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eHarmony is a privately held company which was launched in 2000 and its headquarters are based in Los Angeles, California. eHarmony was founded by a clinical psychologist Dr. Neil Clark Warren, along with his son in law.

Within ten years of its launch, about 33 million people had used the services and about 15,000 people were taking the eHarmony questionnaire daily and those numbers continue to grow as Dr Neil Clark Warren is the face of the company on television advertisements and other media.

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It is reputed in some circles to be a Christian website because its founder Dr. Neil Clark Warren is a Christian however, it is open to all religious affiliations. It is not strictly a Christian site.

Unlike other sites where you are just overwhelmed with a huge number of people to choose from, the founder of eHarmony had a unique idea of matching people based solely on their compatibility. Being a clinical psychologist and a couple’s counselor, Dr. Neil Clark Warren, noted that there are as many successful marriages as there are divorces.

He further noted that the compatibility of these partners is pretty much what kept them together or broke them apart. Armed with that information along with his expertise in psychology, he started eHarmony targeting people who were seeking long term, fulfilling relationships that could even lead to marriage. eHarmony differentiates itself from other online dating sites by having an in depth personality test and lengthy profile that matches you with people who are most compatible.

It brings its users 29 dimensions of compatibility matching system and more than 15 years of data.

It also offers a very uniquely custom user experience including a dashboard and who users see. eHarmony ranks #23 among all online dating sites and boasts of 6 million visits per month.

Creating a profile and sign up process

Once you open the eHarmony online dating site, you will be introduced to a page where you will have to fill in your relevant details such as your name, gender, and address. You will then be redirected to another similar page where you will go further and fill in your email and a password of your choice.

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The next place where you land is where you will select your match preferences. In this stage, you are first going to share a bit about yourself by answering a couple of questions. They include questions like, how many kids do you have, when were you born, what’s your ethnicity, your degree of education, your occupation and your religious beliefs.

You are then provided with description boxes where you get to tell a little about what you are passionate about, how you spend your leisure and three things that you are grateful for.

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The next stage is where you give specifics about the kind of person you want to meet based on their age and location.

The next section is where you fill out the compatibility quiz.

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Lastly, you will be redirected to a place where you will upload your photo.

If you logged in via Facebook, you will be given an option for picking a photo from there and if not; you can just browse through your phone or computer and pick it up. Note that you can only upload up to 12 photos. After you are done with all the above, the matchmaking process begins and matches are made on your behalf based on the compatibility survey.

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Ideally you should set aside about an hour to complete eHarmony’s sign up process. The questionnaire is quite lengthy. The results will be compiled to create a description of who you really are and what you are looking for.

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Since eHarmony prides itself on more in depth connections, this process is of course protracted and much more intensive than other dating sites.

The survey takes time but it can be fun all allows you to really think about your personality traits, likes and dislikes, values, etc.

The matching model used by eHarmony helps to eliminate 99.7% of people who are not compatible with you. Profiles on the site look like personalized web pages. Everything on eHarmony is at a slightly higher level than other sites.

How does it work?

The site works by matching you up based on various levels of compatibility versus just the physical. Users will only see a handful of matches a day—and they are matches the system picks for you based on your questionnaire. However, the more one uses the site, the more matches you will be fed. It is a 100% personalized experience and matching system.

Profile Features

For you to start communicating, you must subscribe to a plan. This enables you to send/ receive messages, see the people who viewed your profile and those who favorite you. There are two plans that you can subscribe to:

Free Account

When using a free account you cannot do much with it. The only features that you are able to access are your own profile, your matches, and your matches’ profiles. This, however, you are not even able to view your matches’ pictures with a free account. This is definitely one of the biggest disadvantages of eHarmony.

Standard Account

This enables you to read and send messages, see the people who visited or favorite your profile and you can also see other matches who are outside your preferences. The standard plan is also relatively cheaper and more affordable to its users.

Premium Account

The premium plan is a more expensive plan but it comes with a lot of advantages, together with the features you get from the standard plan, premium enables you to; browse matches outside your preferences, browse matches anonymously, phone call to get personalized help from an expert, and be a featured match for 24 hours every month.

Total Connect Plan

In addition to the basic plan, eHarmony offers what is known as a Total Connect Plan, in which you will get a deeper personality analysis using their Premium Personality Profile. You also get a featured called Secure Call which allows you to speak to members while hiding your real phone number. Another feature of the Total Connect Plan is RelyID which will verify your name, city and age so others know you are being honest, and this is added comfort to you as a user as well.

Though eHarmony memberships are slightly higher than other dating websites, this is not always a bad thing. The higher the price, the more serious the members will be. A higher price point will always help to filter out non-serious daters. The site offers a seven day free trial period where you can be matched with other members, but you have to pay before communicating or viewing profile pictures. You can lower the cost per month by subscribing longer.

Profile Features

  • The first thing you notice in your profile is your uploaded pictures. There is no maximum number of pictures that you are allowed to post.
  • Your name and location are displayed on this page.
  • This section also shows your age, height, and ethnicity.
  • There is a side box that shows your basic information such as your occupation, education, school attended, religion, political status and lifestyle matters where you have to indicate issues such as smoking and drinking behaviors, whether you have kids or pets.
  • A description box for you to indicate what you are most passionate about.
  • Description box for how you spend your leisure time.
  • Other description boxes where you go further in explaining yourself and giving your matches a sneak peek of who you are and what they are to expect.

