You first catch sight of her from across the room, her raven hair, pouty lips, and smoldering eyes drawing you in like a moth to a flame. From all outward appearances, this ravishing creature is everything you’re looking for in a woman.

There’s only one problem: you have to find a way to meet her.

After agonizing for nearly half an hour over your approach, she’s gone, another chance lost. Now you have to wait for another opportunity to present itself—however long that may be.

Stop wasting time, and follow our guide for how to meet women, instead.

Put Yourself Out There

First off, kooky as it may seem to some, you actually do have to put yourself out there in order to meet a woman—unless you’re hoping to accomplish this online, which we’ll address soon enough.

In the meantime, you can’t just wait around for some unknown female to knock at your door like pennies from heaven.

It’s vital that you make yourself available, so get out there.

Location, Location, Location

But where to go?

Just as in real estate, it’s all about location. Before you can meet women, you have to be in the right place. A lot of this depends on the type of woman you’re attracted to personally.

For instance, you’re probably not going to find a cultured woman with refined tastes at a tractor pull. Instead, the obvious path for discovering her would be by attending gallery openings or other similar venues and events.

The same, of course, holds true for an outdoorsy girl who’d rather be hunting, hiking, or riding horses than taking a neoclassical architectural tour somewhere.

Coffee Date

Here is a list of suggestions for the best places to meet women with a few brief explanations as to the types of ladies you’re most likely to encounter there.

This isn’t to say that only one kind of person can be found at any one of them, but your odds are improved.

1. Trade Shows

Depending on your interests or career path, industry events can introduce you to like-minded females. Women who are business professionals regularly attend design and electronic trade shows—along with many other fields of work.

And the best part is you can always find attendees on and off the floor to strike up a conversation with.

2. Lectures

Sign up for lectures you find intellectually stimulating and see if you can’t grab a seat next to or near a woman you fancy. If not, talk her up in the lobby.

3. Festivals

What better way to meet a woman than in a relaxed atmosphere where idle chitchat and impromptu introductions are the order of the day? Visit a festival.


It could be featuring art, music, surfing, or any number of themes. There are also food festivals for strawberries, blueberries, chili, seafood, and much, much more. 

4. Museums

The type of museum you choose might dictate the sort of women you meet, but museums are another great place to start looking for available ladies.

Begin by focusing on those which house collections you find most appealing.

5. Galleries

Check out the art scene in your neck of the woods and visit a gallery that is hosting an opening exhibit.

Gallery Date

There are usually lots of singles mingling, along with wine, cheese, and crackers, so you’ll have something to do with your hands if you’re nervous. 

6. Poetry Readings

Into poetry or spoken word? Nightclubs, coffee houses, and other venues often host these events along with performance art that sees a crosshatch of attendees from all walks of life. 

7. Grand Openings

Large, well-publicized grand openings such as hotels, resorts, plazas, stores, ground-breaking or ribbon-cutting ceremonies, etc., can draw diverse crowds to see what all of the hubbub is about. Be there. 

8. Organized Events

Annual benefits, fundraisers, bazaars, flea markets, community dances, carnivals, farmers’ markets, awareness programs, you name it.

But anything that sees even or disproportionate (in your favor, of course) numbers of females among the throngs is another thought for how to meet women.

9. Church

If you’re spiritual, your local church and its various organized functions might find you a match, even if you’re already on

You could think about asking your pastor/preacher/reverend/etc., to help you in your quest for meeting a woman from within your church or religious community.

10. Town Hall Meetings

Besides getting involved and keeping your finger on the pulse of your little corner of society, you never know when or where you’ll run into the love of your life.

Deep Conversations

So try going to a few local government meetings that you know will attract large audiences.

11. Theme Parks

Like festivals, visiting fun spots cluttered with rides, gift shops, eateries, vibrant displays, and incredible feats of technical skills or athleticism will put you in direct contact with those who are adventurous and young at heart.

12. Wine & Food Pairings

More and more restaurants are offering wine, ale, or spirit pairings to the public.

Not familiar with the concept? This is where chefs, sommeliers, and mixologists put their heads together to match up flavorful dishes with an alcoholic beverage that compliments them.

