online dating logo is an online dating service aimed at bringing Christian singles together. Forming a part of the Friends Worldwide, Inc group, was established over ten years ago and is now part of a thriving dating niche market. is tailored towards straight Christian men and women looking for a long-term relationship or marriage with a partner who holds the same religious beliefs. Whether you are Catholic, Baptist, Protestant or Evangelical, aims to cater for all believers. online dating - signing up

Creating a profile and sign up process

The sign-up process for is very straightforward. You are required to create a unique username and password (it is recommended that you avoid using your real name or any personal details here) which you will need to use whenever you log in. online dating - signing up

You also need a valid email address. Once you have created your username, password and have given your email address, you will be directed to another page in which you will be asked to create a headline or introductory phrase for your profile.

You will also be asked about your marital status and to declare a summation of your physical attributes: eye color, hair color, height, body type and ethnicity. online dating - signing up

How does it work?

Once you click on the ‘Let’s Start’ tab you will be taken into the site for the first time and will be met by images of singles who match your initial search.

Here you will be invited to upload photos in order to get your profile noticed. Something to note, your photo will need to be approved by the site before it can be added to your profile.

By this point of the sign-up process, your profile will be 20% complete. Clicking on the ‘click here to complete’ tab will allow you to fill in any additional information that will enhance your profile.

This additional information is split into four sections: About me, I am seeking, My introduction and My photos.

Profile Features

About Me:

Here you will get the opportunity to list your hobbies and interests and express your feelings towards having children, smoking, drinking and politics.

This basic information will provide the foundations of your profile and will give a brief insight into you as person for potential dates. It is important to answer as honestly as possible here in order to be matched with the right mate.

If you answer dishonestly or try to project an image of yourself that doesn’t quite ring true, all you are doing is making the process a lot harder and it is likely that you will be disappointed by the outcome.

Remember, this date is used to find appropriate matches for you.

I am Seeking:

This section enables you to essentially outline exactly what you are looking for in a partner. Firstly, by marital status and then by ethnicity.

Finally, you are invited to submit your preferences in terms of physicality. There is a broad range of details available here which means you can essentially create your perfect partner out of a series of desirable attributes.

Think Frankenstein, but with less monster.

My Introduction:

The “my introduction” section is your opportunity to move away from clicking from a generic list and actually allows you to showcase your own personality, using your own words.

Initially, you are asked to create a headline, which is a snappy summary of what you might be looking for from

Choose carefully here as this headline will be displayed at the top of your profile and search results. Try to sum yourself up in a brief, catchy phrase.

You then fill in a brief introduction about yourself which allows you to tell potential dates what you are all about and what you want from a partner.

If you don’t have a natural way with words, the site kindly offers an example introduction to help you get started.

What Makes You You!

A unique touch from the site then asks you to write a few words about your ideal first date, your favorite place, your favorite things and the music and movies you love.

This extra information can allow you to be a bit more playful and flirtier with your responses.

A word of warning- the site does require you to fill in all of the boxes, so get your thinking caps on.

If you do happen to leave any of the spaces blank with a view to ‘fill it in later’, be prepared to be matched with users who might not be your ideal.

Take the time to complete the profile in full on your first sitting so that you can get on with the serious business of falling head over heels in love.

My Photos:

This one is fairly straightforward. Here is where you upload any photos you wish to use to entice a partner. The site allows you to upload 10 photos to your profile page, but your main photo MUST be of your face and have only you in it.

The site accepts uploads in jpeg, gif, bmp, png and tiff formats only. As with most dating sites, nude photos are not permitted, and all photos will be assessed by the site before approval. online dating - sidebar

Once you have filled in all of your data, you are ready to explore the men or women on the site to find your perfect match.

You can scan several images to see if anyone catches your eye, and once you see someone you find attractive you can explore their profile and read about their interests.

Leaving Comments

The site allows you to comment on the information they have included in their profile which is quite a unique addition and can be the start of an interesting conversation or two, allowing you to ask specific questions about their interests.

However, you will not be able to read their response on a basic membership. Read below for more details here.

There is also a search tab which allows you to do a quick search for a match in your local area. You can search by country, state and city to narrow users down.

This feature is ideal if you are looking for a quick     meet up or hook up and is evocative of apps such as Tinder.

Free vs. Premium Account

Free Account offers a basic free subscription to all its users. The benefits of the basic membership allow you to:

  • Send a receive winks
  • Send & receive meets
  • Send photo likes
  • Search for matches
  • Create a profile & appear in search results
  • Post your photos
  • Gain mobile access
  • Add/remove favorites

Premium Account

By upgrading to a premium membership, in addition to all of the benefits of a basic membership, you will also be able to:

  • Start new emails/conversations
  • Connect faster with IM
  • See who’s viewed your profile
  • Advanced search features
  • Receive new features first
  • Optimize profile by highlighting
  • Optimize profile as top listed
  • Read & reply to emails online dating - paid subscriptions

There is a choice of two pay monthly membership plans which are quite frankly essential if you want to get the most out of this site.

The basic plan means that you cannot verbally communicate with your matches, you can only wink at them. In order to open a dialogue, you have to upgrade to a premium package.