What to expect in eHarmony

eHarmony is a trusted and reputable dating site that has won numerous awards including those for customer service and functionality of the site. In 2016 the company was recognized as the most innovative in the online dating industry.

With the scientific methodology that is deployed on eHarmony, you are more likely to find people who meet your criteria based on the questionnaire. eHarmony memberships are slightly higher than other dating websites, but this is not always a bad thing.

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The higher the price, the more serious the members will be. A higher price point will always help to filter out non-serious daters. The site offers a seven day free trial period where you can be matched with other members, but you have to pay before communicating or viewing profile pictures. You can lower the cost per month by subscribing longer.

Unique Features

eHarmony Blog

eHarmony has a blog that is dedicated to helping people have successful relationships. The blog articles provide professional advice covering a variety of love and relationship topics. Some of the topics you will find on the blog are: Love at First Sight, Too Old for Online Dating? What is Love? Online Dating Myths and Online Dating Pros and Cons, just to mention a few.

eHarmony Free Advice

eHarmony’s mantra is to bring together like-minded people who want to find love and make it last. Because of their dedication to compatible, long-term relationships, they provide you with relationship advice services. By having free advisory services you have an alternative to private counselors in times of disputes. This feature called Love and Harmony is unique to the eHarmony site and can be a big perk of being a member of their community.

Demographic Dating

The number of people seeking love and long-lasting relationships online continues to grow annually, and this can be both a blessing and a curse. It can be a little challenging when you have to filter through millions of profiles. That is where eHarmony comes to the rescue. You can have your preferences narrowed down to the specific demographic group that you are interested in. The most popular ones include Senior Singles, Christian Singles, Black Singles, Hispanic Singles, Jewish Singles, Asian Singles and 30’s Singles.

eHarmony Gift Subscription

eHarmony has a special gift subscription that you can purchase for membership. It is a more affordable service compared to the regular standard and premium plans. It goes for up to $19.95/ month for 12 months and one can save a whole 50%.

eHarmony Promotions

You can subscribe to the site by using coupons, promotional codes and promo discounts when they are available. This way it is cheaper and somebody can save 20% off the standard monthly price when they purchase a 12-month subscription for $15.95/month.

eHarmony Guarantee

Unlike most other dating sites, eHarmony offers a guarantee to you whereby you are given an additional three months for free if you fail to be satisfied with the matches they get within a three month timeframe.


Are there any safety concerns?

eHarmony has a solid privacy policy. They ensure that any private information given by its members won’t be shared with any other 3rd parties. eHarmony has tight security measures to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information that you provide. On this site, the disclosure of your information cannot be made without your approval.

Is there an App version of eHarmony?

eHarmony has an app that is compatible with both IOS and Android phones. This has been touted as one of the best platforms because it is well developed with good functionality and continual updates. If you are traveling and you want to find local matches, you can do that by easily changing your location by simply clicking on your location, go to your match preferences and from there you can change your geo-location.

How do I delete or deactivate my account?

Before deleting an eHarmony account, one will first need to close your account with the settings on your page. This is just to ensure that the account won’t be visible after deleting it and that your matches won’t be able to access the profile.

You are then required to send a request to titled “Delete My Account Information.” In the body of the email, you need to request that all your personal information be deleted. This will take effect within 10 business days. Please note that after deleting your account, you will have to repeat the entire registration process once you want to rejoin eHarmony.

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  • There are numerous advantages to starting an eHarmony account.
  • The initial survey is rather lengthy, but through your answers in the compatibility questions, the team does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. You will not have to source through a ridiculous number of profiles before finding compatible possibilities.
  • eHarmony does not limit you to a certain number of people you can communicate within a day like other sites do. Once you pay for your plan of choice, you can communicate freely with anyone at all in any location.
  • Their free dating advice services are one of the greatest features. This feature is extremely unique and not offered through any other dating sites and that makes it stand out from the crowd.


  • You have to purchase a plan in order to communicate with your matches or even see those people who favorite you or have visited your profile. There are essentially no free benefits prior to paying for a membership.
  • eHarmony does not offer a trial period to help you determine whether you would want to pay for a membership or not.
  • There are relatively few matches in some areas especially outside the United States thus making it a poorer choice for those who are overseas.
  • If you are a fan of getting to choose from large number of people, then this is probably not your site since eHarmony limits your matches to those who they deem you compatible with through their survey.
  • The membership fees to eHarmony tend to be higher than any other paid site.
  • members have given eHarmony a one star rating out of five

To Sum It Up

eHarmony is responsible for matching numerous happy couples. As mentioned in their website, “Millions of people who are of all ages, ethnicities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, and national origins have at some point in their life used eHarmony’s compatibility matching system to find their long-lasting relationships.”

Whoever said Science can’t solve love matters was wrong as Dr. Warren proves that love can be very much influenced by the science of compatibility.

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eHarmony is on the of the largest online dating services out there today, with millions of relationships budding from its site. Using a unique compatibility system, eHarmony takes a scientific approach to connecting love-struck matches, no matter where you are in life.