SingleParent Meet logo is the premier online dating service for single parents. As one of the niche dating sites, it holds the largest community of single parents in the online dating scene.

This site eases the burden for parents who have to take care of their children by providing an option when it comes to meeting new people for dates.

Since the site has both single moms and single dads, you can be assured that they are open-minded when it comes to dating people with children. You can easily access this site on your desktop or download on your mobile device from the App Store or Google Play.

Creating a profile and sign up process

You need to fill in the section about “Tell me about yourself” that includes details about your country, origin, username, password, email, and date of birth.

SingleParent Meet - online dating

Next, you need to fill in the ‘About’ section where you are required to write a short personal essay and add your interests. You will also be provided with some personality questions to answer. Here, you can also up to 4 icebreakers that will help when starting a conversation with others.

The bio section does not have to be extremely detailed, it can be as little as 100 words. You can use this section to explain more about your personality and hobbies which makes your profile interesting and can earn you more matches. You then need to upload a profile photo which represents you well.

SingleParent Meet - online dating

The team has to review your primary photo before it will be approved and uploaded for public viewing. Creating a new profile is hassle free and isn’t extremely time consuming on

You can also answer the personality questions provided by the site to give your profile a little more depth. This will help you stand out and attract more members to your profile. Having an interesting profile page with great pictures is the quickest way to meet potential dates.

SingleParent Meet - online dating

How does it work?

The site provides a Daily Match list for you to check to find those who have expressed some interest in you. You can also opt to use the “Who Do You Like” feature that lets you choose between two profiles. In this “Hot-or Not” type of game, you select the user that you are interested in. It is a fun way to check out the users that are on the app.

There is also a Search tab which gives you a chance to filter the results according to your preferred characteristics. Once you get a profile you like you can Favorite it to save and chat later or send them a flirt immediately.

SingleParentsMeet has an in-app currency referred to as tokens. You can use them to unlock new features or to highlight your profile among the other members of the site. This is a sure way to gain visibility and have an advantage.

SingleParent Meet - online dating

Profile Features

  • The search function allows you to look for potential matches.
  • All users can see your profile pictures
  • Under the settings tab, you can edit or change your profile details.
  • The personality questions on your profile are very easy and basic.
  • The homepage shows all the recent activities from who has liked, viewed or messaged you.
  • The site has an organized interface that is very simple to use and navigate.

Free Account

Users with a free account can view and search for potential matches. However, you cannot send or read messages, the best you can do is to send Flirts. In a nutshell, you are restricted to:

  • Creating a detailed profile.
  • You can search and view all the members before reaching out to those you like.
  • During sign-up you can add a number of photos to your profile.
  • If you see a profile that you like, you can like their photos.

Premium Account

Only subscribers with a paid membership can send and receive messages from other users. Some of the benefits of a premium account include:

  • You will be able to send and receive messages without any restrictions.
  • With an upgrade, you unlock features such as ConnectMe, NotifyMe, PromoteMe and MatchMe which all go a long way in highlighting your profile to other users.
  • You can flirt with members and see who has flirted with who.
  • You will be able to send and receive virtual gifts.

For a one-month subscription, the cost is $16.99 and this price is reduced if you choose to subscribe for a longer period of time.

You can pay either via your credit card or PayPal. The subscription renews automatically at the end of the specified time, therefore, you need to monitor this and cancel the membership before it is renewed to avoid excessive charges on your credit card.



Connecting on the app is very easy. Using the search function you can search for members using their usernames, age or even location.There is also a chat-room for you to start a conversation with members that are currently online.


Once you connect, it’s time to start getting to know each other by sending messages to one another. In order to communicate on SingleParentsMeet you have to upgrade to a paid membership so that your messages can be delivered to your target recipient.

In addition to messages, you can send flirts or use your tokens to purchase Virtual Gifts for your matches. With new matches, you can also communicate via ConnectMe which gives you a site-generated number to call or text from.

Unique Features

Today’s Matches

This section on the app provides you with a list of well-selected matches that are most compatible with you. The team at SingleParent Meet try as much as possible to match you with people that are as close as possible to your preferences. The team studies and learns your browsing behaviors and matches you up with people that would suit you.

This definitely makes your work easier as you may just meet someone you like. If the matches do not suit your preference, you can always go ahead and use the search function to meet more members.It is advisable not to also limit your search to very specific traits but rather have a broader criterion to earn better matches.


Who Do You Like?

This is a game on the app that usually pits two profiles against each other for you to choose which one you like more. The team at SingleParent Meet designed this to generate interest among the users to check out other users profiles. In doing so, you increase your chances of meeting a potential date. If you are looking to have a little fun when browsing o the site, this is the perfect option for you.


ConnectMe is a special feature that will allow you to initiate a call to a fellow user on the site. The site will generate a special number for you to either call or text the other user. If the other user accepts your request you will be able to communicate using this unique number. However, if they do not pick, you can leave a voicemail for them to listen later. This allows you to make a connection with a match without having to share your personal details from the start.

