You don’t have to spend a small fortune for your honey or sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. You can still find plenty of ways to say, “I Love You” or “I Like You” without shattering your piggy bank.

With a bit of creativeness and ingenuity, you can come up with some cheap Valentine’s Day ideas that will make your Valentine smile and keep him or her interested.

When we talk about cheap Valentines Day ideas, the goal is to spend no more than $25.00. If you are on a budget, that is usually what most people will spend for a gift of this type.

That means you will need to do some research online or find a DIY project for creating the ideal Valentine’s Day gift. You can also check out the following suggestions (much easier) for gift-giving inspiration.

Valentine’s Day gifts that are cheaper can be both sentimental and silly – all which adds to the fun of Valentine’s gift-giving.

1. Decorate some fruit.

This one’s pretty cheesy but bear with us for a moment. Here’s some examples:

ideas for cheap v-day presents

Try it on an orange:

  • “Orange” you are glad that we are together?

Try it on an apple:

  • Valentine, you are the apple of my eye.

Try it on a banana:

  • I’m bananas for you!

Try it on a pear:

  • I think that we make a great “pear.”

Add some pretty hearts to your fruit artwork.

2. Other Food Puns

You can also add the following saying to a coffee cup –

Valentine, Words Cannot “Espresso” Just How Much You Mean to Me!

You might also gift your sweetie with doughnuts. Outside the box, add the following message:

Valentine, you “donut” know how much I love you!

cheesy valentine's gifts in food

3. Napkin Art

If your Valentine is a foodie, you can add more Valentine expressions to napkins and include some artwork.

For example, you might add the following –

On a cocktail napkin –

Draw an olive with a face and two stick arms (almost anyone can do this), and include the following:

Olive” you very much!

Or, on a food napkin, you might draw some tomatoes with faces, and the following saying –

Valentine, I Love You – from my head “tomatoes!”

How about animating a piece of bacon and adding the following?

Valentine, you are “bacon” me crazy!

You might also draw Yoda from Star Wars fame if your Valentine likes Science Fiction and add the following –

Valentine, “Yoda” best!

If you really want to get cheesy and silly – how about giving your Valentine cheese with the following message –

Valentine, I really don’t want to sound cheesy, but I think we “gouda” together!

3. Decorate a pizza box.

Or, share a pizza with your Valentine with the following message –

Hey, Valentine, you’ve stolen a “pizza” of my heart!

pizza v-day gift idea

Naturally, you can give your Valentine a number of gifts if you use the above cheap Valentines Day gift ideas for inspiration.

4. Give the gift of gum.

You might also shower your Valentine with the following items –

A small bubble gum machine filled with bubble gum, with the following message –

Valentine, I “chews” you!

5. Honey for your honey.

One of those honey bear plastic containers filled with honey with a decorative greeting that says –

“You are my honey bear!” (for a girl to give a guy); or

“Bee mine (for a guy to give a girl)

6. Add a touch of gold.

If you want your cheap Valentines Day ideas to take on rich appearance, add some gold to the message or product. For example, here are some ideas:

  1. Spray a mason jar in gold and add your Valentine’s favorite flowers.
  2. Make a bouquet of gold hearts, each featured on plastic sticks. This do-it-yourself project entails cutting out the hearts and adding the glitter before placing them on the plastic stems. Place them in a pretty pink vase with a gold blow.
cheap DIY valentine's day ideas

3. Bake cupcakes and add gold or silver hearts on sticks for some added fun. Add sprinkles and swirled icing for the perfect DIY Valentine gift on the cheap.

baking for your valentine

7. Give a coupon book.

You might also give your Valentine a coupon book – one that you have made yourself. This coupon book can contain coupons for a free homecooked meal or a complimentary snack.

Go online to find free pintables – tags and sayings for your cheap Valentines Day ideas.

8. Use crayons to craft.

Perhaps you want to add a personal touch to your cheap Valentine’s Day gift. If so, why not fashion crayons into a heart (all red crayons) or design a letter that is the first letter of your Valentine’s name. Glue the crayons onto a white backing, and place them inside a frame. Add the following message:

Valentine, you color my world and make it brighter!

9. Make button pins.

You might also create messages on button pins, as a button maker is cheap to own. This type of device can be found on, and costs as low as $65.00 for 50 buttons, or about $40.00 for around 35 buttons.

You can even start a button-making business using the machine. Use the machine and create the following messages:

  • Valentine – I’m your biggest fan!
  • Valentine, You Put Pep into My Step!

You can find this type of product on

Cheap Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas from Popular Retailers

If you are not a crafter, you may want to consider the following cheap Valentine’s Day ideas for your sweetheart or someone you are dating.

Do You Have a Boyfriend that Likes to Dribble?

If you have a boyfriend who loves the sport of basketball, you can buy him a basketball for night games. This official light-up basketball uses LED lights for illumination, which gives the ball a bright glow. The brand, GlowCity, offers this type of gift for basketball players who are night owls.

You can find the ball on the site. It is priced at just a little over $25.00, or $27.95 with free shipping. If you like basketball, you can play one-on-one with your boyfriend – part of your Valentine night’s activities.

Does Your Boyfriend Like Cars?

