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MeetMindful is a subscription-based online dating platform for individuals who are seeking to live enlightened lives. It targets those wanting to live a positive and spiritual lifestyle. Their tag lines are “date the way you live” and “meet people who get you.”

The site caters to Yogis, Creatives, people who enjoy Travel, Health and Fitness, Spirituality and Meditation. Founded in 2014, the Denver-based site is a platform for individuals to meet others who are would like to lead fulfilled and happy lives seeking out like-minded people.

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The founders Amy Baglan and Adam Taylor created this site as an alternative platform for singles to have a unique experience different from other social media and dating platforms. MeetMindful is available on the web and you can also download it on your device from Google Play or App Store for your Android or iOS.

Creating a profile and sign up process

On the website, the landing page presents you with choices to select based on what inspires you. This includes Yoga, Spirituality, Green Living, Mindfulness, Travel, Personal Growth, Conscious Diet, Meditation, Fitness and Creative Arts, and asks you to pick two. You are then directed to sign up either via Facebook or an email address.

If you register via Facebook, the site automatically draws your basic information such as date of birth and your first name. On this section, you can add your location and which gender you are looking to meet on the site. Additionally, indicate what you are looking for, whether it is dating, friendships or long-term relationships. Fill out your height and relationship status.

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The next step requires you to upload a photo directly from your device or you can choose to use the profile photos from your Facebook page. The MeetMindful team has to check if the photo clearly shows your face before it is uploaded.

Next, you need to fill in your Mantra, “About Yourself”, your profession and what you are looking for on MeetMindful. The site provides a drop-down menu for you to provide more info about your preferences in terms of Diet, Religion, Children, Drugs and Education. This is not mandatory and you can choose not to select anything in these categories.

The Ask Me About Something section provides fun tidbits about you that can be used as a conversation starter once you start communicating.

The next page – the Get Real page is where you provide more information about your mindful living practices. You go deep into what are your deal breakers, your hobbies and any other mindful practices you would like to explore even after you meet a perfect match on the site.

Meet Mindful - online dating - bio

How does it work?

The site is divided into several sections: Browse, Likes, Conversations, Settings, Upgrade and Profile. To find new matches, use the Browse tab to find people within your preferences. You can filter your searches more by upgrading to a Premium account. Once you see someone you are interested in, you can “like” them or send them a message.

Meet Mindful - online dating - how it works

In order to communicate with anyone on the site, you must be a Premium user. There are ways to chat for free, but the conditions are limited. The site also uses geolocation to find you matches. You can change your location when you move or travel to a different city. This will give you matches who are within your City and increase your chances of finding dates in your location.

Unlike other dating apps that use the swiping feature to match up matches, MeetMindful users do not base their selection on physical appearance only. When browsing through the profiles, the profile information is the most important so this is also featured for users to review.

Profile Features

  • You can upload a maximum of 6 photos on your profile.
  • The profile section is very detailed to help you get to know more about an individual and does not base the entire connection on looks.
  • You can also see a limited number of profiles each day.
  • Your personal profile displays your photo, your basic information, and your life mantra.
  • Each section has an option to edit. You can easily change the information you provided during sign-up or upload a different profile picture at any time.

Free Account

A free MeetMindful account is not typically the best choice as it limits your communication for the most part.

It allows you to:

  • Fill out your profile in details
  • Upload a maximum of up to 6 photos on your profile.
  • You can browse through your matches. Here you can filter your search based on diet, religion and many more mindful living practices.
  • The MeetMindful team sends you daily emails that display any new matches nearby.

When you sign up, you are given two days of free premium membership so that you can connect with people in your area after which you will go back to the Standard membership. A point to note is that you cannot send or respond to messages unless you are a premium user.

Premium Account

After the two days of free membership have expired, you can stay on the premium account so that you are able to unlock more features compared to a free account.

This includes:

As a user, you get to see who the other premium members are. This is especially important when sending messages so you can know who has read them and will know if you could potentially receive a response.

  • When browsing you can see who viewed or liked your profile.
  • The premium account has more advanced search filters. With this, you can personalize your preferences and are assured of better matches.
  • Users on premium automatically get faster customer support when they need help. You get feedback within one business day.
  • Just like the free members, MeetMindful sends you emails to show any new matches in your area.
  • You are able to find and see your local matches. This is the fastest way to meet a potential date in person.

Payment for the premium account is at $9 USD/ month if you buy in bulk for a year, but it is more expensive if you pay month by month at $29 USD/ month. Other payment plans include $49 for a period of three months and $79 for six months.

The subscriptions will renew automatically unless you disable 48 hours before the renewal date. You can continue enjoying the services up until the end of the paid period.



Before you make a connection, with other users, make sure you have filled out your profile in detail. You can start your journey on the site by liking someone’s profile if you are interested. If they like you back, you can now start communicating.

Meet Mindful - online dating - add a photo

MeetMindful – adding a photo to your profile


Once you have sent a message to a fellow user that you like, they get an instant notification to check. As a premium user, you automatically know if they read the message or not. For the first two days, you will enjoy Premium for free as a new user. The site also shows you who else is on a Premium subscription.

Unique Features

MatchMaker Emails

Each day, the MeetMindful team sends daily matches to the users’ emails. This is based on the new users that join the site on a daily basis and are tailored to your specific location and will fit what your search parameters. Since most of these users are in your area, it is easy to arrange a date. This is a free service for both users on a Premium or Free account.

In case, you have hidden your profile for one reason or another, you will not appear on the MatchMaker emails that are sent to other users.