This can be very frustrating, especially when you can see messages in your inbox from various users but can simply not access them.

First plan

The first plan costs $16 per month for six months and gives you the added bonus of a highlighted profile, meaning you will have a more prominent position on the site to entice more dates.

Moreover, it puts your profile in the prime position of top listed for the first 7 days after your payment.

Second plan

The second plan on costs $20.99 per month for three months; this offers only a highlighted profile. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that paying for 6 months is the better option of the two.

The site will inform you when you via email when you have received a wink from a user and also when your profile has been favorited. You will also receive a notification when your profile has been ‘checked out’.

Naturally, your curiosity will be piqued by this interest, but be warned: to save being disappointed you will have to upgrade to a premium membership to enjoy any messages sent to you.


Another means of communicating with users who catch your eye is the ‘Meets’ feature. This allows you to search through various profiles that meet your criteria and vote for those who catch your eye by requesting a meet.

Once you have requested to meet, you will be informed if the user wishes to meet you too and the rest is up to you.

The one snag with the meet feature is that most of the users on the site reside in the US. This is fine if you reside there too, however if you are a user from Europe or Australia, you may find it more difficult to meet a local match.



Is the site safe, security savvy, and easy to contact?

If you feel unsafe at any point whilst using the site, you are able to block users by using the ‘quick links’ heading on your home page and scrolling down to ‘blocked profiles’.

When you click this, you will be taken to a page that allows you to type in the details of the member you wish to block.

You can also unblock a member you have previously block by scrolling through an archived list of names. online dating - options

It is important to report any unwanted attention, messages or abusive comments to the site via the contact us tab. This will allow you to send an email directly to the site, reporting your issue.

The site’s offices are open between 9-5pm from Monday- Friday and they promise to reply promptly in order to solve your issue.

As the ability to search various profiles is a free feature of the site, you are unable to control who views your profile. However, in order to maintain a level of security, you might choose to select a username that disguises your actual name.

It is also important that you do not reveal any personal details in your profile or to another user until you are completely sure they are trustworthy.

Am I able to deactivate or delete my account?

If you find, for some reason, that is not for you, it is easy to delete your account. Simply go to the home page and scroll down to the ‘My Membership’ tab under quick links.

You will then be directed to a page with an option to ‘delete my profile’. Once you click on this, you will be asked one more time by the site whether you wish to delete your profile. Simply click yes, and your profile will be removed from the site.

Does work?

It is not an exaggeration to say that online dating has revolutionized the way we search for future partners, and this is no different for the Christian community. While there are no statistics on whether or not matches made on last, there are a number of online testimonials that suggest members are generally happy with the outcome of their time on the site. Many state that they met the love of their life through and swear by its ability to draw people from the Christian community together.

Similar Sites

There are a number of similar apps on the market, designed for Christians to find their soulmate:


  • The site’s rigorous sign up process means that you really won’t be matched with anyone who does not meet your specific needs or requirements in a partner. The information you give when creating your profile in terms of what you desire in a partner means that you will only make serious matches based on your views on politics, marriage and children. This means that you can avoid any unnecessary matches that might waste your time.
  • The site is very security conscience and is very aware of some of the pitfalls of online dating including unwanted nudes or graphic content. The site scans all photos to ensure appropriateness and deals with all complaints against users very promptly.
  • Finding potential dates who share the same beliefs as you can be time-consuming and very difficult. This site eliminates this often-frustrating trawling and does most of the leg work for you.
  • The site is very user-friendly and is not overloaded with complex information or gimmicks. Particular sections are very easy to find, and site navigation is generally obstacle free. It is simple to scroll through images of potential matches to find someone who catches your eye and the site allows you to search via location, meaning you can find a date within close proximity to your location.


  • While the site offers users a variety of exciting and interactive features, the best ones are really only available for paying members. Meaning if you have a basic membership, you will not be able to send messages to any potential matches and you will be unable to read any messages sent to you.
  • is not as prominent on the Christian dating market as some of its more popular competitors which means that the number of users on the site is far fewer than others. This might limit the amount of potential dates available to you and you may need to broaden your search, especially when it comes to location.
  • As with all dating apps, there is always the possibility that users may provide fake information which makes it difficult to judge whether you can trust the person you are talking to. You must remain on your guard and not reveal any personal information until you feel absolutely comfortable with your match.
  • It is disappointing that the customer service feature only offers an email address. There is no direct contact number. While the site promises to respond to all messages promptly, the lack of a phone number means that an instant response is very unlikely, and you may have to wait a while until your problem can be resolved or your question answered.

To Sum It Up

Although not as popular as some of the other Christian dating sites out there, is still a user-friendly site with a serious aim of bringing Christian singles together.

The sign-up process alone is a clear indication of the intent of the site, and if you are on the market for a serious relationship with a like-minded individual, this might very well be the site for you.

The communication from the site is effective; you will find regular email updates regarding users who have viewed or liked your profile, and also if you have received any winks or favorites.

If you are finding regular dating sites too dense to navigate and virtually impossible to narrow down exactly what you are looking for in terms of a like-minded individual, might just be the tonic you need.

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