If you’ve heard of Bumble but don’t know where to begin, take a read of our handy guide! We’ll answer all of the likely questions you’ll have as well as some great tips to get you started.

This complete guide will get you into the Bumble dating game in almost no time!

What is Bumble?

How Does Bumble Work

Similar to Tinder with its swiping format, Bumble is a dating app that is based on your location. In fact, Bumble’s creator, Whitney Wolfe Herd, was actually an ex-Tinder employee!

According to Business of Apps, 40% of US college students say that Tinder is for hook-ups but Bumble is for dating.

The Process

It’s as simple as, if you like someone, you swipe right. If they swipe right for you too then you form a match and can exchange messages with each other. However, this is where the similarity with Tinder ends.

On Bumble, the woman has to start the conversation and they have to do in within 24 hours of matching.  Women have started millions of unique conversations on Bumble!

After a woman messages a man, the man has to reply within a 24-hour window too. For same-sex pairs, anyone can initiate the conversation but the 24-hour rules still apply for responding. If you go beyond 24 hours, you no longer have the connection.

How Does Bumble Work

Bumble users can extend one of their matches each day by 24 hours. If you upgrade to a premium account, you can extend all your match countdowns whenever you want.

As long as each person has responded once within 24 hours, then you can message for as long as you want without any time limitations.

How Does Bumble Work

Why ladies first?

Whitney Wolfe, the App’s creator, wanted a Tinder-like app that was a bit more female-friendly. On Tinder, there is a tendency for women to receive lots and lots of messages from men, which can be quite intimidating and off-putting for women.

Tip for men: You know it’s tough to make the first move, so make it easier for you match by asking a question for her to answer in your bio!

Tip for women: Refer to him by name when you first message him. Apparently, this is 60% more likely to result in a response!

How Does Bumble Work

How does Bumble work then?

You can’t find much out online about Bumble’s algorithm – it’s top secret! There are a few speculations, however.

  1. The first people in your match queue tend to be people who have already liked your profile.
  2. There doesn’t seem to be a record of the type of person you go for.
  3. You are ‘rewarded’ for good behavior. Apparently, if you just swipe right on everyone then your profile goes to the back of the queue.
  4. Bumble shows the most popular profiles first – i.e. the ones that get the most swipes to the right.
  5. Bumble doesn’t make you be active on the app, which can be annoying when you’re right-swiping someone who is inactive.

Is Bumble free?

Yes! You don’t have to pay anything to use Bumble, which is why it has become really popular. You can, however, subscribe to Bumble Boost.

This is a premium account that means you get high-quality matches faster and easier.

When you upgrade you get:

  • The choice of filtering twice. This is great if you have a really big match queue and live in a densely-populated area. So, if you have criteria that is a deal-breaker, this makes things easier!
  • Your match queue shows you profiles of people that have already ‘liked’ you. This is named the “Beeline”. Everyone is a match.
  • No need to check Bumble daily, as the 24-hour rule doesn’t apply.
  • Ability to re-connect with matches that have expired.

Different Ways To Bumble

There are different Bumble Boost options, depending on how much time you buy. There are other premium features too that are payable per use. These are Spotlight and SuperSwipes.

Spotlight makes your Bumble profile appear in the most popular profiles where you live for half an hour. In theory, you will get more matches from this.

SuperSwipes are a way of showing a stronger interest in a person. This is a great way of showing someone that you really like them, especially since you are paying to say so.

Fun tip: The peak time on Bumble is on a Sunday at around 6 pm. This is a good time to Spotlight!

How Does Bumble Work

How do I start using Bumble?

You can get started here. However, as of April 2016, you no longer need a Facebook account to sign up! You can just join with a phone number.

Pictures on Bumble

You can use one of your Facebook photos to set as your Bumble profile picture. Choose carefully as it’s the first glimpse that your potential matches will have of you!

How Does Bumble Work

You can have a maximum of six photos in your profile. Make sure these are all different – no pouting duck faces in every photo, please! Oh, and it’s probably a good idea not to use a filter. Bumble uses want to see what you really look like and you definitely don’t have a star halo.

