If you are seeking Mr. or Ms. Right online, you may wonder if you can make it happen. The best way to tell whether or not online dating works is to try it for yourself and arming yourself with some information. Online dating statistics do show that around 17% of marriages began with online dating. According to the online wedding publication, the knot, dating apps are currently the most popular method for finding a mate.

Why Tinder Is So Popular

According to the publication, many of the dates began by swiping on the Tinder app. When you download the app, you can log in with your phone number or with Facebook. Tinder features a platform that is full of good dating advice. Maybe that is why people find a lasting mate. Swipe Life features narratives as well as advice on entertainment, food and drink, travel, and money. You can also watch videos and learn some life lessons on Tinder U.

Another reason Tinder seems to influence the idea of marriage is its swiping match system. Swipe right if you like the other person – left if you have no interest. Ironically, this swiping system gave Tinder the unfair reputation of being a hook-up site – not one where you could find a true sole mate. While this may be, in part, true for Tinder men, Tinder women are not into flings. According to the Huffington Post, around 60% of Tinder females said they wanted a real and committed match – not just a fling.

Tinder, which is a major app for marriage-minded or seriously committed singles, represents 30% of the couples who have met on apps and ultimately tied the proverbial knot. OKCupid boasts that 14% of its users got married using its site while Bumble said 13% found marital bliss using its platform.

Other Popular Sites

Just in case you are wondering, the knot revealed that other apps that shared marriage data included Match, which said 12% found a forever partner, eHarmony, which showed a 3% rating, and Plenty of Fish, which reported that 9% of couples end up getting a marriage license.

The publication went on to say that just over 70% of the 11,000 couples surveyed said they dated about two years before deciding to get married. About 50% of the respondents said they dated from two to five years before making an official engagement announcement. About 30% of engaged couples, according to the knot’s statistics, said they dated less than two years before setting a wedding date.

Don’t Rush Love

What does all this mean for you? Well, if you are seeking a forever mate, don’t rush it. Find an online dating site that you like that is compatible to your needs and have fun. You may as well take this approach, as online dating is economical. Given the current statistical data, as released by the Statistic Brain Research Institute, the average online dating customer spends just over $240 per year. That is only $20 per month, so online dating provides an economical way to connect and meet people.

In addition, the site revealed that couples who find each other online get married about 2 years after they meet when compared to offline matches. By comparison, people who meet offline tend to get married 3.5 years after their first meeting. Again, daily tinding seems to work. The Huffington Post states that the typical user on Tinder spends over an hour (77 minutes) using their Tinder app.

A Great Way to Meet Other People

Online dating statistics also reveal that both skeptics and enthusiasts have definite views about the practice. For instances, statistics show that almost 60% of the people believe online dating is a great way to meet other people. However, according to a Pew research poll, skeptics (about 23%) think online daters are desperate. 

Younger People (18 to 24 Years Old) Tend to Use Online Dating More

Pew research revealed some other interesting online dating statistics. For example, most people who date online are between 18 and 24 years of age. However, these same people’s grandparents are also involved in online dating. People from 55 to 64 years old (or about 12%) report that they use an online dating app to meet and date. The increased use of mobile apps by both younger and older people have led to an increase in the activity.

To Date or Not to Date . . . Online

The Pew Research Center also found that about one-third of the people who use online dating apps or platforms actually have not been out on a date with anyone they met online. However, 66%, or two-thirds of respondents, do report they have had that first date from an online match. 

Fortunately, the active use of online dating apps and platforms has caused online dating to lose the stigma of being a hook-up activity. Today, people admit that online dating is a good way to meet people and form a relationship. However, that does not mean people still do not puzzle over those individuals who feel they can find romance on the Internet. There are still those skeptics (23%) who believe online dating sites are designed for desperate singles.

Nevertheless, other statistics reveal otherwise. The Statistic Brain argues that 20% of committed relationships began online. So, if you scoff at these kinds of online dating statistics, think again. If you know how to present yourself and you know what you are seeking in a mate, it makes logical sense that you can cultivate a meaningful relationship.

Make the Following 10 Resolutions

To support online dating statistics that show people can meet and marry online, you have to make the following resolutions.

1. Choose a dating site or select those apps or platforms that fit with your expectations.

Some dating sites are known for helping people find true romance while other sites are designed for the casual relationship. For example, Zoosk brands itself as a site for both fun dates and serious relationships. If you’re not sure where to begin, you might try this site first.

You should also check out the popularity of the site. Some of the popular offerings include the mentioned Zoosk site, as well eHarmony, and Match.com. For instance, according to online dating statistics, Match.com attracts close to 40 million users to its site per month. The site, eHarmony, attracts about one-tenth of that amount while Zoosk inspires about 29 million users to visit its site each month.

All the sites allow you to view profiles for free. Zoosk has a strong global following, as it was one of the first dating apps used by singles. 

2. Do not create a false impression.

If you want to find true love, you do not want to give other people a false idea about your personality or features. Make sure you create an honest profile – one that builds trust and invites friendship. You don’t want to begin any relationship by leaving something out about yourself or exaggerating your qualities.

3. Honesty is the best policy.

If you have pets and kids, you should add these facts in your profile. Maybe you smoke. Add this fact as well. You don’t want to meet someone and not reveal some of these salient truths. For example, if you have two cats and you meet someone who is allergic to animals, you have to be upfront and tell them about the cats. Don’t try to avoid the subject by staying over at their place. They will be highly disappointed, if not angry, when they eventually learn the truth.

