You may find a guy or girl who you think is the ideal match, but you won’t have a meeting of the minds if you like gaming and the other party likes hiking, or other activities that take you away from the virtual world.

The following dating sites for gamers will help you find a fellow gamer who meets your criteria with respect to age, interests, and lifestyle.

Best Dating Sites for Gamers

1. GamerDating

The first site to consider is logical – GamerDating is made specifically for the gamer dating community. You can sign up for an account for free to try it out. When you click on the site, you can easily register, search, and find a match for free. You can even sign up for a free game.

Gamer Dating - online website for dating

This site bills itself as a community of adult gamers seeking real love. The people on the site want to share their lives with one true love – in game and out.

All you need to do is fill in your profile and add pictures to discover that ideal Player 2. You can contact a vast number of gamers in your community and all over the world on the navigable and user-friendly platform. If your quest involves seeking another passionate gamer, this is the site to choose.

2. Soul Geek

If you are a gamer that likes a variety of games, you may be able to find your gamer soul mate on the cyber dating site, SoulGeek.

This platform covers a variety of geek gamer dating interests, including Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Comics, Anime, and Amination. Of all the dating sites for gamers, this one, by far, outranks the others in gamer interests.

Soul Geek - online website for dating

When you sign up at the site, you need to indicate your preference in age and location. This niche gamer dating site allows people who love gaming to find a bond – both through love and through gaming.

3. LFG Dating

Just in case you are wondering, the LFG in LFGDating stands for “Looking for Group,” – a site that provides a premium dating experience that is totally free. LFGDating boasts that it is the #1 dating site for anyone interested in in games, such as Pokémon Go, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Destiny, and Twitch.

LFG - online website for dating

However, gaming does not claim all of the site’s members’ time. Members just happen to be gamers who are looking for love. The site, which was established by a Marine Corps officer and high school English teacher, features an iOS app in addition to its web address. LFGDating bills itself as gamer dating and geek dating without the gamer stereotypes.

4. Gaming Passions

Gaming Passions just about says it all when it comes to gamer dating platforms. If you are into gaming and want to find someone who is as passionate about playing as you, you should check out the community site. The idea of the platform is to bring gamers together, both for dating and sharing gaming interests.

Gaming Passions features just about anything for the gamer seeking love – photo personals, webcam videos, forums, emails, and chats. As a free social network site, Gaming Passions provides an answer for gamers seeking friendship, information, emotional support, and yes – above all, romance.

You can sign up easily on the site through Facebook or email. Use the Who’s Online feature to connect with members just about any time.

5. Girl Gamer Dater

Send ongoing messages and talk freely with other gamers without giving away any of your personal information on the Girl Gamer Dater Platform. You only need a couple minutes to sign up and access the free profiles.

Girl Gamer Dater also offers advanced features, such as photo albums and music. The site is designed for anyone who identifies himself or herself as a gamer – all which gives you a better opportunity to find that perfect gamer partner. Communicate on the site by using one-on-one chat free messaging or add your opinion in the forum section, where gaming and other topics are discussed.

Free Gamer Dating - online website for dating

If you would like to take advantage of gamer dating for free, and do not want to provide personal information or credit card details, this site was made for you.

6. Dating4Gamers

Start meeting other gamers on In fact, you can begin meeting people as soon as you visit the site. All you need to do is add a small bit of details about yourself. Include your Geek interests, such as role-playing, online gaming, or iOS. Add your profile picture and send a wink, and you can start playing anytime.

7. is designed for video gamer dating. The free site allows you to meet other gamers who love video games in your community just as much as you do. By creating a free account, you can find a large number of gamers in your neighborhood.

The site is currently working on some great matching features, including a log that allows gamers to get matched based on the games they like to play. The purpose of the site is to find a fellow gamer near where you live, and possibly a new girlfriend or boyfriend. All the basic stuff on the site is free. If you want to make an upgrade, you will always appear first on the site’s Browser page, which will make you stand out more.

If you just want to connect for free, you can meet other gamers through comments and messages, the chat line, or by using the site’s forums.

8. Video Gamer Dating

Like video games? Want to meet someone who likes video gaming as much as you do? If so, why not point your browser to one of the friendliest video dating sites for gamers on the web, or Video Gamer Dating? Not only can you connect with other gamers, you can also find a partner at the same time.

Video Gamer Dating - online website for dating

If you are a video gaming enthusiast who wants to share your gaming passion with another gamer, you will like the Video Gamer Dating site. By using this niche site, you won’t waste your time with generic dating sites. Share time with someone who already shares a common interest by signing up on the site today.

The site enables members to view member profiles and photos, chat with other gamers, become a favorite and connect, and find real games to hone gaming skills. You can also add gamers to your favorites. Therefore, gamers can find special people relatively fast.

