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Tinder is the world’s most popular dating app. Based in Los Angeles, California, the location-based app was launched in September 2012 and allows users to meet new people nearby by either swiping right if you “like” a profile and swipe left if not. The app which was founded by Sean Rad, Justin Mateen, Jonathan Badeen Joe Munoz, Alexa Mateen, Dinesh Moorjani, and Whitney Wolfe, is estimated to have over 50 million users globally.

Popular with the Millennials, the app is common for casual dating and is mostly known as a hookup app. In 2018, Tinder announced that so far, they have over 3.7 million paid subscribers and the numbers keep on growing. The app is available on desktop and is referred to as Tinder Online and can also be downloaded on Android and iOS from Google Play and App Store. The app is available in over 40 languages and in 196 nations around the world.

Creating a profile and sign up process

Signing up to Tinder is relatively easy. You can choose to register a new profile via your Facebook account or using your phone number. Once you download the Tinder app on your phone, select the option to log in with Facebook, allow the permissions to access and you can start swiping immediately. If you choose to sign up via your phone number, simply tap that option and enter your phone number and the profile information about yourself which is basically your occupation, school, age and also upload a profile picture.

The same applies to Tinder online which you access via on your desktop. You can select to log in via your Facebook account or phone number and then easily begin swiping. On your profile, you can add up to a maximum of 6 photos which will be on public display for the other users.

How does it work?

Tinder became the first “swipe app” in 2014 after pivoting from a more typical clicking function. It has three interfaces on the mobile phone; the user’s profile section, other users and a feed section which shows all your matches and messages. This section also has a search button for you to check your matches.

Once you log in and fill out your profile, you can start swiping immediately. For any user that you “like” you swipe right for those that you don’t like, you swipe left. If the other person swipes right too, it’s a match. The app then prompts you to either start a chat or keep swiping. If you really like someone’s profile you can choose to swipe up instead of right which is known as a Super Like. Users have the ability to Super Like others and the photos are then highlighted in blue to stand out.

tinder swipe - how it works

If you created a profile via Facebook, the app creates an algorithm based on the common interests, mutual friends, and geographical location. From this data, they pick profiles that are compatible and they become your potential matches. Once the users anonymously swipe right to each other, it results in a match. Tinder is more of a surface level type of app, as there is really no in depth personality profile and more intensive compatibility questions for users. It is based primarily on looks, age and location.

Profile Features

Smart photo option on the settings is important when uploading your profile photos. Once you activate this, this tests the profile photos that you have uploaded and selects the best one to show on your profile.

The profile has an “About You” section that has a 500-word limit for you to give a brief introduction about who you are and what you like. This is like a pitch that you can keep short and interesting. This displays under your photo and users can tap and read before deciding which way to swipe.

There is also a section for the user to add a Job title or Company that you work for. If you are in school, you can also include that information in that section. This gives other users an idea about your professional qualifications.

how to setup tinder app

A unique feature to this app is that you can connect your profile to Instagram or Spotify. This makes your profile more interesting and can act as a conversation starter.

The app gives the option to control your profile even for users, not on Premium account. You can choose not to show some details to other users such as your age as well as your distance.

Free Account

Compared to other apps, a free account on Tinder has enough features for users to enjoy and you may not necessarily need to go for an upgrade. On this platform, you can set your preferences by selecting which gender you are interested in, the maximum distance a potential match should be, your current location and the age range. You can also create your own unique username and choose whether to hide your profile on Tinder. If you want to receive notifications on email about new matches, messages or news items about the app, you can activate this feature on your settings.

Premium Account

Tinder has two types of premium accounts: Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. Tinder plus was launched in 2015 with Tinder Gold been launched two years later in June 2017. Tinder Gold is a members-only service for Tinder Plus users which comes at an additional cost on top of the subscription. The premium accounts come with a number of features:

Users can control who sees their profile.

  • You get to only see specific users based on individual recommendations.
  • Users can match with people from around the world and is not limited to your region only. The app refers to this as a Passport to any location.
  • Only people you have right swiped your profile will see you.
  • Control your profile by choosing profile information that should be visible.
  • Users can also see the most recently active people first.
  • If you accidentally swipe on someone, you can rewind and swipe again.
  • Get unlimited right swipes and extra 5 super likes every day.
  • Tinder plus gives users 1 free boost each month which puts your profile in front of others in your area for 30 minutes.

The upgrade also hides advertisements from your profile.

Subscription to Tinder Plus costs $15 per month and Tinder Plus costs $10 dollars per month.


The app uses “swiping motion” to determine your best matches. On the profile section, users just see the photos and age of the other people and they can also click the “info” button right below the picture that has the short bio about the user. If both users swipe right, they instantly get a notification that it’s a perfect match and you can start chatting.

Swipe Right

Tinder dating app - swipe - like

Swipe Left

Tinder dating app - swipe - nope

After matching, one of you has to initiate conversation on the private chat. Similar to text messages or WhatsApp messages you can send text, emojis or gifs to your match. All your messages are listed on the Feed tab where you can scroll through to catch up with your match at any time. Tinder has an instant notification system that pops up each time you have a new message as long as you are connected to the internet and if you choose to be alerted in the settings.

Unique Features

Super Likes

If you are super interested in someone, Tinder introduced the Super Like feature which you can send by either swiping up or clicking on the blue star displayed at the bottom of the page. The user you send the Super Like to will get an instant notification and choose to either swipe right or left. If you are on the Free Account, you are entitled to only Super Like one profile every 24 hours for free. For users on Tinder Plus, you have up to five Super Likes each day. According to Tinder, Super Likes give you three more times likelihood of getting a match.