It’s a wonderful chance to experience new combinations of tastes while meeting new people. 

13. Table Sharing

This is an especially clever idea for meeting new people, period. Table sharing apps for restaurants allow you to try new foods and eateries without going it alone.

Table Sharing

While it’s anyone’s guess who your tablemates are going to be, you might at least make new friends. While not a dating site, caters to singles through arranged dinner parties.  

14. Spirits Samplings

For those that enjoy a cocktail or two, if you’ve never been, sampling tours of spirits are fun, educational, and filled with other like-minded connoisseurs.

These imbibing events are usually held at drinking establishments with creative marketing staff that organizes gatherings centering on various liquors (scotches, bourbons, vodkas, rums) from around the world. 

While these sampling tours almost always provide some sort of food offerings, like apps or light sandwiches, don’t risk it and go on an empty stomach.

You’re far more apt to make a fool of yourself or get sick, neither of which will make a good first impression.

15. Walking Tours

You’re probably unaware, but there are some fantastic walking tours available in larger cities which you can take part in, whether you’re a tourist or a local.

They can include historical sites, architecture, ghost tours, points of interest, etc.

16. Interactive Dinner Shows

Murder mystery dinners held at restaurants, on trains, and even dinner cruises are a lot more fun than you’ve likely given them credit.

Murder Mystery

Consider one, anyways, because more females enjoy this interactive entertainment than men do, which ups your luck factor. 

17. Sporting Events

Regardless of whether it’s supporting the local hometown team or a state’s national team, if you’re a sports fan, there’s liable to be single women there who share your interest.

You never know who you’ll meet at a tailgate party or bump into at the concessions stands. 

18. Rodeos

If you consider yourself country through and through and want to meet the kind of woman who might be on, get out there and hit some rodeos, draft pulls, barrel racing, or other similar events.

19. Animal Shows

Whether it’s the 4-H, a livestock event at a fair, or a big-city dog or cat show, these are all great places to meet a woman passionate about pets or animal husbandry.

20. Estate Sales

Love a good deal or sifting through mountains of goodies looking for that elusive treasure?

Antique Shopping

Estate sales, auctions, and even yard sales are teeming with women. Investigate them.

21. Open Houses

So what if you’re not in the market for a new home?

Open houses—especially those with a lot of hype and heightened curiosity working for them—can be packed, making them an excellent location for getting acquainted with someone new.

22. Speaking Tours

Whether it’s a former president or first lady, a Nobel Prize winner, business scion, or what have you, there will be ladies in attendance, and they’re likely to be educated.

23. Book Signings

A popular women’s author will draw large crowds of females. And while at first glance long lines might seem unappealing, they’re perfect for chatting up women and getting to know one in particular better. 

24. Comic-Con

If deep down you’re still just a kid, over-the-top fantasy gatherings or roleplaying groups could be spot-on for finding your soul mate.

Comic Con

That, and it would be a great story to tell the kids someday as to how the two of you met.

25. Political Rallies

Few things get the blood pumping like political events. So if you’re passionate about governing, there’s a solid chance of meeting someone who shares your feelings at a rally, fundraiser, or volunteer effort.

Remember, your future partner doesn’t even have to be simpatico with your views to make a successful union. Just look at James Carville and Mary Matalin as inspiration.

He, a Democrat, and she, a former Republican turned Libertarian, the two have been married since 1993.

26. Vineyards

Have a taste for vino?

There are some fantastic wine country tours staged in bucolic surroundings, allowing you to expand your knowledge on a subject you appreciate while meeting other aficionados with a bent for fermented grapes.

It’s also highly romantic.

27. Coffee Houses

Your local small-scale java shops where crowds tend to gather is another ace spot for places to include on your list of how to meet women.

Most offer live entertainment a few times a week and provide message boards in case you spy a girl you’d like to approach but didn’t get a chance to.

The Company You Keep

It’s also essential, when mapping your course of action, to bear in mind that the company you surround yourself with while putting yourself out there can have a bearing on your results.

