match logo online dating is one of the oldest online dating services to be ever established. Launched in 1993 by Gary Kremen and Peng T, the service is present in more than 25 countries and has been translated in more than eight languages. Having undergone a change in ownership over the years, the site is the leading brand owned by Interactive Corp (IAC). expanded its portfolio by acquiring a number of free dating sites such as OkCupid in 2011 and Plenty of Fish in 2015 and also investing in ParPerfieto for the Brazilian market and Chinese dating site Zhenai Inc. Currently, the company has offices in Dallas, San Francisco, West Hollywood, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and Beijing. online dating - homepage launched its mobile app version in 2010 which is now available for download on Google Play and App Store on both Android and iOS.

Creating a profile and sign up process

Registration on the is quite simple. Once you open the site, you get a pop-up tab which directs you to choose your gender, the age range of the people you are looking for and your zip code before you can start browsing any profiles.

On the next step, you are prompted to log in either using your Facebook account or email address. Here, you are required fill in a password and date of birth if you are registering via email. Next, you are presented with a matching questionnaire where you give more details about yourself and what you kind of people you are looking for.

The questionnaire has a section for you to fill out the basic information of your search which includes relationship status, background details, physical attributes such as hair color, height, if they have or plan to have kids, and one’s income. online dating - relationship goals

For some of these questions, you have the option to select which are the main deal breakers for you. You are then prompted to fill out your personal profile where you include your hobbies and a short bio about yourself.

From here, you can then upload a profile photo either from Facebook or your phone and then submit your profile for approval. It is a simple process and you can start browsing other users immediately as you wait for approval from the site.

How does it work?

The site requires you to have a paid subscription before you communicate with other users. The website is divided into five sections: Matches, Discover, Messages, Interests, and Events. It also has a “Search” tab where you can refine your search and choose the characteristics and attributes you prefer your match to have. The more you search for a suitable match, the site will ‘learn’ your behavior, who you are and how to match you better with each login. online dating - interests

Since the site requires a minimum number of words on each profile, member profiles are usually very detailed making it easy for you to choose someone you like just by reading their bio and perusing their photos. Profiles are also customized in a way that spotlights users that have any similar hobbies and interests like you.

Each day, the site selects a number of matches for you, usually 9-12 matches for every 24 hours. Depending on whether you like them, you can select “yes” or “no” against the profile. If you select yes, you can send a message to the user and start chatting. This also allows the system’s algorithm to get to know you better and feed you more suitable matches.

Profile Features

  • The site allows you to upload a number of photos that best represents you.
  • You can also choose to display as little information as possible on your profile. You can change some of the settings to have your profile hidden.
  • The “Search” tab allows users to filter their search results and refine it based on gender, age or location of the other users. You can also select your preferences based on distance, photo count, username or their activity on the app.
  • Daily matches are sent to you every 24 hours for you to select the ones that interest you.

Free Account

When you sign up for a free account, you can create a profile, upload new profile photos and send or receive winks from other users. Though you receive emails or messages from other users who like you, you can only reply once you get on a paid subscription.

So as long as your profile is live, users will view your profile, and if they are a paid member, they will be emailing you, however, you cannot read those emails without paying. A free account also allows you can search other people’s profiles and to receive the daily hand-picked matches from the matching system. has another option for new users – the free trial account which goes only for a period of seven days. This account is similar to the free account with a few added features that include:

  • A highlighted profile which makes you stand out. Your profile gets a unique color in the search results.
  • Users receive email read notifications when a recipient opens your email.
  • You can contact other singles on the site via email
  • You can see who viewed or liked your profile.

To be eligible for a free trial, you must be a non-subscriber of the site who is over 18 years of age and meet all the requirements stated in and you must give your credit card and cancel before the trial is up, or you will be billed.

Premium Account

A paid account is the only guarantee for you to be able to send messages on This allows you access to more features for you to see who has viewed or liked favorite your profile. If you want to keep track of all your connections and send them instant messages you have to have a paid subscription.

For paid subscribers who do not get a match within the first six months, guarantees six more months for free service. This allows members to get more out of the subscription and benefit from the money spent. The members also get priority when has organized events.

Payment is secure and can be done either via PayPal or credit cards.



Once you have gone through the daily matches selected by the site, you can start interacting with other users. If you meet someone you like, send a wink to show interest or like any of their profile pictures. This starts interaction if the other person likes you too. In some other cases, you can choose to save their profile so that you can communicate later. online dating - matches


The “connections” tab on the site keeps track of all your interactions from who has viewed or favorite you, winks sent and likes. All your messages are stored on the “Messages” section where you can access them easily.

Communication on the app is easier as you can send other users messages on the go. Once you have a connection you can choose to either chat via email or text messages to arrange a meetup. The features are similar to the website and offer the members an amazing experience.

Unique Features

Missed Connection

Recently launched by, this feature uses geolocation to come up with suitable matches. This feature is available on the app. Once members have activated this on the app, it will show you the users that have been in the same vicinity as you. T

his creates a better connection in the sense that you meet people who have common interests with you and also visit the same places you like. This feature can also be used as a conversation starter.


Profile Pro

For members who are not very good at putting together a well-written profile, has a solution for you. In order to improve your profile visibility, the site provides this feature for users to have a pro rewrite their profile.

You pay $39.99 for this service and can be well worth the money to help you create a catchy profile that will attract other users and increase your chances of a match.


