In the world of online dating do cool user names for girls really equate to more dates with dudes? It definitely plays a part. Not only should the user name be unique, it should be safe.

Therefore, good user names for girls, especially on dating websites, should be unique and personable, without revealing too much personal information.

Top user names for girls online

Playing It Safe

Think about the safety factor, as well as the name itself. You want a name that is unique to that dating site but also secure. You should not be able to cross-reference the name to another site.

One computer study proves the point, as cyber-criminals, it was shown. could discover a user’s real-life identity 42% of the time just by cross-referencing user names. That is why you want any cool user names for girls you select to be different on different sites.

If a cyber-criminal finds one name, he or she often can capture data from some other dating sites or social groups where you are a member. He or she may even be able to access your browsing history. This type of info helps the cyber-criminal figure out passwords. Moreover, the behavioral tracking software used by marketers can also be accessed by a cyber-criminal.

Tips for Choosing a Safe User Name

With that being said, you need to consider the following when choosing any good user names for girls:

  • Don’t select a user name that may give clues to a password, such as a series of letters or numbers, or the first part to a phrase or word, such as “starry eyed”.
  • Never use your full name or a part of your phone number or address.
  • Don’t use an email user name.
  • Never use a combination of your password and user name, especially on a financial account.
security tips for picking a cool user name for girls

While you want to create a unique user name, don’t make it so memorable that a criminal can easily identify you at several sites. That is why you need to create a special user name for each dating site in which you are a member. When you take this approach, you will automatically become a smart user.

Consider the Context

Also, when choosing good user names for girls, make sure they are appropriate for the site in which you are visiting. Naturally, you don’t want to use the same type of user name for a financial account as you would for a singles’ dating site.

User Name Generators

If you don’t think you can think up several cool user names for girls for each of the sites you visit, you can turn to a user name generator.

You can either get ideas or generate a name using user name generators, such as Jumpix or BestRandoms. You can also get ideas for user names by checking a site, such as Name Generator.

When you use a screen name generator, such as Name Generator, you can add words or names to the end of a listed adjective (append) or include words or names at the beginning (prepend).

This is an ideal way to generate cool user names for girls, as you can find words that describe yourself, then find the ideal adjective(s).

For instance, you can use your first name and then find the ideal adjective, and prepend it or append it to the name. Take the following example –

Using Alliteration to Create a User Name

When you prepend a name, you might add Mystic at the beginning to a name, such as Mary. It is always a good idea to use the same first letter or consonant sound for the adjective and name to give the user name a more song-like or alliterative sound. Therefore, you might try using alliteration to create a user name through a screen name generator or on your own.

Good user names for single girls

Alliteration, according to Your Dictionary, is a term that describes a literary device that consists of a series of words that start with the same consonant sound User names, that display the same consonant sound often cause a reader’s ears to perk up just a bit.

Examples of Alliterative User Names for Girls

Examples of good user names for girls using this device include the following “D” consonant names:

  • DarkDesire
  • DelicateDrop
  • DaintyDana
  • DearestDestiny

When creating user names, you can combine adjectives, nouns, or verbs, or think of names that are silly, noisy, Shakespearean, or cute.

Silly User Names for Girls

Continuing with the “D” consonant sound, below are some silly choices:

  • DeafeningDoozy
  • DesirableDoodle

You will find user name ideas are endless when you check out screen name generation online.

best user names for girls dating

User accounts, needless to say, are ubiquitous – spread over a number of various sites – dating, financial, and business. Therefore, creating cool user names for girls is an artistic endeavor.

Mix names with adjectives or verbs, or nouns with adjective or verbs. What you choose should fit the theme of the website and mean something to you. Think of a user name in the same way as a vanity license plate.

Use the User Name to Define Your Unique Personality

When creating good user names for girls, you also want a user name that serves as a headline to attract one or more love interests. While some sites, such as Bumble or Tinder, require that users use their first name for sign-on, other apps or sites permit you to create a definitive user name – one that describes your personality.

Tips for Creating Good User Names for Girls

Use the following tips when creating good user names for girls.

1. Make Sure the Name Fits with the Site

If you sign up on a Christian dating site, you don’t want to use a user name that is better for a site that welcomes older singles or a less niche-specific audience.

2. Be Confident when Choosing a Name – Show that You are an Ideal Date

If you possess confidence, that confidence will be reflected in your user name. For example, some good user names for girls that project confidence include the following:

  • FunAndFabulous
  • PrettyLadyLA
  • Brunette Bombshell

3. Use Successful Keywords

One study from the dating site,, revealed, certain keywords were listed in the in successful dating profiles. Why not use these words in cool user names for girls? Words for women included the following:

  • Love
  • Fun
  • Friends
  • Laugh
  • Family
  • Kind
  • Honest
  • Music
  • Caring

By using the right keywords in your user name, you can generate interest from people who recognize the above traits as being priorities.

