Cupid dating review logo is a UK-based online dating app that offers a matchmaking service for singles all over the world. With the tagline, “Real People. Real Feelings. Real Dating”, the site allows you to choose the people you are interested in instead of being automatically matched with someone.

They will provide you with matches based on your personality tests. prides itself on having more than 1000 new people sign up each day and more than 200 success stories yearly. It is available on the desktop version as well as for download on your iOS device.

Creating an account and sign up process

To join, you can register via your Facebook account or email address. Using your Facebook account is easier as most of your basic profile information will be drawn from your page. This makes your registration process faster as well.

Add a photo

After sign-up, you need to upload some profile pictures or video plus fill out the “About Me” section which gives more detailed information about who you are. You also go through nine tabs of questions which ask you what you are looking for in a potential match which include areas such as ethnicity, religion, height, level of education, profession and much more.

Add info about yourself

The next step on the app provides you with 12 tabs of questions to help others understand you much better. On this section, you fill in your basic information and what type of relationship you are looking for. about you profile section

Take a quiz

In addition, you get a quiz with random questions such as: “I don’t like arguing with people” or “I don’t mind if you smoke” which helps the app understand your personality. love quiz

Define your character

On the character tab, you can rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 for character traits such as Successful, Confident, Loving, Flirty, Adventurous and more. Based on this, will rate you and find others users with common interests.

How does it work?

The site is divided into several sections, Feed, Search, Likebook, Q-Matching and Cupid’s Arrow. The Feed section will show you all the profiles of the people near your location for you to like their profile or start a chat.

Once you click on the chat icon, you will be able to see if they are online. On their photos, they also have a percentage that rates your compatibility. You are also able to see users that are online or new to the site for you to send an icebreaker or flirt.

Cupid Review - dating site - signing up

The search function on the site allows you to specify the gender, age and distance range that your potential matches need to meet. This filters your search to show you only the people that meet your specific preferences.

The Likebook works in a Hot-or-Not function where you receive one image at a time to either click “Skip” or “Like”. Q-Matching is based on you answering questions that look at your personality to allow the site to find you better matches.

When you use these features, you help the site to generate profiles that match with you. The app also offers discounts for new users of up to 20% for an unlimited access to the site.

Profile Features

  • The search functions makes it easy to browse through an enormous amount of profiles. Cupid allows you to filter according to your very specific preferences.
  • Your profile displays your username, age, photo, location and the answers to the personality test. This is a differentiator for this site.
  • The percentage ratings provided by the site will be displayed on your profile photo for other users to see. Again, very unique to this site.
  • You can always edit your profile information if you need to change some details.
  • You can access the site’s chatrooms for free. This is a good place to start connecting with users that are online at the moment.
  • You can verify your profile using your Facebook or LinkedIn account. This increases your credibility in the eyes of other users on the site.

Free Account

A free account allows you to do the very basic things on the site. This includes creating a profile, taking the personality test, access to the chatrooms, and sending a wink or flirt with other users. But you will not be able to read a message from a user and respond to any messages sent by other users so in many ways the free site is counter-intuitive since you will need to upgrade to read messages.

Paid Account

This is the only way to communicate with other members on Some of the benefits of having a paid subscription include:

  • Get to see the users who have liked your profile. Unlocking this list increases your chances of making a connection and going for dates.
  • You can see the profiles of users that have visited your page.
  • If you are in Incognito mode, you can visit other people in private.
  • You also get unlimited help from Wingman Barney. This is a feature that acts as a guide for you when selecting or reaching out to potential dates and matches.
  • You can choose to be in Safe Mode in that only members that are verified can contact you.

The app charges $29.99 per month and the fees are reduced when you sign up for a 3 or 6-month plan.

You can make a payment for this account either via a credit card or PayPal. Your subscription will be automatically extended for a successive renewal period of time unless you cancel your subscription under the settings on Billings History.



Making a connection on depends on how much of your profile has been filled and if you are on a free or paid account. Once you search through the profiles and see a profile you like, you can reach out using the many features including “Cupid’s Arrow,” “Winks,” instant messaging, email or even the chat rooms.


Once you have sent someone you like “Winks”, an “Icebreaker” or “Cupid’s Arrow” it allows the other party to know your interest and you can now start a conversation. You can also send a Multiflirt which sends to all the users on your search page.

However, in order to receive or read the messages, you must upgrade to a premium account.

Unique Features

Cupid Arrow

Cupid Arrows are essential in promoting your profile. They are short and flirty messages that you can send to other members to use as Icebreakers. When using this feature, you will appear higher in the search results compared to other users. The more your profile is visible, the higher your chances of being noticed and meeting a potential date. This feature also gets you priority in the Likebook section and your photo will appear more often when other users are browsing. Additionally, with Cupid Arrow, you are able to upload larger images that make you stand out. Cupid Arrow is the best overall boost for your profile if you are serious about meeting potential dates.

Safe Mode

On the home page, the app has a Safe Mode section for you to select either “Off”, “Basic” or “Full”. When you switch off from safe mode, you can be contacted by all the members on the website. If you choose the “Basic” option, you will come across genuine member profiles which keeps your profile secure from viewing and communicating with suspicious members.

With “Full” safe mode, only members that are verified can contact you. Since the site has a lot of users and some fake profiles, putting your profile on safe mode weeds out unnecessary messages from reaching your inbox.


