OkCupid online dating

OkCupid (OKC) is an American based online dating website that uses multiple-choice questions in order to match members. As one of the oldest dating sites, it was launched in January 2004 by Chris Coyne, Christian Rudder, Sam Yagan and Max Krohn. The site has approximately 10 million members from the USA and a half a million daily logins.

The company was initially owned by Humor Rainbow Inc. before been acquired by InterActiveCorp (IAC). Humor Rainbow is now a subsidiary of IAC but the company’s headquarters is based in Dallas, Texas.

It is a leader in online dating as it was the first dating site that ever provided a free and unlimited exchange of messages. Initially designed as a website, you can now download the OkCupid app on your phone via Google Play or App Store for both Android and iOS.

Creating a profile and sign up process

This platform allows you to easily create a new profile using your Facebook account. Once you log in you can now create a personalized profile which allows you to fill out a number of questions in the “About Me” section such as your first name, your gender, and date of birth, country and city that you live in.

OkCupid online dating

The site gives you about 15 yes or no questions to answer which they use to find you the best matches. They are random questions on your preferences, dislikes, religion, personality, habits, hobbies, and basic information like your location, age, sexual orientation, and relationship desires.

The questions include, who you are looking for, whether it’s for long-term dating or just a hookup or just a new friend. You also select who are you open to connect with and choose a gender, select their age range.

Examples of these questions can be “Does star alignment matter to you?” and “Would you date someone in considerable debt?” or “Do you smoke?”. You can also choose to skip answering some of the questions if you are not comfortable with them. All these queries are tailored to find out what you look for in a relationship.

OkCupid online dating

Once you are done answering the questions which take about 5 minutes you can start browsing immediately. You then upload your photo either from Facebook, Instagram or your PC or mobile phone. OkCupid allows users to upload a maximum of 6 photos. If you create an account via Facebook, the site pulls your data from your profile.

How does it work?

OkCupid’s algorithm generates matches using the data from the user’s activities but mostly based on the answers you have given while creating the profile. They calculate the percentages and show you how much compatible you are with someone. From this, you can choose to either like them or not.

Based on the questions, users have to answer them twice with the second option being how you would like your match to answer. The site also gives you the option to mark whether the issues are as important to you further filter your search.

Profile Features

  • The site has a “like” and “pass” icon against each profile for you to select a suitable match for yourself. This section displays their photo, age, location and the match percentage.
  • You can see the profiles of all the other users even when you are using a free account.
  • On the profile section, the site is more inclusive and gives everyone an opportunity to select which gender identity or sexual preference best describes them, from Androgynous, Transgender, Gender non-conforming, Pangender or Agender.
  • The site has a function for you to keep answering personality questions which help refine your search and earn you better matches.
  • Profile pictures for all users are available to everyone for free.

OkCupid online dating

Free Account

Users on a free account enjoy a number of benefits without necessarily having to upgrade to a paid subscription. Once you have created your account, you can search through all the matches and take the personality test for free. You can also message your matches.

Premium Account

To join the “A-list”, users are required to pay a fee to enjoy more features from OkCupid. You get to enjoy benefits such as advanced search options, option to change your username and invisible browsing. The site has a boost feature that makes your profile more visible to other users.

To join the premium account, you can choose between A-list Basic and A-list Premium. For basic, users need to pay $10 per month and for Premium subscription $30 per month to enjoy the advanced features. You can pay via your credit card, mobile phone or PayPal.

For A-list basic, the benefits include:

  • Users can receive message read receipts.
  • Fewer distractions and faster loading of pages with zero advertisements.
  • Advanced search filters which can include body type or personality test
  • You get to see who likes you both on the profile and DoubleTake.
  • For A-list Premium subscribers, you get all the benefits that A-list basic users get plus more including;
  • Users get daily automatic boosts during peak hours which makes your profile more visible increasing your chances of a new match.
  • Your messages are prioritized with conversations sticking at the top pages.
  • Get to see other users’ public questions before you answer yours.



You can search for new profiles to see who is online without having to pay for a premium account. Once you find a profile you “like” and they like you back, it is a match and you can start messaging each other. The matching system uses the answers you gave when taking the personality test and shows the percentage score next to each profile.


Sending messages on OkCupid is absolutely free for everyone. The site’s interface shows the messaging feature alongside the profile of the person you are chatting with.

This allows you to know who you are chatting with before sending a message. You can only message people you have matched with. This is to prevent spamming and reduces instances where you receive unwanted messages from people you don’t like.

You will be able to see users that messages you on DoubleTake. If it is a mutual match, the messages automatically move to the conversations tab where you can easily keep track.

Unique Features

OkCupid gives a unique experience to its users. It is designed with a number of different features that can are not common on other dating apps paying special attention to individual interests and hobbies. Some of them include:


This feature offers compatible matching profiles that you can pass on or press “like” to explore further. It shows you more detailed profile information about your potential matches. These matches will be generated mainly from what you answer in the “Looking for” section. The feature was previously known as Quickmatch.

Match Questions

With every question you answer, the system is updated to give you more accurate matches. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep answering the set of questions that are provided by the system to keep improving your chances of meeting someone new.

Personality Test

The questionnaire provided by OkCupid is very helpful when creating a profile. It makes it very easy for users as you are able to summarize your likes in a very simple way instead of drafting a whole profile. Other users can get an idea of what kind of a person you are on top of what is written on your profile.

