We all know how frustrating it is to be single. Everywhere we look it seems we are bombarded by images of happy couples. If you are one of the millions still on the lookout for love, fear not.

We live in the digital age, and by using one of the countless free dating apps, true love may just be a click away.

Best Free Dating Apps

Long gone are the days of being approached in bars or at the supermarket. The mobile revolution has taken over and now the best way to bag a date is through one of the thousands of dating apps on the market.

Stick with us.

We will navigate you through the highs and lows of online dating. Get ready for the lowdown on the best free dating apps out there.

What are dating apps?

Ok, let’s cover the basics first. A dating app is basically an internet app designed to help you meet a potential partner.

You can download an app onto your phone. Alternatively, you can simply use your laptop or tablet.

Either way you will have access to millions of singles. As a result, you might just find the one you’ve been looking for.

Best Free Dating Apps

The evolution of dating apps has been quite remarkable. Long gone are the days when there was a stigma attached to meeting people online. Dating apps are now one of the most popular ways to find love.

In fact, out of the 54 million single people in the US 49.7 million have used an online dating app. Researchers predict this trend will only continue in the future. So, if you opt for an app, you are not alone.

Best Free Dating Apps

Traditional dating has now become a thing of the past. If you are waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Right to magically come to you, you might be waiting for a very long time.

So, go ahead grab your phone, and get ready to download a few of the best free dating apps.

Best Free Dating Apps

What are the benefits of using dating apps?

Are you single? Not been on a date in a while? Too nervous to ask someone out? Then you need a dating app!

Dating apps take away the anxiety of approaching someone face to face. It’s as simple as that. It can be soul-destroying to be rejected by someone standing right in front of you.

With dating apps, this isn’t a problem!

Furthermore, you can look for love in your PJs and slippers if you want. Millions of singles, many of whom are compatible with you, are waiting.

Using one of the best free dating apps will help to:

  • Take away any anxiety you might have
  • Approach as many people you like without having to leave the house
  • Break the ice and get to know someone a bit before meeting them
  • Expand your circles and meet people you would not have normally had the chance to meet
Best Free Dating Apps

How do dating apps work?

Dating apps are pretty simple to use:

  • Choose one of the approximately 8,000 apps available
  • Create a profile- show off your ‘best bits’
  • Upload images
  • Scan through profiles of potential partners
  • Send a message to someone who catches your eye
  • Get ready to fall in love
Best Free Dating Apps

Sure, it’s unlikely that you will find ‘the one’ immediately, however once you start it’s only a matter of time. And even if you don’t find true love, believe us, you will have a lot of fun looking.

Do dating apps actually work?

In short, yes they do. Of course there are downsides to everything, but the statistics on the success of dating apps are overwhelmingly positive. Due to the sheer volume of users, dating apps are now the preferred method of dating in the 21st century.

  • 59% of users feel positive about dating apps
  • Two-thirds of dating app users have gone on at least one date with someone they met online
  • One in five new relationships actually start online- great news if you still aren’t completely convinced
  • People who marry their online sweetheart are statistically more likely to have a satisfying relationship
Best Free Dating Apps

If these statistics have been enough to convince you to take the plunge into the world of online dating, now what?

This is where we break down the best free online dating apps out there for you. We’ve done all the leg work, all you have to do is grab your device, start your search and find true love. Easy, right?

The best free online dating apps

The online dating industry is now worth an estimated $1.9 billion with the average site user spending $243 annually. This may seem like a lot of money, and it may be money you don’t want to spend.

Best Free Dating Apps

We understand that and, as a result, have devised this list of totally free apps. Who says you have to spend big bucks to find true love?

For those of you who are willing to part with cash to find love, most of the apps featured in this article offer paid for extras.

#1 – Tinder

Tinder Logo full

We’re all familiar with the ‘swipe right for yes and left for no’ ethos of Tinder. As a result, it’s arguably the most famous free dating app of them all. All you need to do to get going is upload images.

You can fill in an optional bio, set a location and you’re up and running. Tinder works on the principle of initial physical attraction. You essentially scroll through images of potential dates, swiping right if you find them attractive and left if you wish to move on.

If you both swipe right, then you have a match. From this point, you can begin to chat or even arrange a meet up if you are looking for something more immediate.

Now we know that Tinder has a reputation for being a ‘hook up’ app, but don’t let that put you off. Tinder is great when it comes to getting to know different people. Furthermore, it has one of the highest rates of actual dates as a result of a swipe.

  • There are literally millions of singles on Tinder- you will never be short of matches
  • You can set your location to match where you are in the world at one time. You can date and travel!
  • You can pay for add-ons if you want more from the service.

#2 – Bumble

bumble logo

A site similar to Tinder, Bumble is a very popular free app with a twist. Bumble is all about female empowerment. As a result, only women can start conversations with potential partners. The reason for this is twofold:

  1. It gives women a break from advances from creepy men
  2. It takes the pressure off men to approach women

The unique style of this app has made it a very popular choice amongst users. If you are a woman, you’re in the driver’s seat. If you are a man, you’ll get a rare break from the pursuit.

In addition to this twist, Bumble comes with another unique feature that sets it apart. If you make a match, you will only have 24 hours to make a move.

Moreover, once you send a message your match has 24 hours to respond. This time pressure does mean you could lose the opportunity to meet the love of your life if you don’t act quickly enough. Time is of the essence.

#3 – Plenty of Fish

Plenty of fish - online dating site

Plenty of Fish is owned by Match, so by its nature, it is slightly different to other apps on the market. Rather than a simple swipe system, POF uses a complex chemistry test on initial signup. This information is used to give you ‘more informed’ matches.

In theory, this might possibly increase your chances of finding true love. It is worth noting that this app attracts people who are on the lookout for a relationship. As a result, if you are looking for a quick ‘hook up’ you might be better off elsewhere.