Advanced Search

The site works on a browsing feature rather than endless swiping that is common on apps like Bumble. You can filter your search if you are on a premium subscription to specific traits that you like, especially lifestyle choices that are similar to yours.

Boosted connections

MeetMindful has this feature to enable members who have a Premium subscription to allow you to communicate with those on a free account.

For just $3 your message will appear at the top of their inbox and you immediately start a conversation with them as if they are on Premium. However, you will only be charged if they send back a reply.

Boosted connection bridges that gap between a free and a Premium user and is a small cost to pay to chat with someone that you are really interested in.

Additionally, the site encourages members to be proactive in communicating which will give you more matches.


MeetMindful is committed to ensuring its members make meaningful connections. A strong profile will always attract more members towards you, so put your best foot forward when drafting one. The site seeks out to help in this by providing a library of articles on the website that offers expert dating tips on building relationships.

You can read some of these materials to help you build an authentic, original and engaging profile. Additionally, these articles tackle a lot of mindful living subjects and advice on how to improve your daily life thanks to the dating and relationship experts on the site.


The Hide Feature

You can use the “Hide” feature on this site if you are not interested in communicating with any of your matches. The site will not show you their profiles in return when you are in incognito mode. However, for the people you have hidden, they can still see your profile when browsing for searches and “like” you. These likes will not appear on your “Likes” section of your profile.

On the other hand, if someone you met and matched on MeetMindful disappeared, they may have hidden their profile or closed their account. This also happens when an account is under review by the MeetMindful team and will be hidden until the review is complete.


Are there any success stories?

Based on reviews by users, this app has led to a number of successful meet-ups that have birthed long-term relationships. This can be attributed to the fact the mindful activities that users choose to act as a strong connection and can be used to start a relationship. You have a better chance of meeting someone who has similar interests as you on MeetMindful than on other apps like Tinder.

The site provides the opportunity for you to also submit any success stories. These kind of stories are encouraging to the other users who are looking to meet a new person via the site.

Meet Mindful - online dating - user profiles

How do I delete or deactivate my account?

If you want to take a break from the online dating scene, you can easily put your account in Private Mode which means your profile will not appear in the search results. Additionally, your profile will not show among the MatchMaker emails that are sent out daily by the MeetMindful team. When you want to bring back your profile, it is easy to do so by switching off Private Mode.

If you choose to permanently delete your account, you can do so under the “Settings”. If you had a subscription, it is advisable to make sure you disable it first before removing your account to avoid unnecessary charges to your credit card.

Are there any safety concerns?

The site has put in place safety measures to ensure your information is kept in private. If you registered via Facebook, the site will not post on your behalf or even alert your friends that you have joined MeetMindful. This is just a way to make your sign-up process a little bit quicker.

Meet Mindful - online dating - profile verification

If you happen to bump into a user who has a fake profile or is suspicious, you can always report them to the MeetMindful team to take action. Simply flag them using the Report button on their profile. This will keep other users safe as well and ensure everyone has an amazing browsing experience.

Design and Usability

You can access MeetMindful either on the website or by downloading the app. Both are very easy to use and have a layout that is pretty much easy to navigate. You can download the app to use on your phone on the go where you access it from anywhere. Members give it a good rating as it is constantly upgraded with new features and functionality improvements. On Google Play, the app already has more than 50,000 downloads and has received good reviews.

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  • The MeetMindful community is focused on making authentic connections based on unique commonalities and values. You will find people that share similar mindful, spiritual, and wellness values with you.
  • If you are not looking to date and are not seeking out a long-term relationship, the site provides an option to meet platonic friends as well.
  • In comparison to other dating sites, MeetMindful has a specific list of unique interests and positive habits that people can share instead of the typical profile choices.
  • There is not the endless swiping that is common on popular dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. You are challenged to look beyond the superficial face value of other users and browse each profile to find the unique in-depth commonalities you have with other users. They focus more on communication than endless swiping.
  • Both the app and site are very easy to use and navigate. The design is up to date with a user-friendly interface.


  • After the two-day free trial expires, you cannot communicate unless you are on a premium membership. This can be a discouraging factor for newbies as two days is too short to make a connection.
  • The pool of users is not that big hence if you live in a small town, it may be more difficult to meet a new match.
  • The questionnaire that you are required to fill out at the sign-up stage is a bit long. It can take approximately 10 minutes compared to other sites that just require some basic information.
  • The app is popular with the creative, yogis and spiritual people and may not be a fit for you if you are not in these categories. Therefore, before you join you have to carefully check if it suits what you are really looking for
  • In comparison with other apps which have a Premium membership, MeetMindful is a bit expensive. On apps like Tinder, the cost is $10 for Tinder Plus compared to the $29 on this app.
  • If you are tired of meeting people who are just out looking for a hook up on apps like Bumble and Tinder, then MeetMindful is the app for you. The site is revolutionizing the way singles meet and date online as well as inspiring people to make meaningful connections every day. This is definitely changing the game by building healthy relationships.

To Sum It Up

In order to meet and mingle with other members of Meet Mindful, you have to be on a premium membership. Though this can be discouraging to some, it does help to ensure that you meet people who are more serious about connecting and really desire to meet people focused on meeting long-term partners, not casual hookups.

Meet Mindful Review; A Site for Intentional, Lasting Relationships
  • Usability
  • Community
  • Communication
  • Match Making
  • Safety
  • Value


MeetMindful is an online dating community designed for people looking for relationships that last beyond the first night. The profiles are quick to set up, but provide more opportunities to write in-depth answers and find a deeper connection with the right person. While it is difficult to connect with some users without upgrading to the premium profile, there is still a wide range of features available for free users.