While you can always count on the old standbys, Zoosk, Match, and eHarmony, it helps to branch out and find new dating sites and apps to try. Knowing the newest apps and sites can help you expand you dating horizons. Use today’s technology to its full extent to find that ideal date or mate.

Below is a listing of some of the new dating sites and apps that are attracting interest from the online dating community.


1. The S’More App – Turn a Physical Attraction into a Relationship?

Just like the name sounds, this app allows users to go beyond narcissist motives and look deeper into a person’s soul. Founded by Cohen-Aslatei, S’More makes it possible for users to surpass dating’s superficial boundaries. 

To use the app, you are given 5 suggested profiles each day. This helps you avoid swiping left or right while scrolling a feed. S’More stands out, as it features icons instead of text and image, all which reveal traits about owner profiles. 

For instance, tile icons let users know another user’s interests and background. When users engage with icons, S’More defines the activity as a “wink.” In turn, more visual parts of a user’s profile begin to emerge, showing a profile photo and unlocking the individual’s social media feeds, etc. 

When this happens, you can also have a conversation – any reciprocation, and voila! You have a match! The more you interact with the S’More app, the better, as the platform can optimize what characteristics and qualities you are seeking in a potential date.

According to the founder, S’more provides “another option,” allowing people to suspend judgment about a person’s features until they know them better. S’more requests users to rate each other – not as potential dates or mates, but as users. The app and platform requests users to add a selfie for ID confirmation when they sign up.

2. Hinge – Focusing on Common Interests on Facebook

Hinge Homepage

Hinge is one of the new dating sites and apps that allows you to extend your reach on Facebook. However, if you don’t want to involve family and friend, you don’t necessarily need Facebook to sign up on the site. This dating app poses questions to you so you make better connections. This is a nice plus for people seeking something more serious. 

The Hinge site states that the app is made to be deleted. People spend more time matching instead of connecting, according to Hinge. Therefore, that can change when you use the Hinge app. The app quickly learns your type, getting a sense of each person’s personality. You can get to know potential dates from their one-of-a-kind answers. Find out quickly about a person’s height, politics, and religion.


It is easy to interact on Hinge, as each match starts with someone commenting about a specific section of your profile. Hinge also follows up by asking how dating is going – all to ensure that you receive better and better recommendations.

If you really are serious about connecting, you will want to try this new dating app.

3. Happn – Finds Nearby Singles in Your Community


If you want to find matches in your local neighborhood, one of the new dating sites and apps to try is Happn. If you are shy about coming up to that cute girl or guy in the bookstore, you might find this app to be an alternative solution. This app is designed for people who need a little help in making a move to communicate. If you are not really comfortable with online dating, this app may be designed for you.

    4. The League – An Elite Dating App – Is It Really All that Exclusive?

    The League

    The League bills itself as an elite dating app for singles. You need to apply to gain “VIP” access. You must add your job and college information when you sign up online. You also have to include your LinkedIn account.

    You can pay to quicken the review process or exert some patience if you live in a larger metro area. However, that being said, you are apt to see the same profiles on a site, such as Tindr, as you do on The League. It may not really be worth the wait, or perhaps the app is not really that exclusive.

    5. Clover – An On-demand Type of Dating App for 18 to 30-year-olds

    Clover Dating

    If you want to connect with a smaller user base – one that is geared toward 18 to 30-year-olds, you may find this dating app one you would like to try. This newer app is kind of like a version of Tinder or OKCupid, although it focuses on dating more than finding a permanent relationship.

    6. Hater – Get Together by Sharing What You Hate!

    Hater Dating

    This app, indeed, is one of the unique new dating sites and apps to emerge on the dating scene. Launched in 2017, Hater makes matches, based on what people hate! Maybe you hate people who drive too slow, or you find certain types of behaviors annoying. If so, you can find a common bond by finding someone who feels the same way. Find this app by clicking on haterdater.com today.

    7. Aisle – An App for Indian Singles

    Aisle Dating

    If you are Indian, you can find a match with another Indian single with Aisle, an app that has been in force since 2014. Aisle states that its app vets all users so safe-dating is emphasized. What is unique about this app is the way you make a date. 

    One user says that he or she is interested in meeting another user, and that person can accept his or her office at not personal expense. You can liken this approach to buying a drink for someone in a bar.

    8. JustAskMeOut – Just Do It – Ask Someone Out and Meet Them

    Just Ask Me Out

    This UK dating app skips the idea of chats and makes it possible for users to see each other in person as soon as possible. If you want to date more offline than online, this app is for you. Chat is discouraged (there is no chat facility for the app). You just need to ask someone out on a date and meet them offline. 

    The only drawback is that this app is UK-based. If you live in the US, you can only use it when traveling in London or the UK. Otherwise, it does spark an idea for creating this type of app for people in the US.

    9. Successful and Professional? Prospr Is for You


    One of the new dating sites and apps, Prospr, launched in 2019. According to Prospr, internal stats reveal that 85% of the users have at least a bachelor’s degree. Around 60% hold senior management jobs. Therefore, this app can help you find professionals and successful business people just like you.

    To make sure people are who they say they are, the app requires that member confirm their profile pictures and link to social media accounts. If you connect to Facebook or LinkedIn, the app hides your Prospr profile to make dating stress-free and user-friendly.