Top Examples

For instance, using words from the above list, you might generate the following good user names for girls:

  • HappyGirlLA
  • LoveandLaughter
  • FriendsRForever

4. Employ Your Favorite Song Lyrics

You might also think about adding favorite song lyrics for user name use. For instance, if you are an Elton John fan, you might create the following:

  • BlueJeanBabyLALady

Or how about lyrics from a great band, such as the Eagles? User names might turn out as follows:

  • TakeItEasyLady
  • TheBestOfMyLove2020
  • IDancetoRemember
  • PeacefulEasyFeelings
  • FindingthePassageBack
Good user names for girls online dating

As you can see, you can create some memorable user names by generating good user names for girls from songs.

5. Demonstrate Why You Are a Smart Choice

While good looks help you connect, you still have to be able to talk and impress him conversationally. Sapiosexual is a term that relates to being sexually attractive because of your intelligence.

Therefore, you can create cool user names for girls using this premise. Some examples might include the following:

  • MITMathExpert
  • BeautyAndBrains
  • HarvardMBA

If you want a guy who wants you for more than your looks, you might give the above user names, if they apply, a try.

6. If You Only Wish to Hook Up, Use a Name that Says So

You don’t have to use intelligence or looks in your user name if you merely want to hook up. You can just indicate this interest in your choice of a name. Some examples include the following:

  • CasualDate
  • Nothing2Serious

When you are casually seeking someone, you can use your user name to represent your intent.

7. Project Kindness and Positivity

Most people like people who embrace kindness. To keep your profile positive as well, choose good user names for girls, such as the following:

  • FromTheHeartAndSoul
  • Smiling4You

The above user names will give you and a potential mate reason to smile.

8. Choose User names that Define Your Hobbies or Passions

You can also select good user names for girls that reveal certain passions or hobbies. For example, if you teach Spin classes, you might take on a user name, such as “SpinDoctor.”

best user names for single girls online dating

Maybe you like to paint. One of the cool user names for girls is “RainbowPainter.” These types of user names are great, as they might get a potential love interest to inquire about the name.

9. Never Use Numbers

Numbers in a dating site user name show a lack of creativity if they are just appended onto a name. For instance, using Mary24684 just sounds boring and really does not spark any type of reaction.

If you must use a number, why not use a well-known zip code, such as 90210, if you live in Beverly Hills? Just be careful, as this might reveal a little too much about your identity.

10. Do Not Use XXX If You Are Seeking A More Permanent Relationship

Never use the letter X multiple times. Doing so conveys a sexual overtone – one that gives the impression that you are seeking a hookup instead of a more permanent relationship.

If you are only seeking a hookup, then adding X several times is fine. However, if you want to find more meaning when seeking a date, forget this letter entirely.

You can say that a user name forms the first impression of how a potential date perceives you. That is why it is important you choose a user name that is uniquely you – one that works well with the dating site.

To find good user names for girls, choose names that represent you – your intelligence, looks, aspirations, and passions. Select several names that you can used on different sites – names than cannot be easily tracked or cross-referenced. Create a user name specific for a site.

Consider the Following Lists

Cool User Names with Bling

Some of the cool user names for girls include the following:

 How about these “gems”?

  • DiamondLady
  • EmeraldDreams
  • RubyRoyale
  • SapphirePrincess

Cute User Names for Girls

You might also think about these names:

  • HoneyComb
  • ILovePink (or whatever hue you favor)
  • RainbowDreams
  • GirlyGirly
  • ILoveHearts
  • HoneyBell
  • EpicAngel
  • KittyCatGirl
  • StarryAngel
  • TwinkleTwinkle
  • StrawberryAndApplepie
  • PassionVeggie
  • PeppermintKisses
  • PinkSugar
  • DamnCute
  • KittyAngel
  • LemonHoneypie
  • HoneyBearSnowflake
  • DarkAngel
  • LadyDracula
  • Charmed
  • TulipSunflowers
  • HoneyAndHugs
  • GlowingGoddess
  • CrazyAndClassy
  • ChiquitaBaby
  • Babykins
  • HoneyAndStarshine
  • SunflowerLady
  • Beating Heart
  • Spiderwoman
  • GlitterAndGlam
  • GlowyAndShowy
  • WomanOfHearts
  • EarthQueen
  • PrincessCharming
  • SecretAgentGirl
  • CerealLover
  • NatureGirl
  • SnowGirl
  • Metallica
  • SweetSparrow
  • DramaCreator
  • LittleRose
  • MissAmerica
  • HoneyCakeBloom
  • BacheloretteTeacher (or whatever your current profession happens to be)
  • OopsGirl
  • GameChanger
  • DontStealMyLight
  • FameGame
  • ChicGirl
  • CheekyGirl
  • CutePixel
  • HelloGoodbyeGirl
cute and sweet user names for girls dating

The above list can be used as a trigger to create more good user names for girls. Use the above information to create unique user names – names that will give you a one-of-a-kind identity on dating sites.

