The dating world is certainly daunting whether you’re an experienced dater or someone new to the dating scene. If you have been dating for years and years but still have not met the one it can be very disheartening.

Or maybe you are finding the prospect of dating especially difficult because you have had a bad experience in the past or are moving on from a long-term relationship that didn’t work out.

Whatever your reasons, a dating coach may be able to help you.

Dating Coach

We are going to jump in to the deep end regarding dating coaches and let you in on all you need to know about them and how one could help you.

All types of people use dating coaches but some of us aren’t even aware that such people exist.

Here, you’ll learn not only how one can help you initially but also how a dating coach can help you even once you’ve found love. If you’re struggling on the dating scene, start enjoying it with a dating coach’s help.

What a does a dating coach do that friends and family don’t do?

Lots of people are too embarrassed to ask for help when they’re looking for love. Many people ask their friends to match them up with people or will try online dating.

Both of these are definitely good ways of finding new people or even seeing people you already know in a new light. Sometimes with your friends playing matchmaker it will work out well. However, in the vast majority of cases, unfortunately, it doesn’t.

There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, your friends and family are invested in the outcome. They often want it to work so badly it clouds their vision.

They might want to help both of their friends find love, but really it’s just not the right match for either of you. It also makes it difficult to call it all off because you don’t want to let your friend or family member down.

#1 – Guidance

With a dating coach, you won’t experience this guilt. With your coach’s guidance, if you meet someone it usually is not because they know the person and are therefore not invested in the outcome.

They simply want you to have the end result that you seek for your own personal gain. A dating coach is an unbiased person and, as a result, you are more likely to be honest with them about your wants and needs.

You will also tend to be truthful about how each date has gone. This will give you the benefit of analyzing your dates honestly and openly with someone, giving you the chance to think about things that you are looking for and are steering clear of.

Dating Coach

Your family and friends just want the best for you. They know how you have navigated the dating path before but, as such, they may be over cautious on your part and discourage you from trying new things because they fear that you will get hurt.

This is especially important if you have suffered a nasty divorce, been widowed or if your ex was unfaithful. A dating coach also wants the best for you. But, they also understand how important it is for you to put yourself out there.

Yes, you may be vulnerable, but a dating coach will be with you every step of the way. They will help you through the difficult moments in a more objective way that family and friends can’t.

#2 – Dating Locations

You might be stuck in a rut, always going to the same places: the grocery store, the same bars and cafés. But, if you think about it, how much would you have in common if you met at the store?

That you both like cucumbers?

It would be better if you look for dates where you are more likely to meet someone who has something in common with you.

A place that says more about your personality or the personality of a potential date is crucial. A dating coach would advise you on such places.

These will be based on the amount of free time you have, your own interests and your habits.

#3 – It’s all in the Talking

If you find that you often meet people and can easily get yourself a date but then stumble around like a bag of nerves when you’re actually on a date, a dating coach can help you.

Dating Coach

Maybe you’re too chicken to start a conversation in the first place. Whichever category you fall into, one of the most important parts of dating is being able to have a good conversation once you’ve met someone. This is the “getting to know you” period and it’s crucial if you want success.

A good dating coach will have lots of tips for you on how to start a conversation when there’s a silence. It’s not so much about the small talk but being able to converse in a meaningful way with your date.

If you’re shy, your coach can give you a plan to follow which will help you feel more at ease. If you prepare yourself in advance with the types of questions you could ask or some topics that you are comfortable talking about then you will most definitely feel more relaxed.

A good dating coach will also let you practice having a conversation with them. It is a safe place for you to give different talking techniques a try. Your dating coach will also let you know what strengths you have in your conversation skills as well as point out any quirks that you may not have noticed.

#4 – Confidence Boosting

One of the reasons why people hire a dating coach is because they are unhappy with what is happening (or in most cases not happening!) in their dating life.

One of the reasons why it might not be working is because you’re stuck in a rut. You’re sticking to what you know because you’re not confident enough yet to try something new.

Using a dating coach will help you to achieve your goals by heling you get outside of your comfort zone.

Dating Coach

Everyone knows that confidence is a very attractive quality in the dating scene. Most often it is our own insecurities that keep us back.

#5 – Relax & Trust the Pros

A coach won’t make you do anything that you’re not comfortable with. But they will make you consider something that you hadn’t thought of, or maybe you had thought about it but didn’t quite know how to go about doing it.

Some suggestions might include trying a new look or adding something to your wardrobe. You might shave off that beard or maybe make a little more effort to exercise.

However, you should understand that a dating coach is not there to change you, either physically or in another way. With a few suggestions, dating coaches simply point out how amazing you really are, giving you a new-found confidence.

Coaches also help you in suggesting new things for you to try. They might do this to help broaden your scope of meeting someone new. Maybe it’s joining a gym, taking a cooking class or a pottery class.

This will also give you a bit more confidence in yourself and give you one more thing to talk about with your dates.

