If you are a guy, searching for that special someone—the girl of your dreams—you need to read the following dating advice for men. While finding your soul mate is a lofty dating goal, you still have to face reality. As you most likely are already aware, women are not perfect – so, don’t measure the women you meet against some imagined and idealized female.

best dating advice for men

If you compare the opposite sex to the perfect dream version, guess what? You will never find that special person. Keep your feet on the ground when dating and you will not feel as disappointed.

Learning How to Communicate

With that being said, the following dating advice for men begins with learning how to communicate. It is all part of social discovery. You can either make talking to women a challenge or an exciting event. Conversing with a woman is an art, especially if you want to avoid those non-welcome awkward pauses.

If you don’t know what to say, think about a subject that relates to you. That does not mean you should talk about volunteering at the local youth center or your education. Otherwise, you may sound a bit egotistical. Instead, start with a more basic subject. For example, maybe she’s Italian and loves cooking so you can kibitz about making a great lasagna recipe.

Just Be Yourself

You might call that special lady and tell her about your plans – how you are excited about trying the recipe. Remember, when it comes to dating advice for men- this is especially important – beautiful women are people, just like the cashier at the grocery or the guy standing in line behind you at the bank. You don’t have to be nervous. Just be yourself.

Making the Most Out of Body Language

Most of the dating advice for men centers around communication. However, if you do not know what to say, maybe you really have more to “say” than you think. For example, one psychology professor, Albert Mehrabian, discovered that about 7% of the emotional meaning behind what you are saying is expressed verbally. Therefore, most of what you communicate emotionally is done through your posture, gestures, or facial expressions.

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Saying “Hello”

In turn, there is real validity in the saying, “Actions speak louder than words.” Guys should remember that what they say, at least in front of a woman, comes through in their manners and behavior. If you convey a nice smile—genuine of course—and say “Hi,” that is a great start!

Just walk up to a woman and say, “Hi!” or “Hello!” Simple as that. Introduce yourself, “My name is ________. “What’s yours?” Once you find out her name, you might say something like, “That sounds German.” “My mother’s grandparents were from that country.” Now you have revealed a bit about yourself.

Any dating advice for men must include conversational openers, as you really cannot ask a woman out on a date without, at least, knowing how to engage her interest this way. One of the best ways to begin a conversation is to be observational. For example, you might notice something intriguing about what a woman is wearing, such as a piece of jewelry. You might begin by saying, “I really like your bracelet. When it shines in the daylight, it reminds me of the sea.”

how to say hello - dating advice

Learn to Listen to Her

Remember, too – this dating advice for men is important: you will never be good at any conversation unless you learn to listen. Part of listening involves understanding how a woman “feels.” Don’t try to tiptoe around this vital female emotion. When you are communicating as a man, your job is to respond to a woman’s feminine inclinations. That’s the true key to talking to women. Women respond better to men who understand this secret.

For example, a young woman journalist was interviewing an elderly man for a magazine article. During their conversation, he said, “You are a beautiful young lady. You must experience a good deal of love and happiness in your life.” The woman commented to her boyfriend, “What a dear old man!” “I wish younger men were more like him when it comes to talking.”

Notice What She Is Wearing

It should not stop there either when you are a man and seeking dating advice. Have you ever noticed how women spend a good deal of time in the bathroom? Why? Because they want to look their best. Therefore, it is important to notice some of the efforts they make along these lines.

For example, you might say, “That is a great color of lipstick.” “I’m sure all the guys will fall in love with you – how could they not help it?” Or, you might say, “Your hair looks fabulous,” or “The color of your dress is beautiful – it really compliments your eyes.”

