Tinder is both a free online dating site and a paid site that offers premium features for subscribers.  Tinder was launched in 2012 to revolutionize the dating process for the next generation.

Tinder Logo full

How is Tinder different?

Tinder simplified free online dating by introducing a more visual and intuitive dating site and by so doing, disrupted the market. 

It was by changing how to use Tinder that the company broke away from the free dating sites of the time.

Tinder accommodates the attention-deficit millennial generation by moving away from the traditional online dating platform to launch mainly for mobile users. So it is fast and uncomplicated.

Hoes does it work?

Users page through the photos of other users and swipe left to dismiss and right to attempt to connect with potential matches. The users that are dismissed are oblivious, and those selected can choose to reciprocate, or not.

If they do, Tinder facilitates contact between the parties by supplying a private messaging service.

How to use Tinder

Because Tinder is mobile, it provides great and intuitive location based experience. Users select which gender they are interested in, and which age range they prefer. 

A location radius is chosen and from there on, the user is exposed to potential matches in his/her specific current location.

If the user moves to another city for the day, his/her Tinder radius (from his mobile phone) flies off with him/her, and constantly provides new faces and profiles to swipe for the day.

Where do I find Tinder?

Tinder is a free app that can be downloaded for iPhone from the App Store and for android from Google Play.  According to Tech Advisor, it was because of the Cambridge Analytica scandal that users are no longer required to have a Facebook profile in order to log into Tinder.

After the Scandal, Tech Advisor says users can now for the first time create an account using only their phone number, although by doing this, they forfeit certain connectivity advantages Facebook users have access to. 

How to use Tinder

Tinder cuts to the chase.  Attraction is based exclusively on physical appearance, so Tinder does away with complicated algorithms based on self-reporting of preferences and characteristics that are supposed to make a match.

Rather than going this way, Tinder goes uncomplicated and visual, and the market showed its appreciation by the number, and made Tinder the most popular online dating site in the world.

Creating an account

At the App Store and the Google Play Store, search for Tinder. Tinder’s icon is a black square inside a luminous green border that contains a red circle with what WikiHow describes as a ‘white wave,’ inside. 

After downloading, users can log in, as explained above, via their Facebook account or by providing a valid phone number. 

Facebook Login

It is advisable to go via the traditional Facebook log in, in order to transfer the user’s Facebook data directly to Tinder.

How to use Tinder

The Facebook shortcut directly fills out the user’s Tinder profile with their Facebook public profile, friends, relationship status, biographical detail, likes, photos and more. 

If a user opts out of giving Tinder access to his/her Facebook data at this point, they will be required to enter their Facebook email and password before logging in at Tinder.

Locate & Date

It is also imperative to opt-in when Tinder prompts the user to turn on the mobile device’s location service. Tinder is, as we explained above, a location based mobile dating site. 

Opting-out will defeat the object of the exercise. After opting-in, the user can select discovery settings. 

Users can update their current location, choose the maximum distance from home they want to receive swipes for, and choose the gender and age of potential matches.

Invisible Mode

Before moving on, the user has the option to become invisible to other users – if he/she wants to look at profiles without losing their anonymity – or whether they are ready to go full swing and be ‘out there.’

Moving on, Tinder will prompt the user to decide whether notifications by Tinder should be welcomed or blocked. Notifications on Tinder are the lifeblood of intercourse online.

Opting-out basically renders Tinder useless.  If not notified of new matches, the user cannot engage with suitable potential matches; if not notified of new messages received, the user will take as long to read the same as he/she takes before they log in again.

Speed Dating

Tinder is fast and instant, based on current location. As time passes, old messages become redundant and opportunities wither away; the same goes for notifications about message likes and super likes. Blocking these notifications just dilute the Tinder experience more.

Those users that logged in via Facebook will automatically have the interface create their Tinder profile without further ado. 

Now, the user is the holder of a free Tinder online dating account except if a paid subscription is purchased.

Profile management

How to use Tinder

Arriving at the main menu [dashboard] of Tinder, the account holder’s profile picture is displayed. By selecting the display photo, access is gained to the user’s current profile.

1. Verify your profile

The first step a user has to take is to peruse this instant Facebook driven profile to evaluate its appropriateness.

