If you are Jewish, you know that dating the right way can form a strong marriage relationship, which makes Jewish dating sites key sites for Jewish singles. This is important traditionally. The steps for finding someone to date, or becoming acquainted, are instrumental to discovering a soul mate.

According to Jewish tradition, dating is not something to take lightly, but is a matter of extreme importance. In the Jewish religion, dating is set aside for men and women who are seeking a permanent relationship. This mandate does not originate from prudishness. Instead, it is considered the main ingredient to creating a stable marriage.

The idea of using Jewish dating sites is to find someone who has certain values and traits – qualities that will permit both of you to live harmoniously for the remainder of your lives. As a result, in the Jewish religion, dating is considered an art. The mind must take over in matters of the heart.

As a result, goal-oriented dating leads to a strong foundation for marriage. When both parties express their visions for their future, they can see how these goals can be used in married life. If both the heart and mind agree that the other person is compatible, you have made good use of Jewish dating sites.

When dating is pursued in this way, a marriage is more likely to survive or meet the stresses associated living as a couple. Unlike other sites, Jewish dating sites are meant to emphasize the importance of establishing permanent relationships. Users of the site do not typically want to develop a casual romance. 

People outside the Jewish religion who use dating sites often place the focus on attraction over compatibility. Therefore, the people who use Jewish dating sites concentrate on finding a life mate instead of playing the field or seeking a temporary encounter. You might say that the dating sites for Jewish singles are virtual shadchans (matchmakers).

In old times, the shadchan earned a living by matching couples for marriage. He earned a commission on each arranged marriage. He worked in a shtetl (small town) making matches. He often would be seen convincing parents of the qualities of a certain girl or boy – working at matching the qualities with their son or daughter’s characteristics.

Among the Jewish people, dating is not considered a game. Instead, sexual attraction is considered a sacred revelation – one that can lead to a beautiful bond when it is property channeled. The selfish person becomes selfless – leading to Creation’s Devine Plan.

Outside of marriage, intimacy is considered selfish, as it is deemed an expression of the body rather than the soul. Worse yet, this type of intimacy may desensitize people – causing them to relate negatively with one another. In the Jewish religion, intimacy, when saved for marriage, becomes the meaningful experience it was meant to be. 

That is what many Jewish singles think about when visiting Jewish dating sites. To be successful, a Jewish marriage must include two people to wish who devote themselves totally to the success of the Creator’s relationship with all creation.

A Listing of Some of the Popular Jewish Dating Sites

With this philosophical understanding, you can visit Jewish dating sites and more easily shortlist your choices. Below is a listing of the popular sites and apps that emphasize finding a partner for life.

1. Jdate

This site was originally launched in 1997, and was billed in 2011 as the site to choose if you wish to form a long-term relationship. In fact, survey results showed that over half of Jewish marriages started here online. 

Therefore, don’t waste any time signing up if your goal is to get married. Jdate makes it easy, prompting you to insert your name, age, and height first. The site also asks that you fill out more details about your religious practices. For example, how frequently do you attend synagogue? Afterwards, you can fill out your bio and profile.

If you want to take advantage of all the site’s services, such as messaging other users, you need to pay for a membership. However, you can enjoy the site for free if you just want to try it out before making a commitment. Naturally, the monthly price goes down if you subscribe for a longer period. Subscriptions are billed monthly, every three months, and for six months at a time.

This site also offers an interesting feature called Secret Admirer. This feature permits you to secretly show an interest in someone on the site. If they too reveal an interest – that’s a match! You will receive a notification from the site about your mutual interest and identities.

Another amenity, called Lookbook, allows you to view one profile during a session instead of viewing dozens of profiles at once. You can “like” or “pass” on each profile you view. 

2. JSwipe

This Jewish dating app is offered for free. The JSwipe app, which is super simple to use, resembles Tinder. However, it is designed for marriage-minded Jewish singles, or people interested in the Jewish faith. All you need to do is link this app to your account on Facebook and you can start your search.

The app will inquire about your identification with the Jewish religion by asking the following: “What do you identify with most? (Answer: Orthodox, Willing to Convert, or Jewish). You will also be asked if you follow the Jewish law when preparing, cooking, and eating foods, or if you keep kosher*.

*Kosher or Proper Eating

If you are thinking of converting to Judaism, keeping kosher involves three food classifications. – or Dairy, Meat, and Pareve.


Frequently defined by the Yiddish word milchig, dairy products include milk, cheese, ice cream, or yogurt. 


Meat is often related with the Yiddish word fleischig, and features kosher fowl or animals slaughtered and prepared in a certain manner. This also includes meat derivatives.


This classification means neutral, and defines food that does not fall under the dairy or meat categories. This food includes fish, eggs, nuts, tofu, fruits, and vegetables that are not prepared with meat or dairy products.

Keeping kosher means keeping all dairy and meat separated. Unless you are a vegetarian, this means separating cooking utensils and dishes that are used for these foods. Pareve foods may be mixed into meat and dairy, as they are neutral.

You can see keeping kosher can affect finding the ideal mate, especially if the other party does not follow this dietary practice. That is why taking advantage of today’s technologies should be considered when seeking a Jewish mate. Look online to filter your choices.

Side Note: Keeping in Tune with Tradition

Jewish dating sites make it possible for committed couples to observe specific traditions, including Yom Kippur, or the Jewish fast day. A pre-fast meal, known as seuda hamafseket, advocates the use of foods that are made to be digested slowly. This makes fasting simpler and keeps people from getting thirsty.