Whether you are a cat lover or a vegetarian, you can share something about yourself by using the right user name.

Creating a User Name by Category

To create your own user name, think about the various categories you might use for extracting phrases or words. Some of the main classifications include the following:

  • Apps
  • Astronomy
  • Business
  • Careers
  • Entrepreneurial activities
  • Health
  • Hobbies
  • Mobile communications
  • Socializing
  • Smart Gadgets
  • Sports

Who Do You Hope to Attract?

When forming a user name, think about the type of person you want to attract. Would your ideal mate find your name selection interesting and appealing? That is the first question you want to answer before you begin to create a user name that you will like using.

Successful Connections

While some names will not attract a large amount of interest, they will generate interest from the type of people you want to date. This is critical to finding just the right name for successful connections.

A Synergistic Effect

You don’t want to sabotage your chance for dating success by using the wrong dating user name. Your user name defines you and the synergy you want to create through your dating profile, photos, social introductions, first dates, phone conversations, texts, and emails. Therefore, the user name must synergize well with these other activities.

connecting with girls with a cool user name

Celebrities that Changed their Names to Project a Cooler Image

Does an attractive user name or name matter? Of course, it does! For example, Tom Cruise’s real-life name is Thomas Mapother. He claimed fame and success by changing his name. Natalie Portman’s real name is Natalie Hershlag. She made a switch to a cooler name too.

What Type of Image Do You Hope to Convey?

 You should view your user name in the same way. A lot of creative energy goes into choosing the ideal name for a character in a movie or for a star who takes on the part. Therefore, you should make the same commitment to choosing a user name for yourself.

The idea is to choose a user name that appeals to a specific audience or create a user name that grabs peoples’ attention. A simple snazzy user name change can make all the difference in the world.

Creating an Irresistible User Name

To create an irresistible user name, you need to do the following:

  • Make it appealing to the opposite sex
  • Create a name that triggers positive reactions
  • Make the name clear, unique and easy to remember

For example, you don’t want to create a name that is creative but unappealing to anyone who you might want to date. For instance, a woman who goes by the name ManCrusher is not going to elicit a great deal of attention when it comes to getting dates.

Again, keep the user name positive – use words that relate to love, laughter, and friends. How about HappilyEverJane (append your real name on the end).

Avoid Using Downer User Names

Don’t use downer user names, such as IReallyDoExist – a big clue-in to a low self-image.

Again, the name should be easy to remember and recognize. That way, anyone who views your profile will also remember who to contact without too much difficulty. Use the dashes on sites, such as OkCupid, to separate words. That way, you can send a message in your user name if you want.

Tricks for Creating a One-of-a-Kind Appealing Name

To create super-appealing user names, try some of the following tricks.

best user names for girls - top picks

1. Use Rhyming

Using rhyming to create a user name will make it memorable. Some examples of cool user names for girls include the following –

  • RazzleDazzle
  • AttractionDistraction

2. Use Rarely Used Letters or Double Letters

Another method for creating a unique and memorable user name is to use rarely used letters, such as “Z,” or double letters next to each other. Below are some examples:

  • Snazzy
  • Jazzy
  • Sizzle
  • ZoomZoom

3. Brainstorm Key Phrases

Write down ideas for cool user names for girls by asking the following:

  • What color are your eyes?
  • Are there any words that might rhyme with you name?
  • What sounds might work? (called onomatopoeia) – Zap, Bam, Boom, Bang?
  • What cool user names for girls have already captured your attention?
  • Are you seeking something specific in a (Affection, Dependability, a Positive Attitude)
  • Think of clichés that appeal to women or girls – Knight in Shining Armor, Hero

4. Review Words in the Dictionary, a Thesaurus, a Magazine, or Book

Other ways to find words for good user names for girls include browsing the dictionary or thesaurus, or checking out phrases or words in a magazine or book.

What are some of the words that stand out?

For example, if you look in a thesaurus at the word “Happy,” you can find a larger number of synonyms you might want to use – words such as blissful, elated, thrilled, overjoyed, peppy, perky, intoxicated, joyous, jubilant, laughing, lively, mirthful, or merry.

Look at some of the related phrases too – such as “on cloud nine” or “walking on air.”

What Do You Think?

Do you have a list of some of the good user names for girls you have found? Can you choose from any user names you have thought up yourself? How did you do it? Share your insights and methods, if you have created some user names that have worked for you.

Maybe you need help with creating a user name? If so, what methods above do you think will help you create an awesome and memorable name?