Also, it may be a good idea to use some photos of you and friends,  family or doing activities.  Who wants see five close up selfies in a row!

Your Bio

You only have 300 characters for your bio so write it carefully. You should choose what you include that will make you the most appealing to other users.

For example, write something you love about your work, how you keep fit, a recent vacation, your hobbies, what you are looking for in a date.

Incorporating Instagram

Although your Instagram handle is hidden, Bumble can show your 24 most recent Instagram pictures. This is a great way of showing potential matches more pictures.

Setting up the rest of your Bumble account

Bumble makes you take a selfie to verify your profile. You have to copy a gesture that they provide in a selfie and submit it.

Your match preferences are easy to organize on Bumble. You can choose gender, age, and distance as well as two filters. If you choose to have a premium account, you can choose as many filters as you like.

And there you have it! You’re ready to start swiping.

What can you use Bumble for?

Ok, so we’ve talked about using Bumble for dating but there’s actually a lot more you can do with it. There are, in fact, three modes.

  1. Meeting romantic connections = Bumble Date.
  2. Making friends = Bumble BFF.
  3. Business networking = Bumble Bizz
bumble online dating app - what are you looking for

It’s pretty simple to switch between different modes too, you just have to select the one you want to use from the logo.

Top tips for having the best profile

If you were a business, this is your sales pitch! Think carefully about the impression you want to give. Bumble positions itself as a site for people who want a longer more serious relationship.

Ideas for a great profile picture

Your pictures will tell your story. You need to pick a good one for your main profile photo. Choose one that shows off your best features and tells potential dates about your attitude and values.

If you give off a wrong impression, you’ll put off people that you might actually have liked! Statistics say that you’ll get more people matching with you if you have a picture that shows off your full body and you are smiling.

Don’t enhance your photos to try and make you look more attractive.

How Does Bumble Work

Ideas for a great bio

You bio will show your job, age, and brief description. Decide what style you want to go for – are you serious, funny, or quirky? Show this off in your profile description.

Mention here what you’re looking for in terms of a relationship. This will help you meet people who want the same things as you.

How to chat on Bumble

Don’t just say ‘hi’ or ‘hey’. There are so many Bumble users, you really want to stand out and be different. Your opener is really important.

Funny pickup lines using the  potential date’s name in the pun is always a good conversation starter. Make it funny and they’re more likely to ask for more. Who doesn’t love a good,  witty opener?

Once you’ve got the conversation started, keep it going in a light and playful tone. Popular options are using a hint of sarcasm and witty comebacks in your chats.

These hook your match’s interest without being sexually suggestive, which can be a huge turnoff. A lot of women are offended by being referred to as “Hey Beautiful,” too early.

Keeping It Going

If you ask your match some questions, keep the questions simple and short. Make sure you begin with light-hearted questions about where they live, what they enjoy doing, about hobbies, etc.  

Don’t ask them their opinion on the latest political agenda or religion.

Not only could this come across as confrontational, but if you don’t agree with them you could end up falling out before you even begin.

Use emojis to lighten up your chat. Emojis help to portray the intended meaning of a sentence if it could be taken in variety of ways. Most people would agree that written communication is not always the very best way to communicate as things can be taken the wrong way.

However, make sure you don’t go overboard with emojis though as some people really don’t like them.

Possible (but not guaranteed) pitfalls of online dating

As with any online dating site, you can come across a few problems when using Bumble, one of them being matches not responding or people flaking out and following through with plans.

You can, unfortunately, be ghosted here too. Yes, this might seem an unkind thing to do but realistically, if someone isn’t interested and they’re a stranger to you, then simply think nothing of it. So, if online dating you need to develop a thicker skin.

How Does Bumble Work

Pros and Cons of Bumble

After looking at how Bumble works, let’s delve further into its pros and cons compared to other dating sites.