Group Dates

Don’t have a cadre of wingmen around (especially loud, obnoxious ones) or attend an event with a female relative or gal pal who could inadvertently block your success. 

Some women may be put off or intimidated by your male friends and/or their behavior or misconstrue your relationship with any woman who might be in tow, no matter how platonic the relationship. 

Be Yourself

We’ve listed a lot of activities to better acquaint yourself with women, but don’t take up a hobby or start trolling locations solely for the sake of meeting a girl if your heart truly isn’t into it.

You can’t keep up false pretenses forever, and women will feel misled when they eventually realize you’ve been putting on an act. Instead, try and stick to what you know rather than faking it. If you’re not into salsa dancing, quilting museums, or poetry don’t torture yourself.

On the other hand, exposing yourself to different situations can always lead to newfound passions, so there’s no harm in giving them a try at least once. 

Avoid Macho Bro Tips

Whatever you do, avoid ridiculous “can’t-miss techniques” such as “negging” (when a guy gives a female a backhanded compliment to make his target start questioning her self-worth and henceforth seek his approval) and other ridiculous tricks so-called love studs hand out.

Offending Women

Maybe horrible tricks like those may have worked on a few people back in the day, but the internet has been around for too long. Women have heard of all the dumb lines, plays, and schemes before.

They find them creepy and are not amused. Give them more credit than that, please.

How to Meet Women

In addition to the numerous hot spots best suited for finding females, here are some other suggestions you should definitely take into account for how to meet women.

These tips can expand your options significantly, so don’t poo-poo some of these until you’ve given them a shot.

1. Around Town

Check your newspaper’s mid-week or weekend editions for local happenings in your area and then go to them. You’d be surprised at the number of events going on that could provide you with a chance meeting.

2. Take a Class

Cooking, fencing, oil painting, martial arts, dancing, foreign languages, etc.

It doesn’t matter what it is if you’re interested in it, broaden your horizons and enroll in a class. The more people you meet and mingle with, the more you open yourself up to meeting someone or even someone who knows someone who is interested in dating.

Iconic hoofer Fred Astaire admitted that he got into dancing because so many women enjoyed it and so few men were willing to oblige them with a turn on the dance floor.

3. Volunteer

While you shouldn’t use volunteerism as a dating tool, volunteering is one of the richest most rewarding experiences you’ll ever undergo.


Groups like Green Peace, the Peace Corps, Habitat for Humanity, non-profits, local organizations providing emotional or physical support, reading programs, etc., they’re all good ways to get closer to other service-minded folks who want to give back and pay it forward.

4. Book a Cruise

Have fun and meet the woman of your dreams on a music or singles’ cruise. Another idea is to keep your eyes open for cruises that book women’s events—just make sure the subject of the planned gathering isn’t for mommies that need a break or a grieving support group. 

5. Singles Retreats

These are often held at ski lodges and beach resorts, so even if you don’t end up meeting someone, the trip wasn’t a total loss.

6. Clubs

Consider joining a club or an association where individuals with similar interests congregate. It could be for horse owners, model train builders, gardeners, cooks, hang gliding enthusiasts, bicyclists, or what have you.

The idea is to gain as much exposure as possible to new people.

How to Meet Women Online

For men and women who simply do not have the time to put themselves out there physically, or are perhaps too overwhelmed in public settings, online dating sites are the way to go—or at least supplement your current dating efforts.

While the vast majority of American relationships still begin the old-fashioned way, online dating is proving to be one of the more successful approaches to finding a mate in the 21st century.

Online Dating

According to data gathered by, 59 percent of U.S. residents view online dating favorably, and relationships that blossomed through dating apps were quicker to get to the altar.

Statistically, couples that met electronically got married after only 18.5 months, on average, as compared to 42 months for those who met through offline settings. In fact, roughly 17 percent of American couples that wed in 2015 claims to have met online.

This is encouraging news for matchmaking sites.

The webpage also offered intriguing insights into male/female ratios present on various dating apps that could work to your advantage for more promising results. 

The point is you have a lot of options at your disposal in today’s dating world, so make the most of all of them.