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Bumble is a location-based app that was founded by Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe in partnership with British Billionaire and Badoo founder, Andre Andreev who financed the enterprise.

The angle this app took was to skew towards the female market, making it the first app that was designed to force women to make the first move. The app works on a swipe feature similar to leading apps like Tinder. The headquarters of the company is based in Austin, Texas.

Bumble draws users who are young, professional and mostly in their 20s and in a very short period it boasts of more than 20 million registered users.

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This app also differentiated itself by allowing users to meet a platonic friend or even a business partner on their other platforms which are called Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. The app is available for download on both Google Play and App Store for Android and iOS.

Creating a profile and sign up process

Once you open the Bumble site, the landing page provides you with a login tab where you input your phone number and select join. You will then get a text message on your phone directing you on how to download the app. You can only use this app on your phone there is no desktop version of a website.

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After you download the app, you can choose to either log in via Facebook or using your phone number. The site will get your basic information from your Facebook account such as your name and age. From here, you need to allow geolocating on the settings which will show your location and narrow down the search to people around your area.

Immediately you log in, you can customize your settings to choose the distance and age range you would like your matches to be. You also choose whom you want to meet, the choices given are Men, Women, Men & Women or BFF if you are just looking for a platonic friendship.

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Next, you can choose your best profile picture to display. If you logged in via Facebook, the app will pick up your photo but you can also change and upload one directly from your phone.You can add up to 6 photos in this section. You also need to fill in the “About Me” section which has a limit of 300 characters, therefore, takes a very short time.

How does it work?

A match is created on the app after two users mutually right-swipe on one another’s profiles in the same manner Tinder works. After a match is made, the woman has to choose to either send a message to the match or continue swiping.

On Bumble, women must initiate the conversation with their matches. For a same-sex match, either of you can choose to reach out. Matches disappear within 24 hours hence you must reach out immediately.

Profile Features

  • The profile displays all your uploaded pictures which can be a maximum of 6. Other users can tap to browse before choosing to like or pass.
  • This section also shows the name, age, job title, company, and school attended.
  • On your profile, all conversations and your list of matches are located in the chat section making it easy to track all your connections.
  • The app has features similar to Snapchat especially when it comes to photos. You can explore some of the fun graphics and ensure you have uploaded quality photos that will impress a potential match.
  • All profile pictures are available to the public for free.
  • The “About Me” section limits you to 300 words which means that the profile is not that detailed.
  • In case you need to edit, change or delete something, you can do so under the “Settings” tab.

Free Account

Bumble is a free app and you do not have to pay any charges to enjoy most of the features unless you want to unlock more premium benefits. On this platform, you can create your profile, get to see all potential matches and even send messages.

Premium Account

A paid subscription requires you to pay $9.99 a month.

You can also choose to go with a 3 or 6-month subscription which comes at a discounted price. Referred to as Bumble Boost, it has a number of premium features for you to use:

  • Beeline – this allows you to skip the swiping and match with people who have already “liked” you. With this, you save so much time and you are guaranteed a match.
  • Busybee – this feature gives both male and female users an unlimited extension to the 24 hours that is usually the limit to start a conversation.
  • Rematch – this keeps all your expired matches so that you can communicate with them later.

Bumble has also introduced an in-app currency recently known as Bumble Coins, which you can use to pay for some of the features such as SuperSwipe.

Each SuperSwipe costs $1.99 which is worth one coin or you can get 10 SuperSwipes for $14.99.
You can pay for this account either by Credit card, your mobile phone or PayPal.



Most of the matching on Bumble is done based on the profile photos. The app has a swipe left or right feature for you to use in order to make a connection with someone. Once there is a mutual match you can start communicating which has to always start with the woman.

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If the woman does not reach out within 24 hours after the match, the match expires unless the man chooses the option to extend the period by using the SuperSwipe feature. In order to reduce ghosting, the app upgraded so that the men also need to respond within the 24 hours in the initial conversation. Once you start chatting within that period, you can continue freely without any restrictions.

Connections on Bumble are color-coded to make it easy to keep track. Red is for expiring connections, yellow indicates a match has been made, blue for an extended connection by men and pink for an extended connection by women whilegreen represents BFF connections.

Unique Features

Bumble BFF

Bumble launched this feature in March 2016 for users looking to meet platonic friends instead of dates. The functionality on this platform is similar to the normal dating mode and uses the swipe feature as well.

Conversations with the potential friends should also be started within 24 hours or else it disappears. When in BFF mode, the conversations are color-coded green.

Your profile will not show on the dating end once you switch to BFF. This option really makes the app stand out among other dating apps as it expands your options if you are just looking to connect with a friend.

Spotify and Instagram Linking

Similar to Tinder, Bumble also introduced the feature for users to connect their Spotify account to their profile. This will show your favorite music and tracks to your potential matches and can be used as a conversation starter.

The app also has the option to also link your Bumble profile to Instagram where users and your matches can see some of the photos on your Instagram page. It selects about 24 photos to show randomly. You can easily activate this option under the “Settings” tab.

Bumble Bizz

This feature is one of the newest ones yet and was launched in 2017 by the company primarily to make business and professional connections.

A switch to Bizz mode gives you an opportunity to expand your network by meeting potential business partners and people who are business minded like you.

Bumble Bizz is available in a number of countries including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico and is set to expand to other countries as the company grows.