Tinder was the first ever “swipe app” in the online dating world before other apps adopted a similar system. This is their key design that allows users to swipe if they like or dislike a profile. Created as a gaming system, this has made the apps popular around the globe compared to other dating sites.


If you are on a premium subscription, you can purchase boosts which place your profile at the top in your location for about 30 minutes. A single boost can cost from $1.99 to more $3.99 depending on your location or age. When you buy a bundle of boosts at once, you get a discount. On the app, you can get the Boosts by tapping on the purple lightning bolt icon. This increases the chances of matching with someone new especially in the same area as you.

Instagram & Spotify Linking

Different from other apps, Tinder users can link their profiles to their Instagram page or Spotify. Based on the fact that the app uses mainly photos for users to decide on whom they like, the Instagram feature is a plus for other users to see your latest photos and know more about you before deciding on whether to swipe. For Spotify, the app lets you select your favorite song or anthem which shows your potential matches some of your favorite Spotify artistes.

Tinder Plus

This premium subscription allows users to have control over their profile at a very low cost. You get to see who has already liked you before swiping which saves you time going through hundreds of profiles. You can also browse more privately by hiding some information on your public profile.

Tinder Gold

This is a top-tier feature which offers similar features like Tinder Plus with an addition of “Likes You” and “Picks”. With Likes You, you are able to see who has already swiped right on you so you can decide if you like their profiles and swipe right or left. The “Pick” option is still new in a number of countries shows some of the selections on a daily basis that are picked by the Tinder algorithm. These picks will disappear after 24 hours.

Shared Profile

On the main swiping page, you can choose to share a user’s profile with a friend to get their opinion. You can share this either on Facebook, email, Instagram, Twitter or WhatsApp.

Tinder Online

Tinder runs a desktop option for users who prefer to use the PC. This web-based version is similar to the mobile one and you can easily use all the features.

Report User

Because this is a free app, there are many scammers who are on platforms such as Tinder. The app gives users the option to report a profile both online and offline via their contact numbers. You can use this section if you feel someone has posted an inappropriate photo if he or she feels like spam or select the “other” option where you give a brief on why you are reporting them. You can also block or unmatch suspicious users and anyone that is bothering you. This is good for the safety of the users on the app.


How do I delete or deactivate my account?

If your intention is to hide your account temporarily, you can turn off the “Discovery” icon and turn it on when you want to get back on the platform. To delete your account, you have to do it from the app under the settings tab. This is a permanent option and you will lose all your history, messages and matches which means you will have to create a new one once you decide to come back. However, deleting the app on your phone does not automatically delete your account.

Does the app have security issues?

In its early years, the app was faced with some concerns about their security especially in the case where the app showed the exact location of all the users and their matches. This flaw was fixed and users can now edit on their own profile the details about their location and even hide how far they are. In case of any security concerns, the app added the report feature for this to ensure the safety of all the users.

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  • Registering and creating an account on Tinder is extremely easy. With the unique feature where you can just register with your phone number, it takes you a few minutes to put up a simple profile and start swiping away.
  • If you are a spontaneous person, Tinder is a good platform to meet new people with similar interests. It is one of the most fun apps to use.
    The app is location based which makes it very suitable if you are looking to meet people in your area in person and to go on dates.
  • Tinder has millions of users globally and the number is growing each year. This means that the pool of users to choose from is also increasing and you can never go out of choices. It is the best place to meet diverse people.
  • The app is also very affordable for premium subscribers. Compared to apps like Coffee Meets Bagel where you have to pay $30 for a premium account, for Tinder Plus you pay $20 less.


  • Tinder can be addictive. Its main design where they focus more on displaying photos can make users spend tons of hours just swiping through profiles.
  • The app has made dating more casual. The focus on physical appearance first before anything else has drawn so many users who are looking for just a quick hookup. Some of the research reports have even linked the app to high cases of infidelity because of its ease of use and reputation.
  • Swiping with no matches can be so frustrating to an individual. Sometimes, it takes so much time to go through tons of profiles before you can match with just one new person. This can actually affect the user’s self-esteem and make them feel unwanted.
  • The app has more options for men than women. The numbers are estimated to be at 60% of men compared to 40% of women. Compared to other apps where women are usually more, the reverse is true on Tinder and men get to choose from a wider pool of users.
  • Just like any other dating app, individuals can be superficial which increases your chances of meeting some very undesirable people so, it is essential to be safe especially when meeting a new person for the first time.

To Sum It Up

Tinder remains one of the leading online dating apps globally. The app has a wide pool of users from 18 to over 55 years of age. The app has one of the easiest interfaces to use which has contributed to the rise in the number of people joining the app each year. One other major advantage is that it narrows down your search by showing people near you. However, this app is not recommended as the best app if you are looking make any serious connections. Nevertheless, there are a number of success stories from the app. Tinder can be fun, however, proceed with caution when first meeting new matches.

Swipe and Date
  • Usability
  • Community
  • Communication
  • Match Making
  • Safety
  • Value


Tinder is an app-based dating service that makes it simple to filter through applicants and profiles. Swipe left, swipe right, find your match. The more you use the app the more you unlock unique features like rewind (to re-view swiped profiles), super likes, and boost.