It is so easy these days to browse through potential dates.  You can order up a slice of “hot guy pie” as easily as ordering apple pie.

What used to be just waiting for the bus is now prime time to see what lovely lasses lurk nearby.

Whether you’re looking for Mr./Ms. Right or Mr./Ms. Right Now, you’ll want to make sure that none of these red flags pop up or it’s left swipe for you!

1. Shirtless/Mirror Selfie

If you’re a guy, even if you have awesome abs, please refrain from take the ubiquitous shirtless mirror selfie.  Women are inundated with men trying to show off and frankly, they are sick of it.

If you’ve got a great bod, use a pic from the beach.  And ladies, taking 75 pics to get that juuuuuust right mirror selfie does not impress the guys.  It may actually come across as self-absorbed.

Swipe Left 1

2. Too Many People

If you can’t figure out who it is you are supposed to be swiping on, that’s not a good sign.

First of all, if it takes too long to figure out, the person is going to lose interest. Secondly, they may feel that you are hiding something by trying to blend in.  And lastly, they are going to be looking at the hottest person in the picture. If you are not it, it’s not going to go well for you.

3. Hiding Face

Don’t use super big sunglasses, hats, Big Gulps, or any other thing that hides your face.  You may think it’s playful, mysterious or intriguing. However, most people figure that you are hiding something.

One person recently told me, when talking about too-large sunglasses, “A lot can go wrong between the cheeks and forehead.”

They are looking at dozens of pictures. If they can’t see what you are working with, they’ll swipe your “mysterious” pic left.

4. Too Many Action/Adventure Pics

You are not the Most Interesting (Wo)Man In The World.  If all your pictures have you mountain biking, surfing, skydiving and underwater, it’s not going to come across the way you want.

It will look like you are trying too hard, first off. Also, not everyone wants to try and keep up with that.

You’re immediately disqualifying the “Netflix and chill” crowd.  It’s okay to have one or two, but don’t overdo it.

Swipe Left 2

5. Fake Tans

If you see a fake tan, with that nice orange look to it, swipe left and keep going.  There is so much wrong with a picture like this. Everyone can tell it’s fake and the fact that you think showing it is going to help is, well, not going to help you.

6. Too Perfect a Pic


7. Only Duck Face

Men should never be doing the duckface unless it’s your Howard the Duck impression.  Just, don’t.

For the ladies, men do not prefer you to be doing the duck face, but they know that *sigh* you’re going to do it anyway.  Just don’t have every, single, picture, of you with the same expression.

Swipe Left 3

8. No Full Body Shot

If they have a couple of pictures up and no full body shot, flags should be a-wavin’.

Hey, if you’ve got a little extra cushion, that’s okay. People aren’t perfectionists. Someone out there wants you for you. However, if there’s not one, people are going to be wondering what you’re hiding.

Do you have all of your limbs? Do you have elephantiasis of the thighs?  Don’t let people’s minds get carried away.


Hunt Ethridge is a Hoboken-based dating consultant and a fashion writer. Currently, he is the Senior Dating Coach at New York Dating Coach (