Launched in 2015, this feature allows you to undo any accidental left swipes by simply shaking your mobile phone. As a user, you will receive three free “backtracks” for a start after which they are replenished every three hours.

For you to get a “backtrack” immediately, you have to at least share Bumble on either Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. This is however limited and you get a refill daily.

Photo verification

Bumble became the first app to launch a photo verification feature. This was implemented to confirm that the users and the profile pictures that are uploaded are one and the same person.

In order to get verified, select the verify button and you will be prompted to take a number of selfie poses and send to the Bumble team. Once the pictures are verified by a real person, you will receive a confirmation and you can swipe away.


Similar to Tinder’s SuperLike feature, this allows you to show a potential match that you want to match before they swipe you,This feature is more important for the men on the app because they have to wait for the women to initiate conversation within 24 hours.

Men can show they are really interested in someone by using SuperSwipe to extend that daily 24-hour limit. However, you have to buy this feature using Bumble Coins with each SuperSwipe which is worth one coin. Your interest will be notified once you send a SuperSwipe.

Bumble Hive

Bumble takes the online dating experience a notch higher by holding and sponsoring events that their members can attend. Whether you are on Bumble Dating, BFF or Bizz, you can attend these events to meet your date, or simply network with other business leaders. This is important as it gives members who have started chatting on the app a chance to meet in person.


Not to be confused with the Beyhive, this is a section on the website which has a number of blog posts and articles that tackle topics ranging from dating to modern-day relationships.

This section also provides tips on how to make your profile better and become more appealing to attract more matches. In case the company has any new upgrades, news items or events, they also announced in this section.


Does the app have any security issues?

The app has tight security features that keep members safe. With services such as photo verification, they reduce the instances of fake profiles present in other dating sites.

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If you need to report a user, go to the said profile and select “Block and Report”. You can also unmatch the user first and then give the Bumble team a brief about why you are reporting them so that they can take action immediately. The same applies, if you come across a fake profile you can report if they have a stolen photo on their profile.

How do I hide or delete my profile?

If you want to hide your profile from the public, Bumble provides you with that option under the “Settings” tab where you can switch between “On” and “Off”. However, your profile is still visible to your matches or any user you have swiped right before even when after you switch to“Off”.

To permanently delete your account on Bumble, there is an option to “Delete account” under the settings which will remove your profile completely from the app. However, if you uninstall the app, it does not automatically delete your account and you can still log in with the same details.

Can I use multiple Bumble modes?

Bumble offers three different modes for you to choose from between Bumble dating, BFF, and Bizz. It is possible to be on all the three platforms at once. However, you will just need to switch on the main menu and select which mode you would like to be on at that moment. This gives you more options to meet several people depending on your preferences.

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Design and usability

You can log in to Bumble only via the app. The design is very easy and modern just like Tinder which makes it very popular. The fact that that you can ink your profile to Instagram or Spotify is also very appealing to many users.

The website does not have a search option or registering option and will automatically redirect you to download the app on your mobile device.

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  • The women-first rule means that men spend only time talking to women who have shown interest in them.This saves users a lot of time and they are able to make better connections.
  • The 24-hour limit set by Bumble on new matches encourages users to start conversation quickly and be more active on the site, especially for women who have to initiate conversation.
  • Bumble gives women more control over their online dating experience compared to other apps. As a result, this has attracted more women to the site. At the same time, they are not overwhelmed with unwanted messages.
  • It has one of the easiest registration processes. You do not have to fill in any long questionnaires when creating a new account.
  • It is a free app and you get to enjoy most if not all the features without necessarily paying for an upgrade. This has resulted in avery large and active pool of users globally.


  • Waiting for women to initiate conversations puts too much pressure on them especially due to the 24-hour window limit.
  • For men who are used to making the first move, this app can be frustrating if they do not get any messages back even when you choose to use the SuperSwipe feature.
  • Just like any app, there are users who are just looking for a hookup. This is true for Bumble especially because many of the users are between 18-35 years. For someone looking for a serious relationship, they might have to sift through a number of people to meet the one.
  • The focus on physical appearance before anything else makes the connections more casual and superficial. Additionally, the profiles are so brief, you can hardly know whether the other user is a perfect match or not. Therefore it might take time before you make a real connection with someone.
  • Not all profiles are real on the app despite Bumbles attempts to safeguard your experience. It is advisable to be careful especially when meeting a new person for the first time.
  • Can seem emasculating to some men since they are prohibited from making the first move and some women prefer for the man to make the first move.

To Sum It Up

According to the founder of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe, this app was started to offer a unique and different dating experience that focuses on respect and equality. That is why it focuses on women taking control of the conversation.

If you are a man and are fine with the idea of waiting for the lady to make the first move, you should give Bumble a try. The app has a modern feel just like Tinder and is a very good option for women who are new to the online dating scene.

The site targets mainly individuals looking for casual dates or hookups but depending on the individuals there are some serious relationships that can sprout from here.

Bumble stands out among all the other apps as it gives other options including BFF and Bizz for you to meet a platonic friend or network for business.

Bumble Review; Swipe for Dates, Friends, or Business
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  • Match Making
  • Safety
  • Value


Bumble is an app dating platform that focuses on equality and respect. It links up using your Facebook account or cell phone number and can be used as a platform for online dating, making new friends, or networking in professional circles.