  • POF boasts over 90 million users meaning the chances of finding a match is high
  • Statistics suggests that POF creates over 1 million new relationships each year
  • Unlike other websites, there is a relatively even number of men and women registered

#4 – Coffee meets Bagel

coffee meets bagel - online dating review - logo

Coffee Meets Bagel is a relatively new dating app that has only been around since 2012. This one relies on analyzing Facebook profiles to determine compatibility so it only really works if you have a detailed Facebook profile with lots of ‘liked’ pages and information, for example.

This a different dating platform compared to many as it limits how many profiles can be interacted with on a daily basis.

This is actually a good thing because it means that users really have to focus on who they like and who they don’t like, which is different from other apps like Tinder where you can interact with loads of different people.

In terms on matches, users of Coffee Meets Bagel will be shown a new match each day but, in order to contact a match, you must ‘like’ them and the ‘like’ must be reciprocated. The app is unique in that it offers ice-breaker details and information for each match that a user has.

#5 – Once

Best Free Dating Apps

Once is a dating app unlike any other dating app. It tries to merge the traditional with the modern and largely succeeds. Once is based on a system of traditional match-making where actual human match-makers (I know!) select a personalized match for users.

Once’s theory is to take away the hassle of the perpetual swipe and instead do all of the work for you. While this might sound like a breath of fresh air, there is something strangely therapeutic about swiping through profiles for hours on end. Or is that just us?

One of the biggest gripes users have with this site is that it is really slow in comparison to other apps.

While this is its unique selling point, the wait for matches can lead to frustration.

You should realistically expect one match per day. As a result, if you are looking for instant love, you might be advised to use an alternative app.

#6 – OkCupid

OkCupid online dating

OkCupid already has 10 million registered users and is miles and miles away from being just another dating app. In fact, OkCupid is what you might call a breath of dating app fresh air. OkCupid has somehow managed to find the middle ground between ‘hook-ups’ and those looking for a serious relationship. And it’s proving incredibly popular with users, both old and new.

The signup process for OkCupid is actually a pleasure to go through. Given the arduous process sign up can be, this is a massive thumbs up. The questions range from personal info to your responses to proposed scenarios.

As a result, matches can be made based on a more honest foundation. Maybe if you have found conventional dating apps about too conservative in the past, this app might be the one for you.

#7 – Badoo

Badoo logo

Badoo is one of the biggest and best free dating apps in the world. It boasts over 370 million users and covers 190 countries meaning wherever you are the world, love is only a click away. One of the benefits of using Badoo is that it mixes a Tinder-like swipe system with a more detailed profile matching system.

In addition, Badoo has a rigorous verification process in place. As well as checking photo uploads, Badoo also checks your social media accounts and verifies your mobile number. If you have been burned by catfishing in the past, Badoo’s checking system will serve to reassure you.

Moreover, Badoo also has a feature allowing you to meet singles in your area. You can filter your searches by location, gender, age and what they are looking for.

This can cut out a lot of unnecessary searching and hopefully aid you in finding what you are looking for without breaking a sweat.

#8 – eHarmony

We couldn’t do a rundown of the best free dating apps without giving the classic eHarmony a mention. One of the first dating apps on the market, eHarmony has a proven track record of success.

To date, eHarmony boasts 11,000 marriages and thousands and thousands of relationships.  The unique algorithmic system makes eHarmony a little bit more serious than their dating apps.

So, if you are looking for a quick ‘hook up’ this site is definitely not the one for you.

If you want to give eHarmony a go, make sure you go into it wholeheartedly. The process is very detailed and works out matches based on your chemistry levels. You will receive daily updates on matches based on your compatibility and will be able to arrange dates based on mutual attraction.

Now for the serious stuff…

So there you have it, some of the best free dating apps out there in one convenient place. To be honest, whatever app you choose, there will be a wealth of negatives and positives.

Best Free Dating Apps

You might not find true love, but you will have some very interesting stories to tell. Whatever you are looking for from a free dating app, it is vital you stay safe whilst online. Below are some tips on how to protect yourself when taking the plunge into dating apps.

1. Personal Details

Never ever give your personal details out until you are 100% sure about the person you are communicating with. Every year there are thousands of horror stories as a result of online dating. Make sure you are not one of them.

2. Blocking Users

Don’t be afraid to report or block users if they are making you uncomfortable. For some reason, some dating app users think it is ok to send inappropriate images and messages and it simply isn’t. If this happens to you report them. Every app, whether free or not, is hot on the security of its users. Make use of the service and save others from these creeps.

If you arrange to meet up, go somewhere public at first. You will be able to get a good feel for your date that way without it being awkward. Once you have decided it’s a green light, what you do next is up to you.

3. Patience

Don’t do anything you don’t want to do. Ok, we know this one is self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised at how many app users feel pressured into things unnecessarily. So, take your time when determining who to meet up with and who to get into a relationship with.

Best Free Dating Apps

The world of dating apps is so saturated these days, it’s hard to know where to start. We think by reading this article, you’ve taken a good first step. The main thing to remember is that what works for someone, might not work for someone else.

Take your time to look around and test a few apps out. Hopefully, you will find one that feels right for you. Once you do, be honest and be open. Whether you are looking for your soulmate or just dating, there is an app for you.

The statistics for dating app success speak for themselves. Millions of people from all over the world go on dates every day with people they have met through apps.

You could be one of them!

Put down the microwave meal for one and pick up your device. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Best Free Dating Apps

A good dating app will help you say goodbye to single and hello to your future. There’s really no need in the 21st century to look at happy couples with envious eyes.

Online dating apps are the new way to find love. Embrace them. Happy swiping readers.