Being a naturally funny guy has a lot of advantages, especially when it comes to girls. Just ask a woman what qualities she is looking for in a man. Chances are that a sense of humor would be somewhere in the top three. 

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Unfortunately, not many guys are gifted with a natural flair for humor. A lot make an effort though, and many of these efforts have a rather disastrous ending. But the good news is that there are ways of how to be funny without sounding like you are trying too hard.

But what exactly are the advantages of being funny? Why do girls prioritize the sense of humor above other traits? Is it worth making the effort if you are not naturally a comedian?

According to an article from Cosmopolitan, women equate a sense of humor with sexiness. To be more specific, they are more likely to go to bed with someone who makes them laugh. It has also been scientifically proven that a sense of humor is a sign of high intelligence.

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One such study conducted by the University of Mexico revealed that men with higher intelligence were considerably more capable of making funny jokes and humorous puns.

On the other hand, Jeffrey Hall, an associate professor at the University of Kansas, has written a much simpler explanation.

In his research entitled Sexual Selection and Humor in Courtship: A Case for Warmth and Extroversion, Hall says that women like funny men simply because they are fun to be with and make them feel good about themselves.

Whatever their reason, we are certain that women do like men who have a sense of humor. So to answer the question above, yes it is worth the effort to increase your funny factor.

Read on for ways to do just that, even if you don’t have the natural gift of humor. 

Do Women Find You Funny?

Before you try out any techniques on how to be funny, think about this first. You might not realize it but maybe women already consider you funny. In that case, there’s no reason to change anything. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing if it makes the ladies laugh. 

So, do women find you funny?

This should not really be a difficult question to answer. If a woman laughs at your jokes and is amused by your stories, then she must find you funny, right?

Well, yes, but…

There is also the matter of how she laughs at your jokes.

Is it a genuine laugh or a forced and maybe slightly embarrassed laugh? Is she really laughing because she likes your sense of humor, or is she just being nice and polite?

Real Vs Pretend Enjoyment

A lot of men actually think they are funny when in fact, their date is secretly cringing at their jokes and stories. While they are outwardly smiling, their dates are actually thinking of excuses so they can get out of the date as early as possible.

Women are naturally nice, with a few exceptions, of course. They generally won’t tell you to your face that you have a lousy sense of humor. They will just endure your lame attempts at jokes then never return your calls again. 

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If a woman genuinely enjoys and appreciates your sense of humor, she will not just laugh. You will clearly see that she is having a good time. She will be relaxed and at ease, and her laughter will be spontaneous and natural.

If you don’t see this innate delight in her reactions and body language, then you better think twice.  You are probably not as funny as you had thought.

But don’t fret. You just have to learn how to be funny and with a little bit of time and practice, you will be making the ladies laugh with your humor. 

How to Be Funny without Making Jokes

So a lot of girls say they are looking to meet a guy who is funny and has a good sense of humor.  That is true. To many guys, this translates as “girls want guys who can tell funny jokes”.

Now, that is not true. When girls say sense of humor, they are actually looking for a guy who is easy-going, can laugh at himself, can make light of serious matters, doesn’t get stressed over problems, are generally fun to be around, and can basically make her laugh.

Sense of humor is much more than making jokes.

In a post in Bolde, author Courtney Hardwick explains why a sense of humor is actually the sexiest quality a man can have. 

While jokes can be part of the package, they are not necessarily the secret on how to appear funny. Here are some tips you can follow if you want your date to think you are funny.

1. Find good material

Usually, the most mundane things can turn into really funny stories. It’s safe to make fun of the regular situation and things, and you won’t have to worry about people getting offended.

2. Turn a bad situation around and make it funny and entertaining

If the waiter brings you a diet soda instead of the regular one you ordered, say something about finally getting started on that diet. If you get a little greasy changing a flat tire while driving to your destination, say you never expected to be getting down and dirty on the first date. 

3. Make fun of yourself

Don’t do it constantly during the entire date, of course. Just use yourself as a punch line. Tell funny or embarrassing experiences that you’ve had in the recent past, or in childhood. The good thing about poking fun at yourself with funny stories is that no one would be offended. And it gives her the chance to share equally amusing stories or funny experiences that have happened to her.

4. Use jokes naturally

Okay, if you do want to use traditional jokes, make sure you insert them in the natural flow of the conversation. Make it look spontaneous, not like something that you have memorized and have been planning to say the whole time.

How to Appear Funny When You’re Really Nervous

So you’re on a date with this girl you really like. You’re making small talk and things are going fairly well. Then during an awkward pause, you panic and scour your brain for something funny to fill the silence. And before you can stop yourself, you say something that is as far from funny as can be. 

There have been countless times that guys have found themselves in this situation. When you’re on a date and you’re really nervous, you tend to blurt out the most embarrassing lines. On hindsight, you will replay the situation in your head countless times.

Couple laughing in a field

In each of these playbacks, you are able to say something witty and clever. Why did you not think of any of those lines before?

Nerves play a huge role in drastically reducing your funny factor. When you’re nervous, you tend to laugh a lot. Author Crystal Ponti writes more about this in an article on Headspace.

Nervous laughter only makes you look self-conscious, and definitely not funny in a good way.

Therefore, one of the most important tips to remember on how to be funny is to stop being nervous. Easier said than done, but with the following tips, you can surely do it. 