    10. Forj – An App for Jewish Singles Serious about Finding Someone


    One of the new dating sites and apps that is niche-specific, Forj launched in 2018. The app, designed for Jewish singles, promotes matches for people seeking marriage. People who are serious about forming a lasting bond like the app because it allows them to get to know other users. 

    A feature on the platform allows users to see what they have in common with others, and why the match works. As you review our matches, the app picks up on the characteristics you like in other, and adjusts the match suggestions accordingly. 

    In turn, you can enjoy a precise and personalized swiping system that improves with use.

    11. AgeMatch – Encouraging the May-December Romance

    Age Match

    If you are an older man or woman seeking someone who is younger, you may want to sign up with AgeMatch. This is one of the new dating sites that promotes age gap dating. If age is merely a number to you, this site is your site. While the firm that promotes the site has been around for about 18 years, this site is still considered new, given the concept.

    12. A Little about Privacy – Find a Match with the Anomo App

    Anomo Social Networking

    One of the new dating sites that allows you to maintain more privacy is Anomo. People match anonymously and get to know each other through icebreaker questions. You don’t have to upload a profile picture either. This newer dating site is an ideal way for introverts to meet other. In fact, instead of a picture, you can just post an Avatar – entirely stress-free exchanges. This free app is totally free, so what do you have to lose?

    Therefore, when the Anomo app is used, your first impression is based on more than a photo – a paraphrase of the tagline of the company. The newer app is indeed innovative, as it forces people to get to know each other through their interests rather than by physical appearance alone.

    Common Expressions

    Some common expressions, in case you don’t already know, include the following:

    • AML – All my love
    • ASAP – As soon as possible
    • ASL – Age, sex, location?
    • OMG – Oh my God!
    • LOL – Laugh out loud!
    • MWC – Married with children
    • ROTF – Rolling on the floor
    • SMH – Shaking my head (showing disapproval)
    • SWAK – Sealed with a kiss
    • TNK/THX – Thanks
    • WLTM – Would like to meet
    • F2F – Face to Face
    • WTF – What the F*ck?


    Also, learn to read between the lines. Set up some new rules for yourself when you visit the new dating sites or use the new dating apps online. For instance, if he says that he is not ready for a relationship, make a quick translation. What he means is that he does not want to have a relationship right now – with you. If you want more of a commitment, you need to set him loose now, not later.

    You can get a whole new lease on your dating life by using some of the new apps and platforms online. However, with that being said, you still have to realize a large number of people who meet online do not meet in person. Therefore, taking the next step can be a challenge, especially if you are seeking a relationship. 

    Some older dating sites host offline meetups, such as Match.com. You might learn from the older sites and also tell someone you want to know better on a newer site about an event – not a date but somewhere you can meet in public, such as a concert in the park. 

    You might also say, “I shop at the Farmer’s Market downtown on Saturdays. If you are in the area, I usually have lunch by the fountain around 1:00 pm.” If it does not work out, you always have an excuse for a quick getaway – easier to do when you plan something in public.

    Old Versus New Dating Sites

    Some like sites that have been tried and tested. However, you can get some good insights by checking out some of the new dating sites and apps. That way, you can see how some of the new applications add up next to more traditional apps.

    Generically, Hinge and S’More are both interesting sites. Find out how S’More differs from other dating sites with its non-swiping technology. Also, see how Hinge can help you connect faster when trying to make a match.

    What Have You Discovered?

    What do you think? Have you found some new dating sites and apps that you want to share? What do you like about them? What are some of the drawbacks? 

    If you were going to develop a new dating site or app, what would you include? How would you make it better?

    While anyone can launch a new site, a site has extra value when it offers a new spin or features amenities that make it stand out from other sites. Do you think sites, like Hinge, Prospr, or S’More, offer these kinds of advantages?

    Take a careful survey and think about what you want from an app or site. Why do some sites, like Tindr, work so well while others are not as popular, such as Clover?

    New Is Not Always Better

    New is not always better. A new dating site may, at first, seem a bit thrilling, but just like a new romance, you really don’t know how long the infatuation will last. Today, many of the novel and new dating sites and apps find it hard to compete with sites, such as Bumble or Tindr. 

    In fact, sites such as Bumble, have branched out and feature new sites, such as Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF to cultivate business relationships and friendships. Like a big box retailer, Bumble offers a diverse product line.

    While a long-standing and traditional dating site may not be as eye-catching as one of the new dating sites, it still manages to attract millions of people annually. Most of the reasons for this type of response is the success rate. 

    Encouraging Interaction Online

    Sites that encourage interaction and work on making matches easier as time goes on receive the best results. If you are reviewing some of the new dating sites and apps, it is good to keep these factors in mind.

    The Online Dating Profile

    People who visit both old and new dating sites are usually younger and male. Most of the participants make from $30K to $75K per year. While online dating may be viewed by the uninitiated as a hook-up venue, in actuality, most people (around 85%) are seeking a serious commitment.

    What about you? Do you fit the typical online dating profile? What do you want to take away with you when you visit new dating sites or use online dating apps? Ask those questions first when investigating the new sites.