How to know if a girl likes you is really not all that difficult.

Women display plenty of telltale signs when they’re interested in a man. You just have to be familiar with them. Once you know what to look for, you’ll be able to spot the maneuvers quickly enough.

Woman on romantic date

Some are subtle, while others are more overt.

With this comprehensive overview, you’ll be able to discern the moves that confirm or deny your suspicions in no time. All you have to do is remain eagle-eyed to pick up on them. 

Physical Signs a Girl Likes You

First, we’ll start with some of the easier signs for establishing whether or not a female is intrigued. Unless you need an anvil dropped on your head courtesy of Wile E. Coyote, they’re pretty simple to ascertain.

1. Touching

When a female likes you, she may reach out and gently pat or squeeze your arm, shoulder, or hand. That’s extremely encouraging.

However, be careful you don’t read too much into this action.

Woman Touching Hand

Some people (not just women) are very physically demonstrative. They will normally take part in a conversation by gesticulating wildly with their hands and intermittently touching, gripping, pushing, squeezing or even playfully punching those they’re talking to. 

Pay attention to how she behaves around the other folks she’s conversing with. You should be able to determine whether her touchy-feely behavior is demonstrated with everyone or solely reserved for guys she’d like to get further acquainted with.

2. In the Moment

If you’re getting her undivided attention and she’s fully present and “in the moment,” you’ve likely got her mesmerized in more ways than one.

Unless it’s business-related, maintaining eye contact and appearing absorbed in the conversation during your interaction is a good sign on her part.

If she’s easily distracted, she’s either a flake, nervous/flustered, or just not that interested.

Things could always change, though.  

3. Monkey See, Monkey Do

Mirrored behavior can be another highway post on the road to figuring out how to know if a girl likes you. That’s because people tend to take cues from people that they feel comfortable around, are impressed by, and/or find themselves wanting to spend more time with.

Mirroring Behavior

So, take note if she subconsciously copies your body language.

4. In Step & Slow to Go

Sitting or standing in close proximity, especially when it isn’t warranted (think crowded clubs with a lot of noise), also points to her liking you.

Leaning in during the conversation, laughing and purposely bumping into you possibly followed by placing a hand on your shoulder for steadying and support, she likes you, and probably a lot—unless she’s drunk, of course.

You’ll have to figure that out for yourself.

Another sign is if she lingers before parting ways, she’s enjoying your company and wishes it wasn’t coming to an end.

Any excuse to approach you and chat or taking a long time ending your interactions is an excellent determiner for how to tell if a girl likes you.

Believe us, women don’t do that otherwise.

5. Ten-Hut!

When a woman on the make suddenly stands at attention, it usually means she’s spied someone she’s attracted to. Gone is the shoulder slouching and bad posture.

Woman Interested in Man

Instead, they’ll pull their shoulders back, lift their head, and as a result, stand a little taller in an effort to project confidence and become more visible to the object of their desire.

If she sucks her stomach in, count your lucky stars, because she’s sizing you up.

6. Directional Clues

According to professionals, the direction of someone’s feet when you’re conversing with them can speak volumes about how they feel about you.

Another big clue is whether or not they turn their body towards you when seated or continue to sit facing forward and merely turn their head to look at you intermittently.

That’s more of a buddy move.

7. Rosy Glow

When a woman blushes around you, particularly after first catching sight of you, she’s really is smitten. As with men, blushing, nervous laughter, sweating palms, and appearing flustered are all signs of liking someone beyond mere friendship.

8. The Eyes Have It

Dilated pupils are a universal love jones symptom for men and women, both.

Dilated Pupils Flirting

When we’re in the presence of an individual we’re potty about, our eyes light up, so to speak (it’s actually the pupil dilating and allowing more light in, hence the description).

It’s a chemical reaction you can thank your hormones for, but it does make you appear more attractive to the opposite sex.

9. Head Tilting

Women will often tilt their heads when conversing with a man. This subtle, non-verbal gesture is conveying interest and engagement on her part.