Things You Can Do to Shake off Your Nerves

  1. Expand some excess energy before your date. Go for a quick jog. Work out at the gym. Dance in your room. You will feel more relaxed.
  2. Choose a familiar location for your date venue. It’s like giving yourself a home court advantage.
  3. Listen to your favorite playlist shortly before the date. 
  4. A glass of wine might help with the jitters. Keep it to one glass though. Any more than that and you’ll probably reek of alcohol, which is not funny at all.
  5. Remember that your date is probably nervous too. As soon as you realize that, your nervousness will be reduced considerably.

How to Appear Funny on Online Dating Sites

First of all, there is a vast difference between learning how to appear funny online and changing yourself entirely to create a funny online version of yourself.

If you want to attract women on Tinder or eHarmony, you can try to increase your funny factor on your profile. However, you should still always stay true to who you are.

Take a look at some of the funniest online dating profiles in this list published by Zoosk. Don’t copy them word for word though.

You can use them for inspiration, or follow the basic tips below to make your own funny bio. 

  1. Use an outrageous exaggeration of how you describe yourself. But quickly admit that you did exaggerate, and tell the truth at the end.
  2. Use blurbs supposedly quoted from celebrities or famous entities. This is a great opportunity to be funny and to have fun at the same time.
  3. Include one wacky photo in your display pictures. Just one is enough though. You want to show that you do also have a serious side when the situation calls for it. 
  4. Use a profile picture that supports the funny claims that you made in your bio. 

Men with funny profiles do tend to get more responses. It’s not surprising, either. A sense of humor even on an online dating profile instantly makes women comfortable, so they will want to connect with you further.

Techniques for Making Her Laugh

It has to be clear right from the beginning that there are no set rules on how to be funny. All we can do is to give you tips and guidelines that can improve your chances of making girls laugh.

1. Remember that different types of humor work on different girls

Keep in mind that all girls are different. Just because one girl appreciates your sense of humor doesn’t mean everyone else will. So you will still need to tweak your approach in order to make different girls laugh.

There are girls who just love jokes and will laugh at even the silliest punch lines. Some girls are into serious conversations and do not mind at all if you are not that funny. There are also others who might have sensitive opinions about certain issues.

In this case, you should not joke about those issues lest you strike a nerve. In other words, get to know the girl a little bit so you what kind of humor she appreciates. 

2. It has a lot to do with the delivery

Being funny is not all about the things that you say. Oftentimes, it actually has more to do with the way that you say them. Let’s say that you have a really funny story or joke to tell. But then you say it in a tone that is not fun, or maybe you falter in the delivery.

If that happens, it won’t come across as funny as it sounds in your mind. You can prevent this from happening by increasing your self-confidence even before the date begins.

3. Be yourself and be natural

For someone who is not naturally funny, it can be very tempting to copy someone else’s funny lines.

You might think of memorizing some canned jokes to deliver periodically during your date. If you can insert these jokes seamlessly into the conversation, it could work. But that is going to be a very rare situation.

Oftentimes, memorized jokes will sound well… memorized.

It is much better to be natural and spontaneous. Even if what you say is not that funny as what a professional comedian would say, the fact that you are being yourself and that you can laugh about it more than makes up for the lack of comedy points.

4. Use inside jokes 

If you have been with the girl on previous occasions, you can use an inside joke to make her smile. It can be a simple reference to something you have talked about before.

Mention the reference in a joking manner, and you will instantly have an inside joke between the two of you.

This accomplishes multiple purposes.

Aside from making her laugh, it also shows that you have been paying attention to your previous conversations. It also increases the closeness because of the inside joke that you now share with each other. 

Topics You Should Not Joke about

1. Politics

This can be a sensitive issue to open during a date, much more so to joke about. People can have very strong opinions on politics so it’s best not to mention this during a date.

2. Religion

This is even more sensitive than politics. Making a joke about anything related to religion may appear like an attack on other people’s deep personal beliefs. Even if you don’t mean anything negative by your joke, it can easily come across as insensitive or disrespectful.

3. Physical Appearance

A lot of women are already self-conscious about their looks as it is. Making even the slightest funny remark, no matter how good your intentions are, might not be a good idea.

If you make a joke about your physical appearance, on the other hand, especially your flaws, that could earn you points. It shows confidence and healthy self-esteem.

4. Sex

For some reason, some men think sex is a go-to topic in order to be funny. When the girl says something random, they expound on it and give it a sexual reference.

Guys, it’s not funny at all. All it does is make the girl feel you just want to get into her pants. It’s creepy and disrespectful. Don’t be one of those guys!


The pressure for guys to be funny is higher than ever these days. This is especially true in the stressful and competitive world of dating.

Yes, women do like men with a sense of humor. But men do need to understand that not all women want a comedian.

So don’t be too pressured to come up with witty remarks and original jokes. It will only get frustrating if you can’t meet the comedy standards that you are setting for yourself. 

Most women really just want someone with a regular sense of humor and who can make them laugh.

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If you have read this article, then you have already figured out that humor is important. And as you can see, learning how to appear funny is actually much simpler than it seems.

You don’t need to train to be a standup comedian or come up with new jokes for every date that you go on. 

Mostly, it’s just about being relaxed when you are with a girl. When you are relaxed, the conversation will flow smoothly. You can show your own brand of humor without having to copy other people’s styles.

In the end, it’s all about being yourself and being naturally funny in your own way. That is what girls will appreciate the most.