9. Gamer Matchmaker

Whether you are seeking a casual relationship or wish to find love and get married, you can find what you are seeking on the Gamer Matchmaker site. This site is your site if you are a gamer who lives in Tucson, Arizona. Simply include you gender and add who you are looking for – man or woman, and include your date of birth. The resulting search is always free. Find that special gaming partner today on

Suggested Generic or Niche Sites for Gamers

1. OkCupid

OkCupid online dating

OkCupid, which is open to open-minded gamers, is an affordable dating site. The basic subscription is free while you pay only $6.95 for 6 months of A-List subscribers. You can find out quickly who likes you for free.

Therefore, you can reveal your passion for gaming, and find out what other subscribers share your gaming interests too. Who knows? Maybe you can find someone who wants to learn more about gaming. That can be just as good, if not better, than finding someone who is already seasoned at this form of entertainment. Check out OkCupid today for free. Even if you sign up for six months, you’re not going to break the bank.

2. EliteSingles

EliteSingles dating website logo

If you are an older millennial, you will like this platform. Seeking a serious commitment with another gamer? If so, you should visit the EliteSingles platform and sign up for a basic membership for free. If you wish to find Mr. Right or Ms. Right, take gamer dating to a new level by signing up for a year for only $31.95 per month.

3. Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle logo

This site will help you find that fellow gamer who is also a Christian. Not only can you share your Christian values, you can share your interest in gaming on the Christian Mingle site. When it comes to gamer dating, this may seem like a unique listing. However, if it is important to you to find a Christian who likes gaming too, your best bet is to start at this site.

4. MilitaryCupid

Gamers who want to find a military and gamer match should visit MilitaryCupid. This site boasts that it has brought over 600,000 military personnel and civilians together. For anyone who is serious about seeking a military partner who enjoys gaming, this site is the ideal platform.

5. OurTime

Our Time - logo

If you are someone who is 50 or older who also likes gaming, you may be able to find your match on the OurTime site. After all, not everyone who enjoys gaming is 25 to 35 years old and single. Singles who are older like gaming too.

How to Choose an Online Dating Site for Gamer Dating

Now that you have an idea about what is available among dating sites for gamers, you need to answer the following questions:

  • What type of gamer are you?
  • Are there certain games that you like to play?
  •  What are you passionate about as far as games?
  • Are there certain things that you are seeking in a gaming partner?

Make sure you are as specific as possible in your profile.

Listing Attributes

Besides gaming, you will also need to list certain attributes or qualities you feel are important in a relationship. Cover your gaming interests including religion, age, and sexual orientation.

Follow up this listing by writing down the qualities and values you want to find in a partner. Asking and answering these questions will help you locating the dating sites for gamers that more closely fit your criteria.

Next, you need to ask yourself what type of relationship you wish to pursue. While some dating sites for gamers and other specific niches are geared toward casual relationships, others center their focus on finding a permanent relationship.

Short-term Quick Sign-ups

The casual dating sites normally feature a quick sign-up process, and therefore do not need a lot of personal data for you to get started. In fact, some of the casual dating sites make connecting as easy as signing up on Facebook and inserting a short profile.

Long-term Relationship Dating Sites for Gamers

If you are seeking a gamer who will share your love of gaming for the long-term, you need to make sure the site you select is designed for people who are seriously seeking a partner. In this case, you will have to fill out more information and present a profile that is detailed and honest.

dating sites for gamers

Just the Details

The more details you provide, the better, especially if you want to find a gamer like yourself. Don’t add outdated photos. Make sure everything you provide is up-to-date and truthful. Once you submit your profile and picture, it will be much easier to narrow down your gamer dating matches.

How to Communicate

When chatting with any gaming and dating “prospects,” keep the conversation short and pleasant. Try a short introduction that underscores your interest in gaming – just to break the ice. For instance, you might say, “Hi, may name is _______________, and I’m a gamer. No one has to tell me to get a life. In fact, I have plenty of lives to live, and, as you will see, don’t fit the assumed gamer stereotype.”

Game Stereotypes

So, what are the main gamer stereotypes?

1. Gamers Are Lazy

One stereotype assumes that gamers, especially young adults live in the basement of their parent’s house, or a similar scenario. Naturally, if you meet a fellow gamer, you can dispel this myth in a hurry. Many gamers, in fact, hold master’s or PHDs. That fact, alone, signifies that gamers are not lazy – something that you surely would not be seeking in a mate.

lazy gamers - dating myth

2. Only Guys Play Video Games

Another myth that prevails among gamers is that guys will find gamer dating a challenge. After all, guys play video games more than women. Right? Naturally, this statement is laughable, as tens of thousands of women take part in gaming. To assume otherwise is purely delusional.