Private Mode

This feature on allows users to turn off their profile visibility. If you want to check out other profiles as many times as you would like without coming out like a stalker, you can select this option.

This can be changed later when you find a match that you want to send a message to, you just unhide your profile. You can also hide your profile when you are taking a break or have met someone you are interested in.This costs members $9.99 per month and is only available to paid members. events

Referred to as “Stir Events”, has gone on to ensure that the members do not only communicate online but also get a chance to meet in person. This is one of the most unique features of this site and is not replicated on many other sites.

In big cities, organizes events where members can meet to socialize in small intimate events such as cooking classes, cocktail hours, bowling nights,wine and tequila tastings or rock climbing.

These real-world events encourage members to connect and look forward to meeting their matches.This has also led to the high success rate of relationships that started with

Top Spot

Users can buy a “Top Spot” to boost their profile and place it at the top of search results. For $4, you can boost your profile for an hour especially during peak times in order to be noticed. Users also have the option to purchase this feature in bulk which goes for $3 for a 5-pack and $2.49 for a 10-pack. Purchasing the longer-term option is always cheaper and you can save more

Promotions and Discounts

New members who are not registered on have the opportunity to save or get discounts using coupon or promo codes from the site. These seasonal discounts are mostly given during the holidays which gives new users a chance to register on the site and get good deals on long-term membership.

Additionally, you can purchase a Match deal from Groupon, which you need to redeem on the site. Once you log in or sign up, your subscription will be automatically renewed.

Location-based searches

Just like apps like Tinder which use the location of the users, has this feature on its app both Android and iPhone. Users can turn on the geolocation to filter the users based on the location. However, you cannot find a member unless they have also chosen to use this feature and have their location shown. With this feature, you are able to connect faster with people within your area.

Games team has developed some short games for its members. They are designed to test the compatibility between members and also boost interaction. They include, Romance Rip Off, Food Critic, Name That Dance and Drawn Together.


How do I delete or deactivate my profile?

In case you want to leave the site, you can only cancel your membership and hide your profile but cannot completely delete your profile. You have to hide your profile on the settings tab and then start removing all your information such as your profile photos, age, location and any other information.

You can also cancel your membership on the site, which hides your profile and photos from the other users. If you want to come back to the app, you simply sign in using the same details and reactivate your account. online dating - relationships

Design and usability

Both the site and the app have been constantly upgraded to meet user experience. This is one of the major advantages of The phone app referred to as MatchMobile makes it easy for users to access the app from anywhere. The design is so simple and has all the features that are present on the website. When you receive messages, the app will send you real-time notifications and alerts either on email or via a text message.

The app is compatible with Apple Watch, Android system, and Android Wear and iOS system. The mobile homepage is divided into easy sections: newsfeed, recent activity and “Stream” which is a photo-viewing feature.

The website’s interface is divided into tabs that are easy for the users to navigate. They are organized into categories like Connections, Messages, and Searches that members can simply follow through. Therefore, one can choose to use either function to swipe away. online dating - add a photo

Security and safety concerns

The site has a top-notch security system that ensures that safeguards users’ personal information and credit card details. With the encryption of usernames and passwords, the site has ensured nobody has unauthorized access which can lead to any security breach. In case the company suspects any fraudulent activity, they close or lock-down the account with immediate effect.

Match has previously faced security controversies when login credentials were leaked to allow users using a similar network to access usernames and passwords. This was however sorted out and security upgraded to prevent a repeat of this.

Similar Sites



  • The site continually upgrades and adds new functions to the site and the app which improves the user’s experience each time.
  • As one of the biggest matchmaking apps, it has significant numbers of users around the world. This increases your chances of meeting people that suit your preferences even if you don’t live in a large metropolitan areas.
  • Compared to other apps that have a lengthy questionnaire to determine your match, has an algorithm that individually improves its matching capabilities the more each member uses the site.
  • With, you are guaranteed an extra 6 months of free usage if you have not found a suitable match within the first six months.
  • Their profile verification process is very efficient with users required to submit their profiles and photos for approval when signing up.
  • Users are provided a customer service phone number, however, that number takes you to a call center overseas.


  • Just like other paid sites, you can’t send messages to your matches without a subscription.
  • There are several complaints by customers about their auto matches renewal feature. If members do not change the auto-renewal settings within 24 hours before the subscription expires, the site automatically charges you for the next period.
  • The site has also been accused of spamming members with unnecessary emails.
  • Due to the large pool of users, the site also has fake profiles and users that can be a threat to other members.While the site provides the option to block them, you cannot stop them from browsing your profile.
  • The site can be overwhelming due to the large pool of users. This has led to customer complaints of poor and slow customer service.

To Sum It Up is often synonymous with the idea of online dating for the past 25 years it has continued to gain traction and has a solid reputation. Because it is a paid site, it attracts more serious people and will filter out many who are not willing to pay the entry fee.

They pride themselves as the online dating site with the highest success rate of dates, relationships, and even marriages. If you are new to online dating, it may be the best place to start.

Match.Com; A well-known community on the online dating world
  • Usability
  • Community
  • Communication
  • Match Making
  • Safety
  • Value

Summary has been in the online dating community for 25 years and yet somehow continues to stay current, relatable, and user friendly. Their matching algorithm helps to pair you with potential dates and filter out profiles that would not be right for you. With Match, there is a website or an on-the-go app making it easier than ever to find friends, lovers, and lifelong companions.