This feature allows you to answer fun questions in order to get good matches. If you answer a high number of questions, the site will automatically show you your best matches who have a high percentage of commonalities with you. Additionally, you get a 50% discount off your membership fees which is a substantial savings. The more you answer the personality questions, the higher your percentage becomes. It is advisable, as you are browsing to keep taking up the quizzes to improve your rating.

Wingman Barney

This feature is unique to and assists you to contact your potential date or even share some information about you. In return, your potential date will contact you back directly if they are interested. On the app, describes Wingman Barney in part as a computer algorithm and part relationship expert who will give you relationship advice and help you on your journey.

If you are feeling shy or you would like to be introduced to someone on the site, this is the best option for you. In addition, there is a feedback form that you can fill out to reach out to Wingman Barney. You will just need to input your name, email, subject and message before sending. If you are having challenges in starting a conversation, this feature will come to your rescue.

Dating Blog

In addition to matchmaking singles, goes a step further to provide tips and advice to members on dating and relationships via a Dating Blog.

On the app, there are several “How To…” articles and more on creating a unique dating experience for your partner that can be helpful when starting a new relationship. Once you register, be sure to check through the blog for some of this gems.


This is the section where you get to see all the suggested profiles, one at a time. The photos appear with a “Like” and “Skip” button below the photo for you to choose the best option. On the same page, you will be shown the next profiles that will be showing next.

Once you click “Like” on a profile and the other person likes you back, it’s a match and you can start communicating. If you don’t like them, you just select Skip and the next profile rolls through.


What are the safety concerns? has implemented a tight safety and protection system for its members. Your information is well protected and you will remain anonymous when chatting with other users. Once you register on Facebook, they will not post on your behalf or even notify your friends that you have joined the site. It is also advisable to exercise caution when chatting and avoid sharing too much personal and financial information with strangers.

The app has developed an internal messaging and chat tool that you can use to communicate with your match way before sharing any of your personal phone or email contacts. There is a chat room, you can also video call within the site which keeps your personal data private. On the website, they have a Privacy and Safety guideline that you can check out for more tips and acts as a guide to keep you safe in the online dating space.

Cupid Review - dating site cover photo

Design and usability

The app is very easy to use. It has a direct and simple layout that allows you to navigate between the different sections without much hassle. It is suitable for users who are not as tech-savvy as well since the site also has a demographic of people in their 40s. It is also fun to use as it is loaded with a number of creative and fun quiz questions which pop up often and do not take much of your time to answer. best pickup lines

You can use the app on the go which is available for download on either Android or iOS device. Here, the focus is more on the profile pictures which are well highlighted and appear first before you can even check out any other profile information.The app receives good reviews from customers who have met people and managed to start long-term relationships.

How do I delete or deactivate my account?

If you have met someone on the app or you just want to delete the account, you can do so under the “Settings” tab. Click on “Remove Account” and enter your password to confirm. You can also contact Customer Service who are available to assist you in permanently removing your account.

If you are on a billed account, you have to make sure you have canceled the subscription so that your credit card will not be charged any further. Uninstalling the app does not automatically delete your account, you will still be visible on the site and will get billed for the subscription. In case you want to get back to the site, you will have to register afresh.

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  • You can browse through all profiles with a free account. In addition, you can send a Flirt, Wink or Multiflirt to other users to show that you are interested without an upgrade.
  • The app offers amazing discounts on membership. For instance, if you complete the personality tests and quizzes often, your percentage rating increases and you are eligible for a 50% discount. This encourages the new users to take this quizzes.
  • The personality tests are good for testing compatibility. This means that the people you meet are not purely based on physical appearance but some common interests.
  • It is one of the largest dating apps in the UK, so UK users especially have a large pool of users to meet and choose from.
  • The app has a very simple layout that is easy to use and navigate.


  • The app has a lot of icons and tech designs that are suitable for the young people but may be a challenge for the older generation.
  • When using the app on a free account, you are constantly disrupted by a pop-up reminder to upgrade to a paid account. This can be annoying for users and discourage new users who are just starting out.
  • The fact that you cannot even read a single message on your inbox without a subscription is frustrating. You will be able to see your new messages come in but will not be able to see what they say without paying.
  • In comparison to other online dating apps, is pricey especially due to the fact that you have to pay for a subscription to even send out or read one message.
  • As much as the personality tests are fun, they can take up much of your time when trying to boost your profile to be more noticeable.

To Sum It Up offers the best platform for you to meet locals in your area who have the same common interests and are looking to make friends or even start a new relationship. The app has some of the most fun questions for its members when creating a profile that will help to increase your chances of meeting a good match.

Both the app and the desktop version offer a unique and seamless browsing experience and you can choose to use either to potentially meet someone you are interested in. However, the site is a bit pricey as it restricts users to a paid account for any serious communication which makes it not so favorable. However, if you are in the UK looking to meet people, is the perfect place to start.

Best Kept Secret for Dating in the UK
  • Usability
  • Community
  • Communication
  • Match Making
  • Safety
  • Value

Summary is an app-based dating service in the United Kingdom. is a smaller site, but is ideal for meeting locals in your area that have many of the same interests. Whether you’re looking for friends, a relationship, or more, has a lot to offer for many daters.