#6 – Confidence

Dating coaches also boost your confidence because they’re unbiased. There is great power in the truth! We can only grow when we are honest with ourselves.

They will tell you all about your strengths, as well as your weaknesses, in your dating tactics. If you really want the best advice from your coach, you will have to be honest with them.

This goes for all aspects of your life, from your eating habits to your own insecurities and idiosyncrasies.

#7 – Loving Yourself First and Foremost

As many know, you can’t begin to love another until you learn to love yourself first. It might sound a little corny but it’s true.

If you’re full of self-hate, focused on all your imperfections and flaws, then you’re never going to be able to let someone else love you; and you won’t be able to love them properly either.

If you have hired a dating coach that ends up being super critical of you, you need to think hard about whether this person is the right coach for you.

After all, they are there to help you work on your perceived weaknesses and strengthen your strength. They should be doing their utmost to make you feel like you are a worthy recipient of someone else’s love.

Their priority has to be helping you to love yourself so that others will too. This will lead to confidence in yourself and again, confidence is a very attractive quality.

#8 – What is it that you are looking for exactly?

A dating coach can help you work this out. Sometimes you might find that you have fallen into a dating pattern and one that is clearly not working!

The biggest problem here is that you don’t necessarily realize that you’re doing it. A dating coach will help you with your possible blind spots.

Dating Coach

They help you to leave behind any bad or destructive patterns and realize what it is that you want from your dates.

#9 – Your Dating Profile Online

Your dating coach will be able to assist you with your profile on online dating websites. Online dating isn’t new these days but that doesn’t mean that you are automatically an expert.

Perhaps one of the reasons why you’re not getting any dates is because your profile needs some work. A dating coach will be able to help you with your online approach.

They can help you make your profile be more appealing but while still maintaining your honesty and integrity.

A good dating coach will be able to guide you  to select the best (and most honest) yet appealing pictures for your profile. He or she may even take pictures for you and will help you to select the best one.

A dating coach will also tell you what sort of information you should include as well as tell you what should be omitted.

In fact, one of the most well-known dating coaches out there today, Trish McDermott, was launched into the dating spotlight by being one of the original founders of online dating involved in the start-up in 1994.

Dating Coach

Trish has since coached millions of single people all over the world. Trish is now one of the members of the team!

#10 – Date Feedback

Coaches like Trish McDermott don’t just help to prepare you for the dating world, they can also help you whilst you are dating.

You will discuss with your dating coach how your date went and they will give you feedback based on what you tell them.

Of course, it’s important that you are honest with your coach for the feedback to be as beneficial as possible. The information they give you will prove to be invaluable as you will most likely go on many dates whilst working with your coach.

#11 – Red Flags

Most of us understand that you need to avoid certain things in a relationship. These are not always that obvious but are sometimes called ‘red flags’.

In analyzing your dates, your coach will be able to spot any potential red flags that perhaps you’ve missed. Some red flags are things to do with your date’s living arrangements.

If your date is vague about who they live with and even where they live could mean that they have commitments or are in a relationship already.

Dating Coach - recognizing red flags

Another one is if your date is a serial complainer about his/her exes. Bad mouthing an ex is really not great form for a first date! 

This shows that your date is perhaps not as over his or her ex as they should be if they are trying dating again.

Other red flags include condescension or if your date suggests meeting at their place rather than going out (especially for a first date), as well as constant phone checking – what a turn-off!

Your coach will help you not to settle for anything but Mr or Miss Right in your dating. They may even spot a quality that you desire that you hadn’t even thought of yourself.

The coach is there to guide you through all of this as you maneuver through the dating scene.

#12 – Improving Your Relationship

Think dating coaches are just for the singles? You would be wrong! Dating coaches can also be useful if you are in a long-term relationship.

Once your relationship is long-established, one of the most important things is that you keep dating.

Sure, life gets in the way but if you make time to spend quality time with your partner, you can be sure that your relationship will stand the test of time and help you rekindle your romance from the early days.

Dating Coach

A relationship coach can help you come up with date ideas if you’re stuck in a rut or even suggest things that you could try at home.

They can also allow you to see your partner through fresh eyes. You will then remember what it was exactly that attracted you to them in the first place.

People hire coaches all the time – for fitness, running, and careers. Why should your love life be any different or any less important?

The Take-Away

Dating coaches can help just about anyone on the dating scene, whether they are new to dating, experienced daters, struggling daters or those already in a relationship looking to explore new ways to keep the relationship fresh and exciting.

Whoever you are, a dating coach can really set you on the right path to happiness in your love life. After all, a life partner is often what keeps you going during life’s difficult moments.

On their death beds, people don’t want their trophies or their possessions. They want their loved ones close by. As such, it is important that you give your own love life some serious thought and enlist the help of a dating coach if you are having difficulties.

Wouldn’t life be a waste if it was spent all alone?