The questions touch on religion, politics and views on people’s traits which will be displayed on your public profile. Therefore other users can be able to understand more about you before deciding to go further and like your profile. The downside to this is that answering the questions is optional and some users may not give their views on their public profile.

The more you answer more questions, the better your personality traits can be changed by the algorithm system which keeps revealing more about yourself.


Design and usability

OkCupid started out as a standard online dating website. But with time, the company has moved on to also design an app so that users can access it from anywhere and anytime on their handheld devices. However, the app does not offer anything new in terms of features which are similar to the website. As a user, you can decide which option best suits your lifestyle—the desktop site or the app.

OkCupid online dating

The site has also been upgraded to have sections that are compatible with other social sites such as Instagram.This integration of Instagram with online dating sites has become increasingly common. The site is known for its unique design which uses a matching algorithm based on questions answered on your profile. It then provides a percentage score on each profile which the users can browse through to choose a person that they like.

However, in cases where there is high traffic on the site, users have reported experiencing technical difficulties in accessing some pages or even logging in.

How do I delete or deactivate my account?

Deleting your OkCupid account is pretty easy. Simply go to page settings tab, select “My Account” and then “Delete Account”. Type your password and confirm that you want to delete your account. This is a permanent solution but if you need to get back to the account you can use the same email.

The site also gives the option to disable the account instead of permanently deleting it. With this option, your profile will not be accessible to other users until you choose to re-open it.

OkCupid can also choose to delete your account if they confirm that it is fake or if you have been reported by other users for inappropriate behavior.

Are OkCupid matches always accurate?

The site operates on percentages that are generated from the personality questions. This, however, depends on whether the user has answered questions when creating their profile. Your matches may show a higher percentage but it may not be always completely accurate as this is limited by which questions they chose to answer.

However, if your matches are honest, you will be able to meet legit people and hopefully start a serious relationship.

What are the some of the privacy concerns?

The site has ensured that only users that you have matched with will be able to send messages to you. OkCupid gives its users the option to hide profiles if you do not want to appear on the match search or DoubleTake.

If you want to go further and prevent some users from sending you messages, you can choose to block them. In case you are been harassed by a user and you would like to report them, select the “report” option on the app or fill the feedback form with as much detail as possible on the user so that they can follow up and deactivate their account.

OkCupid does not display any information to the public except what you have indicated in your profile. For A-listers, if you are in the incognito mode, your profile will be hidden except to people whom you like. Just like other dating apps, they also do not post on your Facebook profile if you created an account via Facebook.

OkCupid online dating

The company had faced a number of major security concerns in previous years about conducting experiments on users of the dating site without their knowledge. The exercise led to matching up of people who were not necessarily a good match.

This was determined to be against the laws of the State in which it was operating and the company faced a lot of criticism for this. As a result, the company has amped up its privacy policy which ensures the safety of its users at all times.

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  • With OkCupid, you can get most of the core features without upgrading to the premium account. Viewing other users’ profiles and sending messages is free both on the website and the app.
  • The site is one of the most diverse ones in terms of choices you have while creating your profile irrespective of your gender identity and sexual preferences. In the login section, you can select the most suitable gender that defines you.
  • OkCupid goes above and beyond in ensuring that users meet people based on more substance and not only their physical appearance. This is done through the personality questionnaires they provide and encourage users to fill out.
  • You are most likely to meet a person that suits you or has a personality close or similar to yours on this site based on the personality test and questionnaire that users have to fill while registering to the site.
  • The site has such a large pool of users. Creating an account gets you many matches within a few hours which will significantly increase your chances of finding someone you are interested in pursuing.
  • The site is easy to use and doesn’t take a lot of time to get through the profile section when signing up.


  • Based on some customer reviews, the website frequently experiences technical difficulties. When the site is down, there is disruption of communication as users are unable to access certain pages or even login at all.
  • OkCupid attracts a large number of users from around the world because it is so easy to join. This means that the number of scammers on the site is high and you can receive a lot of unwanted messages from even some matches with fake profiles.
  • Unfortunately, the matches are not always accurate. Since the system uses the answers given by the users to come up with matches, it is not always accurate because other members may be skipping some of the key questions. Therefore, you may complete your profile but the match did not which means you might not be that compatible as the system wants you to think.
  • The site has more questions that you need to answer before you can start meeting any matches. Compared to sites like Tinder which do not require you to fill out a questionnaire, this might be a laborious task for some people.
  • Compared to other apps, OkCupid does not conduct a verification of new users. This is definitely not good for the site as it increases the chances for increased fake profiles.

To Sum It Up

OkCupid is one of the top dating sites globally. It is suitable for all types of relationships including casual hookups, flings or serious relationships.

Designed as a very easy to use site both on the desktop as well as the app, it attracts a lot of new users on a daily basis. Some of its users argue that its features are not up to par with newer sites like Tinder and Bumble.

With a rise in the use of mobile apps, the OkCupid app does not offer any differentiated function from the site which makes much less popular than other free apps such as Tinder and Bumble.

However, if you are looking for a relatively easy to use, short sign up process and a site with good desktop functionality, OkCupid would be a good place to start.

OkCupid Review; Find your match without the membership fees
  • Usability
  • Community
  • Communication
  • Match Making
  • Safety
  • Value


OkCupid is one of the top rated dating sites globally and breeds relationships that range from casual hookups, to serious relationships, and lifelong friendships. It is extremely inclusive to all types of relationships and can be accessed through the desktop site or the mobile app. In addition, it offers a number of services without having to upgrade to a paid account.