2. Check for messages

Once this has been accomplished, it is advised that the user tap the speech bubble at the top right hand of the dashboard to see if any new Tinder messages have arrived.

3. Edit your profile (if necessary)

If necessary  the current profile can be edited by selecting the green square just under the profile picture on the dashboard that shows an icon of a pencil with the words ‘edit info’ written below it. 

At the top of the ‘edit info’ page the user can review his/her current profile pictures.  A total of six photos can be displayed. The first photo in the line-up will automatically be selected as the profile picture.

Choose profile photos wisely.

Careful attention must be given to the selection of the most suitable photographs.  Tinder’s Smart Photo Application will make the choice on behalf of the user by using data researched by the Smart Photo App.

In essence, Tech Junkie explains, Tinder will randomly show different photographs of the user when someone views the profile. Tinder will record the swipes of all viewers, and will after a while, based on the swipes, select the photographs to display based on the performance of every photograph.

How to use Tinder

How to get more right swipes?

To stand out on Tinder can be quite a daunting task. On the one hand, it is important to stand out; on the other hand, there is the imperative not to use so many filters that one’s profile pictures end up being a misconstrual, according to Cosmopolitan Magazine.

According to Tinder, 72% of users wear neutral colors (bland colors like navy, black, beige and white) in their profile pictures.  Wearing red is the word of the day. Those who really want to be noticed must wear red. Only 22% of men dress up smartly in a suit. 

Tinder advises their male users to try to find a great picture of themselves dressed smartly (at a wedding!) if they want to really improve their chances.

Further advice from Tinder is (a) members must not hide or cover up with overbearing hats and sunglasses.This, they say, can reduce their swipe rate by as much as 15%.

Those who do not face forward in their profile photos, have a 20% reduced swipe rate – when they do not stare down the camera.

A woman that smiles warmly will increase her swipe rate by 14% and out-swipe her sultry pouting compatriots. 

Tinder Moments

Tinder Moments is Facebook’s on-platform version of Snapchat.  Tinder users can share pictures with their matches using this Facebook app. 

Their matches can respond with a ‘nope’ or ‘like’ and make comments.  Users can swipe through the Moments of their matches, a shameless voyeuristic tour through the private lives of attractive others. 

How to use Tinder

The photos shared by Tinder Moments have a 24 hour only lifetime. After 24 hours, the photos shared disappear without a trace, never to be seen again. 

This provides a bit of a safety net for users to push the envelope and share things on the spur of the moment without spending hours to perfect their presentation. And if something a little intimate were to become a Moment, fear not, because it will soon be gone.

Choose words wisely.

Back on the profile page, true to form, Tinder allows members only 500 characters to describe themselves.  Users must make the most of this, considering it is barely the equal to 1½ tweets. 

Those who pursue greater transparency can share their designations – job, title and school.  Integration with Instagram and Spotify allow photos and music to intersect on Tinder and to become part of the user’s profile information. 

Gender Selection

In step with the post-modern feminist ideology of gender diversity, Tinder leaves it wide open to its users to gender themselves.

Whether a user wants to be a man, a woman or whether the user wants to select from all the diverse gendered options that has emerged, all is possible; even so, users can also elect not to be gendered simply by switching off the ‘show my gender’ option.

Secrets aren’t free.

Further anonymity however, costs money. Anyone who wishes to opt-out of displaying their age and location (distance from) will be barred until payment is made to subscribe to a Tinder Plus account.

Browsing Profiles

To browse the profile of potential matches on Tinder, one has to go to the top of the main menu where a little red flame (similar to the blue wave described above) inside a green border is the conduit.

Push this red flame and Tinder transports the user to potential matches. Once the matching profile has been perused, the user can return home by selecting the person-icon.

How to use Tinder

Arriving at the potential matches space Tinder presents the user with hordes of photographs to look at. 

Each photograph presents a name, age and a shared friends total with mutual likes. By clicking on the info icon at the bottom left, more information and photographs can be accessed before making a decision.

Three possible choices can be made at this point: Pressing on X rejects.  Touching the heart says “I like” and reaching for the star signifies a super like.