If you have a boyfriend who likes cars, he will, no doubt, love getting a Hot Wheels 9-car gift pack. The styles of cars vary, and make a great collection instantly. Add a message – like the following: Valentine, you send my heart racing!

This gift set costs under $20.00, and can be found, again, on

hot weels gift for cheap valentine's day ideas

Does Your Girlfriend Love Blingy Things?

If you are a guy with a glitter-obsessed girlfriend, you can find a number of gifts that list under $25.00 online. For example, you can buy a mini glitter picture frame for only $6.00 at urban outfitters. Add your picture in the frame for your special girl.

You might also give glitter ballpoint pins, sold on, for under $10.00 – great for writing all those little love notes.

How about giving her a mermaid tumbler from The purplish and blingy tumbler can be used for her favorite beverages. If she loves traveling, gift her with a glittery luggage tag for around $12.00. This product can be found on a site, such as

Valentine's day gift ideas on the cheap

Does she like earrings? If so, you might find just the right blingy pair on a site, such as Check out the Panacea Geo drop earrings on the site. They cost around $25.00. You can also check out the Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific double star blingy hair clip on the same site. The clip, which looks great in thicker or longer hair, also costs around $25.00.

When you are thinking about cheap Valentines Day ideas, you want to give a thoughtful present without appearing cheap or too frugal. Therefore, if there is only so much you can squeeze out of your purse or wallet, you need to be creative. Doing so will give you the opportunity to exercise your inventive ability.

Cheap Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day

Besides a lower cost Valentine’s Day gift, you can also participate in low-cost activities. The following ideas are a sampling of what you might do:

  • Watch a movie together at home and enjoy Valentine’s Day treats and goodies.
  • Take a hike in the woods.
  • Go to breakfast instead of dinner, as it will be less expensive.
  • Have fun sledding or tubing.
  • Take your Valentine on a tour of a site in your community – act as the tour guide. This is a great way to spend time if you both love culture or history.
  • Check out the matinee at your local cinema.
  • Take walk in a peaceful place, or ride bikes.
  • Paint by number together. Below is the ideal Valentine’s Day painting. Make it your painting to commemorate the occasion –
painting ideas for valentine's day

You can find this lovely paint by number project on

Solve a Jigsaw Puzzle – Online or Offline

You might also think about solving a jigsaw puzzle online – absolutely free. You can make a game out of it. You can take turns – adding puzzle pieces until the puzzle is solved. See how fast you can put all the pieces together.

You can also buy a jigsaw puzzle at a place, such as a dollar store (which will only cost you a buck). You both can spend time putting the pieces together. If you both are constructive or love to solve puzzles, you can make this a Valentine Day’s activity.

puzzle for valentine's day gift

Other Cheap Valentines Day Ideas to Consider

You can also think up cheap Valentines Day gift ideas that take the form of the following –

For Him

  • A Leather or leather-looking sketchbook that can be used for jotting down notes or for storing photos.
  • A graphic tee with the emblem of his favorite sports team or image of a scene from his favorite TV show or movie.
  • A phone case or car phone holder
  • A wallet with a lining with RFID blocking technology – meant to prevent thieves from stealing credit card details. This type of wallet cost less than $10. You can find it on a site, such as
  • An insulated tumbler for keeping his beverage warm while he drives.

For Her

  • Sleep shirts or pajamas are always appreciated on Valentine’s Day. Plus, you can find a number of sales during this time that features this type of clothing. A robe might also be a nice alternative.
  • Audiobooks are great ways to stay entertained while driving or exercising. She will appreciate an audiobook subscription, which will allow her to choose what stories she would like to hear.
  • A diary or journal. Does she like taking notes or jotting down thoughts? If so, she will like the chance to journalize her feelings or ideas. A journal can also be used for recording a to-do list or staying organized.
  • A Wine Club Gift . She can enjoy a new vintage each month throughout the year. You can also join her when you give this romantic yet affordable present. This is the ideal Valentine’s Day present, as the recipient gets surprised each month. If she likes wine, she will appreciate this kind gesture. This type of gift is about $40 for six wine selections. While that is over $25, it still provides a good value for anyone who wants to find an affordable yet nice present.
wine club gift card gift idea

How to Shortlist Cheap Valentines Day Gift Ideas Online

You might think about going to one site and shortlisting your cheap Valentine’s Day gift ideas by price. For example, stores often categorize products in price ranges, such as $0 to $25, $26 to $50, $50 to $100, etc.

If you like a specific store, such as Urban Outfitters, review the items by price. If you are seeking a gift for a woman, you might filter women’s wear, for example, by style, neckline, sleeve, color, size, or brand.

Just remember – lower priced items are not as available as mid-priced or upscale products. However, you can still buy a product that is nice and affordable. In fact, many online retailers feature gifts that are priced under $25.00, which make great Valentine Day selections.

Most major retailers list products under the categories of women’s, men’s, home, lifestyle, and beauty. Sub-listings are featured under each of the aforementioned listings.

What Do You Think?

So then…what cheap Valentines Day ideas can you share? What do you think about the above ideas?

As you can see, you don’t have to splurge a lot to make Valentine’s Day extra special. You just need to have a caring heart and you will make Valentine’s Day a day to remember.

Whatever you choose to do or buy, you can find just the ideal way to express yourself. Don’t worry about what you don’t have to spend, think about what you can work with to find the ideal gift.