4. Post two photos – one that is a full-length picture of you and the other one – a smiling facial profile. While sexy might be enticing, you don’t want to overdo it. For example, if you are a woman and a man wants you to submit a bikini or lingerie photo, but you don’t want to, he is not someone you want to date. Never send any photos that make you feel uncomfortable.

5. Make sure the other party also has a full-length photo and facial profile too.

Make sure the photos are high-resolution and leave no question about how the person looks. For example, if the other person does not smile in his or her photo, ask them for a picture where they are smiling. If he or she is wearing sunglasses, ask them for a picture without the shades.

6. You don’t have to answer every contact.

You don’t have to answer every contact, or kindly answer emails to people who you do not want to date. Some people will not really appreciate the communication anyway, and might even make a rude remark. Make sure you spend your time wisely when using an online dating site.

7. Always have a phone conversation before you go out with someone you meet online.

A phone conversation does not mean a text conversation. It means talking to the person on the telephone. This will help you form a reason for dating or not dating someone. Trust your intuition and follow it. 

Ask questions – note any red flags before you proceed with an actual date.

8. Meet the other person in a neutral place or in a public venue.

To play it safe, always drive your own vehicle and never go to the other person’s home. It usually will not turn out well. For example, you don’t want to ask the other person to drive you home if you feel the date will not go all that well.

9. Make the first meeting brief.

For the first date, suggest getting a coffee. That way, you can get out of any further interactions without too much difficulty. Never plan an extravagant evening out, based solely on another person’s photos. Make sure you make the first date quick so you can either plan another date or get out of meeting the person again.

10. Never have sex on the first date.

Don’t let things go too fast if you don’t want everything to fizzle out. People who have fun with dating or who find lasting relationships online learn to take it more slowly than that. After all, online dating statistics point out that most people who meet who get married take their time in forming the bond.

Sharing an Interest Is More Important

Referencing data from the Statistic Brain Research Institute again, reports show that about 64% of people feel that it is more important to have a shared interest and just under 50% of online daters feel looks are more important. Therefore, more people want someone who they can share common goals and interests while physical looks appeal to a lower percentage.

Getting Help with Tweaking Your Profile

Have you ever asked someone else to help with your online dating profile? If you have, you are among the roughly 22% of people who do. Because people quickly scan profiles, online daters feel pressured about making a good first impression. Again, the Pew Research Center compiled research that shows about one-fourth of the people who participate in online dating ask for a little assistance.

People Who Have Never Been Married Date Online More Often

The Fact Tank on the Pew Research Center site also found that about 30% of the people who have never been married in the US state that they have used an online dating app or platform. The use of apps or platforms are increasing, as the people who have never been married, who are over 25 years old, rose to 20% in 2012. That is almost 10% more than that was reported in 1960. 

Are You Divorced or Separated?

About 19% of people who are separated, divorced, or widowed have said they turn to online dating apps or sites to find someone with similar interests. 

However, with that being said, researchers have also discovered that the popularity of online dating is leading people to seek a partner who is more diverse.  For instance, people who meet online meet people they might not normally meet in their day-to-day lives. In turn, they may find younger people, people of another political party affiliation, or of a different education or income level. 

Opposites Attract Online

Studies associated with online dating statistics show that couples who meet online tend to be of different ethnicities, political parties, or races. However, this type of diversity tends to diminish among younger couples who meet. 

For example, research reveals that 3 in 10 people who met a partner online report that their partner is of a different ethnicity or race compared to 19% of the people who met someone offline. People who meet online also state, as indicated, that their partner has another political party affiliation (46% versus 40%). In most instances, there is not much difference in the educational and income levels of people who meet online and offline, although they may be more diverse for online couples.

Research suggests that, among the people who meet online, 36% have previously been married before meeting their current partner. That compares to 26% of the respondents who have been previously married offline. However, if people were under 40, there really were not significant differences in this respect. 

Teen Findings regarding Online Dating and Relationships

Key findings also do not stop with the adults. Online dating statistics cover dating among teens as well. Besides flirting in-person, teens use social media to show an interest in a crush. While most romantic relationships do not start online, digital platforms serve as a tool for showing a romantic interest. 

Teens text when engaging with a romantic partner. In fact, about 72% of teens spend time texting with a romantic partner each day. Indeed, technology will propel teens to use online dating when they are older, as the technology leaves them feeling more connected and closer.

According to researchers, Facebook was chosen as the media site where teens connect with potential partners more often. This same social media site often connects to many of the dating platforms online – proof that online dating will become increasingly more popular, given the interest in digital communications, social media, and current technologies.

Can You Find the Person of Your Dreams Online?

What do you think? Do you think online dating is for you? Do you prefer this medium for meeting the person of your dreams? People who like online dating applications state that dating sites and apps give them the ability to develop a relationship with less risk. 

People who don’t like online dating simply do not trust technology or the algorithms that lead them to that “ideal mate.” They do not like the idea that computers—not kismet—is directing their dating choices. After all, romance novels lead us to believe that fate, not computer programs, make a romance more exciting.

What’s Your Viewpoint?

Do you use online dating regularly? Do you agree with the above-stated online dating statistics? What are some of your experiences and what would you recommend when trying to make a match? If you have had a great experience with online dating, share it now. Or, maybe you don’t feel that an online date went well for you. If so, share that experience too. 

Know What to Expect when You Date Online

It is good to review all the benefits and drawbacks of dating online. That way, you will know what to expect and can make the most out of any dating experience. If you want to realize the benefits of online dating, make sure you use those sites that offer the tools that make searching exciting and fun. Who knows? With a little planning and know-how, you can find your future wife or husband too.