3. Gamers Tend to Be Out of Shape or Obese

Many gamers like to take part in active events, such as running, surfing, or skiing. You will find this out when you review your choices on one of the selected dating sites for gamers. Once you start to review the profiles for yourself, you will find that this myth is unfounded.

To add to the myth, advertisers tend to depict gamers as lovers of pizza rolls, chips, or Mountain Dew. While it may be true that gamers like these kinds of foods or drinks, that is probably not all they ever eat. Again, if you review the dating sites for gamers, you will find that this is not true.

3. Gamers Tend to Be Shy

Another stereotype that needs to be quashed is the myth that gamers are introversive or shy. Socially awkward and quiet, these people would be the last to take part in gamer dating activities. Here is yet another myth that has stayed on the shelf a bit too long.

All you need to do is attend a convention of gamers and find this to be untrue. In fact, millions of these so-called awkwardly quiet people attend gamer conventions annually. They also attend with a large group of friends, all who don vivid and bright costumes – costumes that represent characters, such as Spiderman, Master Chief, and even Kratos.

Naturally, you want to avoid thinking about the above stereo types when you are seeking another gamer on a dating site. Make sure you are of like minds, or at least keep an open mind.

Standing Out in the Gamer Dating Game

Okay, now that you know a little more about the perceptions of gamers and some of the expectations, you are ready to crush the mold permanently. To make yourself stand out in the gamer dating game, you need to heed the following suggestions.

1. Your Photo Says Everything

If you don’t want an immediate rejection, remember not to include a photo with an ex-spouse or ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. It will not matter how you look in the picture, the other person will kill any chance of a gaming romance.

Therefore, include a current photo – not one that has been photo-shopped, but the unvarnished truth. While gaming can take us to the world of fantasy, you don’t want your photo to do the same thing.

2. How to Boost Interest in Your Photo

If you are a man, taking a photo outdoors leads to more interest when it comes to dating online. In fact, research reveals that men who take a selfie or photo outside, trigger almost 20% more interest.

Also, eHarmony suggests that photos can be used as conversation starters. A man who takes a photo that is related to travel, exercise, the theater, or politics is more likely to get an increased response. You might, if you are a man, even think of taking a picture of you in game mode as well.

how to have a great dating profile photo

Study results, however, for women are different. Women who present a profile picture on an online dating site should show an interest in art, dancing, family, food, or health. Yes – you can add video gaming to that list. However, ladies beware! Don’t include your dog or cat in your profile picture, as doing so can lead to fewer responses. You might want to save these types of images for a later date or another occasion.

3. Be the Star of Your Gamer Dating Profile

You can easily be the star of your gamer dating profile if you know what type of picture to include. One study showed that you should always take a picture of you and you alone. Don’t add a picture that features a group shot, or several people. That should never be added as a primary photograph. Also, you don’t want to post a photograph where you look like just about everyone else. You, no doubt, will avoid this issue as a gamer.

While you may wear a gaming costume in your picture, you still want to look like yourself. Don’t try to give other people the idea that you are someone else entirely. That can be a game changer on an IRL date. Present a nice current photo of yourself, and express your love of gaming and what is important to you.  

4. Always Be Honest

Do you want to find someone who is as enthusiastic about gaming as yourself? If so, you need to express this wish in your profile – showing what interests you hold the dearest. Be honest, almost transparent, and you will find that you will go far in finding other people who like gaming too.

5. A Little Bit of Friction Can Be Good

However, as previously mentioned, you don’t necessarily have to find someone who is crazy as you are about gaming. They can still have a slight interest in the activity. After all, you have to have just a bit of friction to create a fire. If you share enough interests, you can always add one more pastime to the list.

Gamers are often assumed to have weak personalities. That is why your gaming and dating profile must show that you have a good level of self-esteem. Never add fake pictures, and show your enthusiasm for gaming. You don’t want to come across that you like gaming generically. What games do you like? What would you like to share? Make sure that you can relate well when it comes to gamer dating.

Final Thoughts

What site do you want?

Deciding on a site for gamer dating should be done with care. Think about what features you want to use. Does the site display video or online chat? Maybe you would like to meet with other singles in a group setting. If so, you can find this activity offered on sites, such as

picking the best dating sites for gamers

How do you want to meet?

Also, ask yourself if you wish to be matched with someone or would rather conduct an independent search. Your decision on a site will either lead to dating disappointment or dating success. Therefore, it is important to review the sites first before you embark on a gamer dating search.

Game On.

Make finding a gamer guy or gamer girl as exciting as video gaming itself. Choose dating sites for gamers that score high when it comes to making matches. Refer to the above list if you are serious about winning at the gamer dating game.