3. JWed

If this site does not lead to a successful Jewish marriage, no site will. Thousands of singles who have been matched on JWed are currently married. The site, which debuted in 2001, has a strict “no hookups” policy.

As you might guess, the screening process makes sure that marriage-minded Jewish singles are the only people who join. By using the screening, the site gets rid of spamming or phony profiles. Instead of sending a user a wink, JWed provides icebreaker phrases to start a conversation. While this site is a free site, you can buy add-ons or purchase a first-class subscription that costs under $20.00.

4. JPeopleMeet

This is one of the Jewish dating sites that is basic and simple to use. You can browse profiles to your heart’s content with a free membership to the JPeopleMeet site. You just cannot communicate with other users. One downside to the site is the fact that you cannot use an advanced search. 

You can only find other singles by location, level of activity, membership category, or whether he or she is currently online. Also, you can only insert one photo. Therefore, you want to make sure the image you project is a good one.

With that being said, you can still take advantage of one fun feature known as ECHO. This amenity reveals if there is a mutual attraction between another user and yourself. An instant match feature allows you to cast a “like” vote, based solely on a member’s photo.

5. JSingles

This is one of the Jewish dating sites that makes navigation a joy. To sign up on the site, you only have to insert your age and gender and the type of gender you are seeking along with your location. You can take advantages of email and chat on the site as well as advanced search features. 

While most free options on Jewish dating sites are pretty limited, you won’t find this to be the case on JSingles. You can chat with other like-minded singles, provided they message your initially. You can enjoy a free trial of three days for a small amount of pocket change. Doing so will permit you to check out the site and see if paying a membership is worth the expense. 

Most membership plans cost about $30 per month, or around $40.00 for a subscription lasting three months.

6. JewishCafe

You can try out JewishCafe for three weeks for free. During the trial period, you can post your profile and speak to other singles free of charge. One of the questions on the site helps match you with someone who shares your values. Users are asked: “What does it mean to be Jewish in your life?” The JewishCafe also sponsors events where members can gather and connect at real life events offline.

One Caveat: Unlike the JSingles site, this site can be difficult to navigate, given the layout of the site’s menu.

7. JCrush

This dating app is geared for marriage-minded singles. However, it subtly invites more casual relationships. You won’t find this app difficult to download and use. Once the app is downloaded, you will be prompted to answer some questions. These questions may include the following:

“How would you describe yourself?”

You can choose from answers, such as “Spiritual,” “Jewish,” or “Conservative.”

After you provide answers to salient questions, you can go on and fill out a bio, include pictures, and link with your Instagram account, if you wish.

While you can get a lot of mileage using this free app for chatting and browsing, a VIP plan can be purchased for one month, three months, or six months at a time. The VIP plan permits you to feature your profile first and select an unlimited number of crushes.

How to Optimize Your Success When Using Jewish Dating Sites and Apps

If you want to make the most of using Jewish dating sites and apps, you need to practice the following:

1. Include a Standout Photo

If you want to get noticed, you need to include a picture that stands out – one that will cause the other party to take notice. While this is not the only method to use in getting connected, it will help you get noticed.

When selecting an image of yourself, make sure that it is high-definition and high-quality. The shot should be close-cropped – a nice headshot. Smile and look into the camera. Include a professional-looking picture. 

You may want to include pictures that show you involved in a well-liked hobby, such as fishing or tennis. That way, you can show potential matches what motivates you activity-wise.

2. Craft a Bio that Is Positive and Truthful

You want to create a bio that puts you into a positive light. However, make sure what you write is concise. You want to give others a good overview, one that includes the following:

  • Your hobbies or passions
  • Why you are unique
  • What makes you laugh – your sense of humor

Also, don’t forget to add some emojis and insert a positive feeling to the content.

3. Complete Your Total Profile

You should never leave anything out of your profile. Doing so may indicate that you could have something to hide.

4. Reveal Shared Interests when You Connect

When you connect with another member, make sure you emphasize some of your shared interests. Doing so will help to create trust and build better communications. 

5. Don’t Use Just one of the Jewish Dating Sites or Apps – Expand Your Horizons

You don’t want to use only one of the Jewish dating sites and apps when finding that special someone. Use several apps or sites, and consider signing up at one preferred site to increase your rate of success. 

6. Date More than One Person at a Time

This tip may sound counterintuitive, but it really isn’t. By keeping your dating calendar full, you can better assess your choices. You can also lessen the anxiety associated with finding a match online. This does not mean that you should sneak behind peoples’ backs or bring sex into the activities. By dating more than one person, you can open yourself up to more experiences and meet a number of interesting people. 

After all, there is more than one fish in the dating ocean. One thing about it – if you date a number of people, you will, no doubt, find the partner who is meant for you. In fact, it will help you confirm that you made the right choice when all is said and done.

What Happens Next?

You may wonder, “What happens next?” “How should I make the most of the listed Jewish dating sites and apps?” You don’t have to be in a hurry in this respect. Take time to look at each site to get a feel for it. Also, do the same with the apps. Find out if a site or app is really made for you.

Before you short-list your choices, craft a profile and bio. See how your words sound when they are read out loud. Also, go through your pictures and separate the ones you have uploaded to discern which ones to use. 

Remember, you want a high-definition, high-quality image that presents you in the best light possible. To make a good first impression, an excellent quality picture or pictures are a must. Remember, a picture can say a thousand words. Make sure you can say this about the image you include.

Give Your Input

What do you think about the above-listed Jewish dating sites and apps? Do you like some better than others? Why do you like the sites or apps you do? Do you believe the sites and apps can help you find Mr. Right or Mrs. Right? Give your feedback and share what you know. It always helps to have an insider’s point of view.