10. Loose Limbs

When human beings are relaxed, there is some very distinctive and easily observed body language you can learn from.

One sign of a relaxed person is the way their arms fall by their sides or even spreading them out in an open gesture when interacting with others. 

Another is their legs may fall slightly apart when sitting.

No, splayed legs are not an open invitation to jump on someone, but the lack of protective posturings, such as crossing your arms in front of your chest, speaks volumes about your views on the people you’re currently surrounded by.

11. Laughing Gas

You’re on fire, because every mirthfully delivered line, quip or joke tripping from your tongue elicits gales of girlish laughter.

Honestly, your brilliant wit may not be as bright and sparkly as you think. But if a woman you’ve just met behaves as if she’s under the influence of nitrous oxide (N2O), it’s a reliable indicator she’s into you. 


To be fair, men do this, as well.

When two people are drawn to one another, their bodies experience a lift in norepinephrine and dopamine, hormones that play a role in attraction, and the giddy pair view one another through what could almost be described as “beer goggles.”

If you’re not familiar with the term, it enhances the object of your desire’s looks and personality when you’re under the influence of alcohol. 

Group Laughing

Hormones can work in the same way.

According to a piece posted in the Harvard University journal Science in the News, “attraction involves the brain pathways that control reward behavior, which can explain why the first part of a relationship can be so exhilarating and even all-consuming.”

Noted researcher Helen Fischer has been able to map the chemical reactions that occur in the brain through the use of MRI scans performed on study participants who claimed to be seriously enamored at the time of testing.

The results demonstrated that the primary reward centers of the brain, which include the caudate nucleus, blew up (figuratively, of course) when test subjects were shown images of their new flame, as opposed to images of people they felt general neutrality toward.

It’s that love is the drug thang workin’ its magic.


The art of flirting comes in many forms, and, as far as women are concerned, some of them are pretty stereotypical. They include but are not limited to:

1. Hair Tossing

Playing with their hair or frequently tossing it back or to the side is a subconscious flirting display among females.

Notice if she can’t keep her hands off of her hair or you’re beginning to wonder if she’s got a nervous tick or some sort of involuntary muscle spasm that involves her neck.

Does She Like Me

Rather than worrying about some medical affliction, realize, instead, that she’s regressing to high school and showing you in a somewhat juvenile fashion that she likes you.

2. Shameless Flattery

Gushing compliments concerning how nice you look or how much your haircut flatters your “amazing bone structure” or how good your jeans fit is a sure-fire flare whistling through the sky that you’ve got a chance with her.

3. Teasing

Think twice when she makes little jokes that are meant to get a rise out of you.

When a girl really likes you, she will often tease you, so don’t misconstrue her intentions here and walk away with your nose out of joint. Good-natured ribbing or playful teasing is all part of the art of flirting for many women.

You can liken it to the archaic pigtail dipped in the inkwell analogy relating back to schoolboys in the mid to latter half of the 19th century all the way up to the first half of the 20th

We use Bics now.

4. Mirror, Mirror

Is she periodically checking her compact, fixing her hair, or reapplying lip-gloss when she thinks you’re not looking?

All of these constant touchups mean she is attracted to you and delighted at the prospect of getting to know you better.

Take advantage of her enthusiasm and show her that her appreciation of you is not misplaced.

How to tell if a girl likes you

Getting to Know You

Once you get beyond all of the nervous small talk, you should start to see the real girl behind the hair-tossing ball breaker.

Women generally don’t open up to or try to angle further interaction from men unless they are genuinely taken with them, so pay attention to the subtler signs a woman likes you.

1. Releasing Her Inner Dork

If she’s willing to be nerdy around you when allowing her playful side to come out, it’s a clear signal she’s comfortable around you and enjoys being in your presence. 

2. Letting Her Hair Down

Along the same lines, her ability to relax around you and let her hair down for a while is a sign she’s letting you in, whether she acts like a goof or not.

