you deserve. The book, Dr. Seth’s Love Prescription, gives toxic relationship repeaters a chance to change their dating identity.

While you can make good use of the best dating apps for relationships, you still have to be realistic about your choices and expectations.

If you don’t want to repeat bad dating mistakes from the past, you need to get rid of certain negative feelings and look at things more realistically.

Best dating apps for relationships

By considering the traits listed above, less emphasis is placed on idealizing a person’s physical characteristics or professional status. Relationships can go bad if you place more importance on a person’s sexual attractiveness rather than his or her emotional appeal.

Emotional attractiveness represents those qualities that emphasize good relationships, strong communication skills, and the capacity to be kind and giving.

Some Questions to Ask

When you take this approach, you can use the best dating apps for relationships to ask the following questions.

  1. Who are the most influential people in your life?
  2. What kinds of things make you laugh?
  3. Where do you call home?
  4. What makes the perfect burger?
  5. Do you have a dream you want to pursue?
  6. What do you usually do on Saturday?
  7. Where did you grow up and what things did you like as a kid?
  8. Do certain things motivate you?
  9. What is the most interesting thing you have ever done?
  10. What types of foods do you like to eat?
  11. Which is the most valuable item you own?
  12. What is the most difficult thing you have ever done.

Learn the Fine Art of Listening

When using the best dating apps for relationships, you will find that your communication skills will greatly improve when you learn to listen as well. Doing so will help you engage in a balanced and equal exchange of ideas and thoughts.

A conversation, you could say, is similar to a tennis match. Lob the dialogue back and forth equally – don’t dominate the conversation but rather learn to be a good listener as well.

the art of listening

Take a Slow and Measured Approach

Just remember – if you are using any of the best dating apps for relationships to establish a permanent bond, as you need to go slowly – not fast.

Don’t become over-eager by asking too many personal questions. Approach the process like peeling an onion – removing each layer gradually. Relationships take time to grow, they are not like mushrooms and they don’t spring up overnight!

What to Look for in the Best Apps for Relationships?

The best dating apps for relationships carry many of the same features, such as the following:

  • The apps make it easier to find someone who is compatible with you (such as eHarmony), and give you an opportunity to review and re-review your prospects.
  • Great apps offer you a way to find a person who has a similar lifestyle.
  • The best dating apps permit you to find people close to where you live and work.
  • Apps also permit you to find singles closer to your age who are motivated by the same things.

When you use today’s technology to date, you can make the most of the filters used to find that ideal mate. While no relationship is considered perfect, you can find someone who can communicate – listen to your thoughts and provide honest feedback. By using the best dating apps for relationships, you can do this.

Final Thoughts

What do you want to accomplish when you use a dating app? Do you want to make the most of your dating experience?

If so, you need to find an app that provides the means for you to find people who share your interests and who will support you in your dreams.

While apps allow us to pursue casual and fun flings, they can also be used by more serious dating contenders. Do you want to take dating to a new level?

If so, review the best dating apps for relationships that were made for you. Survey your choices carefully. Make sure, if you are serious, that you find someone who is in—not out of—your league personally and professionally.