And now, finally, the Tinder user arrives at the much lauded opportunity to swipe away.

Swipe left to pass, and swipe right to match. 

The Tinder automaton will pop up in animation the moment a successful match has been made with someone.

Chatting and Messaging

After the completion of the Tinder journey up to this point, the private chatting messaging service opens up and the two who made a match can start a conversation. 

A chat bubble will appear to the right of the Tinder flame.  All the matches a user made will be accessible here, including a search function if there are just too many matches.

How to use Tinder

Stickers vs. One-Liners

Just before using the best pickup lines ever, Tinder saves the user with the option to rather use a sticker to send a message. Stickers come in the form of emojis and applauding hands and more.

The awkwardness of trying to come up with the best pickup line ever, is greatly reduced by this feature. 

Another feature to aid those who mumble in the face of coming up with the best pickup lines, can substitute homemade pickup lines for Tinder’s green heart to let the match know she/he is on the right track with the message received.


If life was perfect, that would have been it. Regrettably, in the real world, all matches are not made in heaven.

More often than not the glamour and electricity that visual attraction brought about withers away as soon as the couple starts talking for the first time. Words speak louder than actions in this instance.

Fortunately, in step with reality, Tinder provides an open-ended unmatching facility.

By simply selecting the profile and tapping the flag icon followed by the Unmatch button, the match is unmade.

Always be safe

Users must take care never to feel coerced into meeting someone or developing a conversation when they are unsure or would like more interaction before knowing how they feel. 

How to use Tinder

The golden rule is – when in doubt, do nothing. 

It was the immortal Hamlet who said “There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” And so too, there are many more things in heaven and Tinder, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. 

Tinder can be a black hole. Users, especially young women, are sometime solicited for threesomes and predators sometimes use the app to connect to potential victims.

Some people on Tinder present completely false profiles with children and dogs that are not their own, all designed to mislead and draw in those who are fooled by the familial and who easily trust people who present the clichéd safe stereotypes. 

Take your time.

Tinder might be the city that never sleeps and the field where the early bird catches the worm, but it is crucial that enough time is taken when the first message is crafted. 

There has to be a balance between the desire to stand out, and the fear of seeming uninterestingly ordinary.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the message, no matter how short it might be, has to ooze with warmth and friendliness. No dark or Gothic drama required, at all.

How to use Tinder

In the isolation of the modern world’s technological connectivity, it is very easy to forget that there is a real person on the other side, and not just a meme or icon or automaton.

Tinder might be in cyberspace, but the match is waiting in the real world, filled with the same fears and insecurities, dreams and aspirations. So consider that when crafting the important first words.

Communication of this nature has to mirror real emotions, so take care to get in touch with the inner self. Then after having said that, forget all about it and write what comes naturally. Keep it short, lighthearted and positive.  Keep it real.

Can I match with celebrities?

It is with regret that we have to inform our readers that this is hardly likely. Tinder disallows regular folks like us from mixing and matching with the chosen people.

According to Tom’s Guide, Tinder offers verified accounts to the stars – but – they are members of the exclusive Tinder Select, reserved for the rich and famous. That’s not us!

Paid memberships


Tinder Plus is the first of the premium accounts one can pay to join.  Tinder Plus is ad-free, which makes the experience more seamless and less distracted. 

How to use Tinder

It also offers users a rewind button to wipe out swipes made in error. It allows users to change their location and it makes it possible to swipe right without any restrictions or quotas.  Prices might vary according to time and location, so go to the Tinder website for a quote.


Tinder Gold offers the same as Tinder Plus, but adds two more features – Like You and Picks.  Like You allows users to see who has swiped right on them.

This allows them to go into stealth mode to visit these swipers’ profiles to check them out before swiping back. If they like them, they swipe back, and if they do not like them, they are free not to swipe back – exit all the complications of such a scenario.

Picks provides a few profiles every day especially for Gold Members.  Extra picks can be purchased if a user is hungry for more. 

In summary

Tinder is an unusually large topic.  There is a lot more. Tinder online allow users who do not use a mobile can now join the site online from their computers by going to Tinder.com.  Tinder’s motto should have been “who dares, wins.” With a bit of daring, miracles can happen.