3. Divulging Personal Information

When a woman you don’t know (but are trying hard to) shares personal or private details about her life it means she believes she can trust you.

Coffee Date

Whether it’s warranted or not, take it for what it is: she’s opening up and wants to get to know you better.

4. Grill Lights & Rubber Hoses

By the same token, if a woman asks you lots of questions pertaining to yourself and your personal life, she’s not grilling you because she thinks you’re responsible for a string of local heists. She genuinely likes you, you doofus.

5. Mark Your Calendar

So, she’s brought up a concert, museum exhibit, or another upcoming event she’s expressed a desire to attend. It’s along the lines of something you’ve already established you both share a passion for.

If she’s looking at you expectantly while bringing it up, take the hint she wants you to go with her. 

6. Meeting Her Friends

Her high estimation of you is apparent if she suggests meeting her friends. Especially if it’s early on, so recognize it for what it is.

Meeting Her Friends

This is a very early precursor to meeting the family. If you’re truly interested, play your cards right, and you may get there yet.

How to Tell if a Girl Likes You

Physical demonstrations and flirting aren’t everything. There are plenty more outward signs you can use to evaluate her interest in you and all of your boyish charms.

How to tell if a girl likes you can be as simple as her holding eye contact with you while caressing an object in her hands. It sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Here is some additional food for thought on the subject:

1. Personality Disorder

A woman may behave one way around you and another for the rest of the world. This could be a very positive thing, assuming she doesn’t have a personality disorder…

Laughing at your jokes

What we’re talking about is a bubbly effervescence. And this might not otherwise be displayed under ordinary circumstances with friends or co-workers. It’s just for you.

The long and the short of it is, if she’s suddenly got a mega-watt smile and she’s excited and overflowing with good cheer whenever you turn up, it’s pretty safe to say it can be attributed to you, Prince Charming.

2. Look of Anguish

So, sometime during the evening, another guy stops by to chat her up, and you happen across them. If she looks uncomfortable or flustered at being seen together, it has something to do with one of you gentlemen; otherwise, it wouldn’t faze her in the least.

3. Approval Rating

When you’re together, does she look at you after she’s contributed to the conversation in a group setting?

This could be a sign that she wants to determine whether you agree or disagree with her thoughts.

In essence, she’s seeking your approval because she wants you to like her.

4. Are You Single?

This one simple and seemingly innocent question speaks volumes about her feelings toward you.

If she wants to know your dating or marital status, she likely has designs on you.

Unless, of course, she’s said it sarcastically after you’ve said or done something particularly oafish, and then all bets are off.

5. Tag, You’re It!

If after your initial meeting, she begins to like your social media posts or tag you on various platforms, she’s into you.

Being intrigued enough to look you up on Facebook or Instagram means she wants to know more about you, and it may also be a way for her to try to figure out your relationship standing, as we referenced above.

Kissing on Carousel

It’s slick, and she doesn’t have to appear too forward in the process. 

Signs a Girl Likes You

It’s not just about getting her phone number. There are actions a woman will take and feelings she’ll display that are hard to mistake for anything other than genuine interest.

This can also be applied to a girl you’ve recently met and exchanged numbers with before knowing where you stand. 

  1. Yes, Please! — If she jumps at the chance to hang out with you in the future, even if it’s with friends in tow, she likes you, and her excitement says it all.
  2. Take a Hint — Going out of your way to alert a man or woman of your single relationship status screams, “Pick me, I’m available!” If you observe her waving her left hand around sans ring or emphasizing the fact she’s flying solo, she’s trying to get her point across, so listen up.
  3. Wing Woman — If you notice her wing girls backing off and giving you some much-needed space, she’s likely warned them off and—as good friends will—they’re obliging her desire for privacy. What that’s saying is she’d like to explore her options with you further, so take heed.

Try as you may, if a girl you like is not exhibiting any of these signs, chances are she’s not buying what you’re selling.

Don’t take it personally.

You just might not be the brand she’s looking for. At least now you have a much better idea of what to look for the next time around.