  1. Women don’t get bombarded with unsolicited messages from men as they initiate contact. For men, it becomes pretty easy to move things forward because you know that she is interested.
  2. 60% of matches end up chatting.
  3. Bios are only 300 characters so you don’t have to read through lengthy profiles.
  4. There are roughly the same amount of men as there are women on Bumble. According to Ogury, there are 17 men for every 3 women on Tinder in New York. That means only 15.2% of Tinder users are female.
  5. Fake profiles aren’t common on Bumble. This is partly due to Bumble making you copy a gesture in a selfie when you sign up.
  6. If you accidentally swipe right on someone you can shake your phone to undo or ‘backtrack’ the match.
  7. There’s a lot less ‘noise’. You’re more likely to find a match.
  8. Bigger screen space (more room for pictures) than Tinder.


  1. Men can’t send the first message. There may be someone you really like but you’re stuck if they don’t message you!
  2. The woman only has 24 hours to start chatting otherwise you lose the match, which can be really frustrating for a man.
  3. The search criteria on Bumble is quite limited. You can’t search for specific details like hair color or whether or not a person wants children in the future. 
  4. The notifications can be annoying. Bumble lets you know when matches are about to expire.
  5. Unlike Tinder, you can’t be a ‘tourist’ on Bumble and you can only date people from the country you’re in, even if you live really close to a border.

Expert tips on Bumble

  • Men need to work super hard to get the ladies to message them! It’s all about the photos and bio, so make them good.
  • Apparently, the best messaging time is in the evening between 8 and 10.
  • According to Bumble, include 6 photos on your profile and you will likely get the most swipes right!
  • It’s been suggested that you shouldn’t bother swiping on a Friday since this is the least popular day! Bear in mind, that when you do swipe on a Friday and if the other person. isn’t checking the app, you could lose a connection sine you have the 24 hour window. 
  • If you really want to start a relationship with someone on Bumble, you need to be committed to making your profile the best it can be. If you’re a guy, this is all you’ve got! You need to make her want to contact you. To  some degree, this puts men at a disadvantage.

What does Bumble Boost cost?

Bumble Boost cost $9.99 per month but you can save money by buying a six-month subscription or purchasing a lifetime membership.

Is Bumble Boost worth the money?

There are three main features you get with Bumble Boost: Beeline, Rematch, and BusyBee.

Beeline means you can see people’s profiles that have already swiped right on yours. This means you save time. Rematch means you means you can reconnect with a previous match if it has expired.


BusyBee can give you unlimited extends on your connections with matches. Without this, you can only do one extend per day.

Bumble Boosts

With Bumble Boost, you also get unlimited filters so you can sort by their interests (like whether or not they like drinking or smoking), their jobs, and their level of education.

The Bumble filters are quite clever though. If, for example, you want to filter people by their height, you have to have your height inputted into your profile too.

The future of Bumble

Plans have recently been announced that Bumble intends to launch a lewd image detector. The images will contain blurring, requiring the recipient to hold it down in order to view its content. What’s more, each image will be watermarked with the person’s profile who sent it. This is a great way of making sure people take ownership of their photos.

Another recent creation of Bumble is its offline magazine. Bumble Mag is a magazine with around 80 pages and is free! As of April 5, 2019, 150,000 magazines were being circulated.

Conclusion: Should you try Bumble?

If you’ve decided to give online dating a try, Bumble is definitely a great dating app to go for.

Men vs. Women

If you’re a woman, you might appreciate being the one making the first move.

If you’re a man, you may appreciate being on the receiving end of messages, after all, with similar apps like Tinder, you may end up sending tons of messages without getting replies. Both sexes will appreciate the more-even ratios on this app too!

Tech-Savvy vs. Caveman

Regardless if you are tech-savvy or non-tech-savvy, Bumble is straight forward. If you want to go further and have additional options available, the Bumble Boost option has some great features.

The fact that you can sign up for just one month means that if you’re confident that you’ll find a date quickly, you can save yourself some money! What are you waiting for? Get your profile ready and start swiping today (unless it’s Friday, then it’s best to wait one more day!).