Think about it – How many guys tell a girl those kinds of compliments? Easy answer – not many. Unfortunately, when it comes to giving dating advice for men, emotions do not play a prominent role in everyday life or conversation. While they may find a place in songs or movies, socially, or in real life, they are often hidden or concealed.

what are they wearing - dress and dating

However, think about it – emotions are as natural as sleeping. Why not add them to a conversation? When a man appears confident and natural about his sexuality, a woman picks up on this and responds n kind. While you may want to appear cool, it will be easier to talk to women when you depart from this type of reasoning. Talking to a woman entails opening up and stating what really matters to her – love and sensuality.

Talk about the sun glistening in a woman’s hair, about how you like the taste of her kiss or the scent of her hair. Tell a woman who is pretty that she is intelligent and a woman who is intelligent that she is beautiful. Tell them truths they often do not hear from other men and they will love and admire you.

Invite Her into Your World

When you say anything with confidence and passion, you will be able to easily talk to a woman. When a woman hears conviction and excitement in something relative to you, she will know that you are talking about something you really like or love. In turn, she will understand that you are inviting her into your world – not to seduce or impress her. Instead, you are being genuine and being yourself. That is an appealing trait – one that women find super attractive.

However, that being said, you don’t want to speak passionately about some topics, such a politics. What you say should be an expression of you – something you want a girl to get to know and to appreciate.  Therefore, the key dating advice tor men, when it comes to communicating, is to speak with subtleties. As already noted, real communication involves the use of body language and tone versus merely speaking words. In other words, “It is not what you say, but how you say it.”

Therefore, the words you speak should be basic, unexpected and interesting. Don’t just say the phrases, paint pictures with them so the imagination is triggered. For example, a conversation might go as follows:

  • “Why hi there!”
  • “Hi to you too!”
  • “How are you on this warm but sunny day?”
  • “Good!” “And you?”

Go from “Me” to “We”

While you might not say those exact words, it is still a good way to talk about an otherwise boring topic – the weather. If you can learn to paint images with the words you speak, women will enjoy speaking to you. Again, first speak about what interests you. Allow the conversation to go from “me” to “we.” When you first meet a woman, you probably will know nothing about her – nothing except what you assume about her body language, appearance, and the social climate.

Instead, of trying to wrack your brain for a topic, just talk about a subject that is interesting to you first. If you like the subject, it will come across to her. As you continue to talk, you will usually drift to a topic that is of interest to her and can continue from there.

invite her into your world

Questions to Ask

While there are plenty of women out there who are intelligent, funny and sexy, that does not mean all of them will strike your fancy. To find the girl of your dreams, you need to think about what you find the most attractive in woman. To do this, you may want to ask yourself the following:

  • What does she like to wear?
  • Is she artsy, elegant, athletic, or quiet?
  • What is the color of her eyes? Some men like dark eyes while others like blue eyes.
  • When she is sleeping, does she sleep with a cuddly toy? Or, does she snuggle up in the covers?
  • Does she smoke or drink?
  • What is her body type?
  • Does she laugh a lot?
  • What can she teach you about life?
  • Is she conservative or shy?
  • Does she like adventure?
  • Does she enjoy playing video or sports games?
  • Is she more at home on a beach or hiking in the mountains?
  • Does she prefer chocolate or vanilla?
  • What is the one passion you both can share?
  • Does she have tattoos or piercings?
  • Is she independent?

As you can see, once you get a grasp about what you like in a woman, it will be easier to communicate. Maybe “communicate” is a better word to use instead of “talk,” as a man’s body language and behavior play heavily into dating and engagement.

20 Tips for Attracting the Girl of Your Dreams

When you feel self-confident about yourself and express yourself with genuine affection, you will find it easier to find that special woman. If your goal is to find a woman you like – someone who will be attracted to you, you should also remember the following dating advice for men. These tips will make it easier for you to communicate and relate.

tips for landing a dream girl

1. Focus More on Your Personality than Your Looks

According to one study, women prefer a man who is positive and self-confident. Buff your personality instead of your body and enhance your intelligence to get recognized.

2. Always Look Clean and Presentable

One poll revealed that most women like a well-dressed and clean man over a rich man. You can still wear casual clothes, including jeans. Just include a wrinkle-free shirt and a nice jacket.