The numbers generated by the SingleParent Meet systems are unique to each user and you can preserve them in your list of contacts if you want to keep communicating. You can also easily remove a contact from your list by deleting the number if you do not want to communicate with them again. For you to use this feature, you must be on a premium subscription,


This feature helps you to keep tabs of your communication with your matches. Once you log in to the app, you will receive instant notifications when one of your matches logs on so you can start chatting or catch up. These alerts help you to easily track your matches and keep the conversation going. It also works to your advantage as you get to know when a match is ignoring you or whether they are seriously interested in you.

Virtual Gifts

When you meet a person you like on the app, you can send them virtual gifts to express your interest. You can also send the same to your matches as a gesture of affection on top of the messages. These gifts are valued by tokens on the app, therefore youhave to purchase with the tokens you have.


In a world of so many users, your profile may go unnoticed hence reducing the number of matches you meet on a daily. You can use your tokens to purchase this feature which boosts your profile to make it more visible. This will place your profile appear on the top of search results on the app which increases your probability of matching with someone. Once you have drafted a good profile, this is acts as a boost for you on the app.

Dating Articles

The SingleParent Meet app has a special section with articles that offer dating tips and relationship advice for its members. These articles are tailored to the target group, that is single moms and dads and include topics such as, “The single moms dating plan”, “Dating and your child” and much more. Some of the articles will be helpful when creating a profile as they also give tips on how to improve your profile.


Are there any success stories?

Most if not all the users on this app are single moms and single dads who have the real-time knowledge of what it entails. Therefore, once they chose to sign up to this app, they have a clear understanding of what they are looking for.

There are several success stories about members finding their soul mates on this dating app and forming serious relationships.

The site has a section where some of this couples share their testimonials about how they met on the app and are now happy in stable relationships and marriages.This is one of the most successful apps in terms of bringing single moms and dads together and helping them find love.

SingleParent Meet - online dating

Design and usability

The SingleParent Meet app is designed in a simple way. The interface is direct and easy to navigate for all members. It is more organized in comparison with the website making it a better option for you.

Once you download it on your device, as long as you have an internet connection you can start browsing immediately. It is also designed in the same way as the website, therefore if you registered via the web version it is not a challenge to start using the app.

The advantage of using the app is that it is convenient for you to catch up with all your matches on the go. Based on customer reviews, the app is rated 2 out of 5 on App Store and 3.5 out of 5 stars on Google Play. There have been complaints of fake profiles arising that is discouraging to new users.

Are there any safety concerns?

The app is well encrypted to ensure that your personal information is protected and not leaked to the public. However, there are users who might have registered fraudulently and might be out to scam other members. In case you come across such users, report them immediately to the SingleParent Meet team so that they can pull down their profiles to protect everyone else.

You can also choose to hide your profile and browse in private by changing your account settings. When you hide your profile, you will not be visible on the search results and no one will be able to message you until you unhide your profile. This feature on the app gives you some form of privacy or break from the site.

In case you feel threatened and you want to lock out a user from viewing your profile or messaging you, you can block them. Simply click on the member’s profile and select block.

How do I delete or deactivate my account?

Once you meet the man or woman of your dreams and plan to exit the site, the process is simplified. Click the “Settings” tab, then select “My Account”, answer a few questions and proceed to remove your profile. For members who are on a paid subscription, make sure that you have put a halt to the automatic renewal to stop any charges to your credit card.

The other main thing to note, when you uninstall the app, your profile will not be automatically deleted and you will still be charged. Therefore, follow the procedure the procedure delete your profile before uninstalling the app from your device.

Similar Apps


  • The subscription costs on this app are way much cheaper in comparison with other apps, especially for all the premium features.
  • SingleParent Meet is very convenient for the single parents and ensures they enjoy an amazing dating experience without judgment and hassle.
  • The app is designed in a very simplistic way that all the users can navigate. No matter which platform you registered with, you can transition to using the app on the go.
  • The unique features on the app such as ConnectMe, NotifyMe go a long way in making your profile more visible to other users.
  • The app got you covered in more ways than one. You receive the Daily Matches to choose from and you can also choose to search for profiles that you like. This offers a broader range of options for you to meet a match.


  • Without a paid subscription, your access to key features such as messaging is limited. In comparison to most apps, this can be a discouraging factor for new users.
  • The app is only open to Americans and Canadians. As a result, this may not be favorable for members who are living in other countries.
  • The profiles are not as detailed especially about how many kids one has until you connect and start communicating.
  • There have been customer complaints about several fake profiles who are often unresponsive or out to scam members for money.
  • There is no option to log in or connect your account to any of your social media accounts such as Facebook or Instagram.

To Sum It Up

SingleParent Meet is the best app to use if you are a single parent that is looking to get back out in the dating scene and finding love. The good thing about this dating site is that since all the members are single parents, it is very easy to relate to each other.

As a single parent, you have a list of tasks to fully take care of your kids that require a lot of patience and time. As a result, you might not have time to go out and meet people. This is where this app comes in to bridge that gap for you, it is worth a try.

SingleParent Meet Review; dating for singles with children
  • Usability
  • Commmunity
  • Communication
  • Match Making
  • Safety
  • Value


SingleParent Meet is an app-based dating platform that is geared towards single parents looking to get back out there and make a connection. It’s easy to use, which is great because single parents rarely have a lot of time on their hands to dive into the traditional dating scene.