3. Keep the Stubble

Another study showed that women like heavy stubble or a light beard instead of a clean-shaven look. So, you don’t want to go overboard when you clean yourself up.

4. Be Genuine – Be Yourself

When a woman is attracted to a man, she likes his authentic self. Therefore, when it comes to dating advice for men, it is essential that you be yourself.

5. Use Your Eyes to Get Approval

If you have some game, use your eyes to receive a green light. For example, look down at her lips. If she smiles in return, you can make a move without concern.

6. Don’t Worry if You Don’t Have Big Muscles

While women may like musclemen for a short fling, one study, conducted at UCLA, found that being a weight lifter or having big muscles is not important in long-term relationships.

7. Make Sure You Look Good on Your Social Media Accounts

Almost half the women out there will check out their date on the social media platform Facebook. Therefore, make sure you look good and get rid of any unflattering images.

8. Sharpen Your Sense of Humor

About 97% of single women reveal that a man’s sense or humor is just as important as how he looks. One study by Psychological Reports noted that women like to laugh, and enjoy conversing with men with a lighthearted manner or sense of humor. If you want to avoid those awkward pauses or get her in a good mood, steer away from serous topics. Ask questions and compliment her.

9. Don’t Act Like an Expert

If you go to the gym, don’t’ make suggestions on how she should perform certain exercises. You also don’t want to “instruct” her if you are engaged in other activities, such as cycling, golf, or a similar sport. Instead, if you are working out at the gym, offer to spot her, not give her advice.

10. Be Natural

If you happen to find “love” at the grocery store, simply introduce yourself. Don’t give her a canned line like the following – “Do you think those melons are fresh?” That won’t get you a date for dinner. Maybe an eyeroll. But not a dinner date.

11. Learn to Be Calm and Relaxed

When you are calm, you become your best self. Take slow and deep breaths. Try an app to help – the calm.com app is free.

12. Give Her Top Notice

When you ask her about herself, it will be easier to connect if you aim at making her feel like she is the most interesting person in a room.

13. Never Brag

Did you just buy a new car or get a great new job? Keep the information to yourself or downplay the subject. Don’t brag about yourself or your activities.

14. Visit the Dog park

Take your dog to a dog park. You can meet a woman who shares a common interest.

15. Flatter Her Unexpectedly

You will be more intriguing to her if you five her a compliment (genuine of course) that she may not often hear. For example, if she casually enjoys art, tell her what you admire about her work.

16. Know When to Be the Gentleman

Make a woman feel special by being a gentleman. That means showing her the proper respect. While it is fine to embrace feminism, you need to banish the thought when paying on a first date. According to research, 77% of couples believe that the guy should pay the bill on a first date.

17. Watch for the Linger

If she tends to stay near to you—even if her head is lowered—and you’ve run out of words to say, go ahead and make a move.

18. If You Are Not Sure about Her Body Language – Ask

If you don’t know whether she will kiss you or not, simply ask. Say something like the following: “You are really gorgeous and I want to kiss you.” If she does not make an excuse about going inside or does not dash for the door, you know you can kiss her.

19. Don’t Play Games with a Woman You Truly Like

If you like a woman and want to ask for a second date, let her know that night. Try to make a date about three days later. When you use this type of assertiveness, you appear both sexy and strong.

20. Make Sure You Know How She Prefers to Communicate

Does she like getting phone calls or emails? Maybe she does not texts. Find out how to communicate with her – learn more about what makes her comfortable in this respect.

dating advice for men and communication

Final Thoughts

Any dating advice for men comes with caveats as well as encouragement. The main thing to remember is to be yourself, to be a good listener, develop a sense of humor, and learn the best way to stay in touch. Also, assert yourself, so you can mean what you say and say what you mean. You can find the girl of your dreams – a woman that will respect you, like you, and love you for being you.