What do women really want? Well, this is a question that has puzzled both men and women since the dawn of time. It ranks in difficulty with some of the greatest scientific problems out there, such as String Theory and Black Hole Diffusion. For all our research and advances in technology, we still have no idea how to make each other happy.

what do women really want

To get a better understanding of the question, we need to first set some parameters in place. The first one will be: what do women want from themselves?

Well, let’s analyse the beautiful female mind.

1. Success

No matter who you are, a man or a woman, you want to achieve success in your field. We are conditioned as humans to want the best for ourselves and our loved ones. Success shows not only our own inner ego that we are good enough, but it also shows our peers and family that we are worth something.

But how do women achieve success?

There can be many versions of this answer. Every person is different; hence, they will give very different answers.

To some women building a family and surrounding themselves with people whom the can trust is enough. To others, it is important to get a good job and a prestigious position.

Can you obsess over success?

Oftentimes, people become too obsessed over becoming successful. They start focusing on the end goal and completely forget about the journey. These people often suffer from mental and emotional breakdowns and frequent episodes of depression.

Women are particularly susceptible to depression and feelings of neglect since they are hardwired to be more emotional and intuitive then men. It is important to take things slowly and learn to enjoy the small things. After all, how can you measure your level of success if not by feeling happy with yourself?

In other words…

Women should focus on things that make them happy every day, even the smallest things. There are no limitations to what beautiful and intelligent women can achieve.

2. Beauty

Many ladies find peace and joy in feeling glamorous and beautiful. They achieve that by dressing well, taking care of themselves, and receiving compliments. There is nothing wrong with feeling proud of the way you look. After all, our bodies are our temples and what better way to enjoy life than to feel happy in your temple.

what do women want - beauty

What women want is to feel good in their own skin. Mood is tied to image. So the better you think you look, the happier you will find yourself oftentimes.

To desire to feel good about your looks—however you define beauty, is a completely natural feeling that every single person on this planet, man or woman, has.

3. Confidence

With being smart and beautiful comes the feeling of confidence. Confidence lets you tackle life’s challenges without feeling afraid or unsure of yourself.

Women want to feel confident. They want to be able to look in the mirror and see someone who can handle any trouble that might come their way. Be it: personal, professional, or something else, it is important for a women to feel supported and loved while she tackles any issues.

It is amazing what a confident woman can achieve. Ladies, keep doing your best. We believe in you!

4. Experiences

Women want to have good experiences. These experiences can be anything from travel, to learning a new skill, or hanging out with friends. What the ladies want is to be exposed to new things that enrich them and teach them new skills.

Women who love to accumulate new experiences usually sign up for a college class or a workshop. In these classes they can learn a valuable skill that can help them further develop their talents.

As the old saying goes…

‘Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.’ By not having enough activity in our daily lives we are exposed to negative emotions and feelings. So, what all women and men should do is surround themselves with things that help them focus their energy on self improvement and self development.

what do women want - experiences

Find new and interesting things that help you develop as a person both intellectually and emotionally. Interesting people attract others who are interesting. If you want someone that is a great catch and very interesting on a number of levels, first become that yourself.

5. Love

Everyone wants to be loved. It is proven in human biology that we search for people that we can resonate with on a chemical and emotional level.

Nobody wants to be alone and nobody wants to be unhappy. We are hardwired for relationship and companionship. That is why it is important to feel loved.

How to feel love?

The feeling of love can come from family or friends, or even a lover. As long as you feel fulfilled and that you can trust that person, you will feel the happiness that comes from that love.

What women want is to feel cherished and loved. That love does not need to be external but can also stream from the inside. The best way to avoid emotional emptiness is to learn to love yourself.

But how?

It is also the hardest thing anyone can do. We are conditioned by our mind and by media to be overly critical of our image and achievements.

As a result, we tend to no be very kind towards ourselves. In fact, some men and women outright hate themselves. This is categorized in psychology as self-abuse. By stating that you hate yourself, as opposed to loving the person you are, you are denying yourself. This is called ‘emotional suicide’.

what do women want - love

The only way to avoid this state is to learn to accept yourself for who you are. Self-love is truly the key to wholeness and a healthy relationship. You must ‘like’ yourself before you can be good and kind to others. We cannot give out what we don’t have. If we don’t have love for ourselves, how do we love others?

Nobody is perfect. Whether you are a man or a woman, you have some beautiful aspects and some flaws. Learn to live with the flaws and learn to love your beauty.

The bottom line…

Most women want the same as men, to be successful in their endeavors and to be understood by those around them. They want to achieve a level of satisfaction in their work and social life. It isn’t a lot to ask for but it does take some work. Not just from the outside but from the inside as well.

A women needs to learn how to love herself before anybody else can have a chance to love her. By learning to love yourself before anybody else you are building a promise with yourself. That promise consists of the following: ‘No matter what happens, I will continue to love myself.’

What Women Want From Men

Now that we have looked at some of the things women want from themselves and other women, let’s take a peek at some things that women want from men.

1. Understanding

This is the most basic of things that women want from men. To be understood means to have someone who accepts your ideas and does not judge you for the way you think. When you have someone by your side that accepts and understands you, you are freeing yourself to be happy.

Women should focus on finding relationships with men who understand them—or at least try to.

What about men who are not understanding?

Some women fall in the insidious trap of the abusive relationship. A relationship does not need to have physical violence in order to be classified as abusive. Emotional mistreatment is just as bad as laying your hands on someone.

what women want - loyalty and devotion

In such an abusive relationship, the male figure does not show any understanding or even want to and does not support the woman. As a result, the ladies are forced to suffer in silence and never speak about what is truly going on with them. This creates a great void and a problem in any relationship.

Such relationships should be avoided at all costs as they can be very dangerous to your well-being.

2. Equality

Every woman wants a man to treat her as an equal. That does not mean that she wants to be treated as one of their friends or buddies, but rather be considered a valuable person. A woman wants to be heard out and to have her opinions valued.

Every man should treat their significant other with the admiration and respect that they are due. Equality goes both ways. There needs to be understanding and support coming from the male side as well as the female side. There needs to be balance in order for both sides to be happy.

what do women want - experience

Respect is very important in a relationship. Without it, the whole balance of the relationship falls into pieces. After all, how can you be expected to build your life around someone who does not care for your opinions or interests?

What women want is to have a man who treats them as well as he would treat their mother: with respect, with love, and with friendship.

3. Support

When we say support, we do not mean monetary support. Being supportive of someone can have a lot of different meanings depending on the person who is defining it. Supporting someone could mean that you are okay with them being a certain way.

That can apply to their character, to their appearance, or any aspect of who they are.

What are other ways to be supportive?

Another way that you can be supportive is when you listen to your significant other. That’s right, women want men who listen to them. It is as simple as that. You don’t need to go through some big ordeal or plan an enchanted trip abroad in order to show your support for a woman.

All you need to do is set some time from your life to listen to her talk. A few minutes of conversation can mean the world to anybody.

what do women want support understanding

But don’t forget…

Being supportive of someone is not one-sided. It is important to remember that there must be balance in a relationship. Women should give every bit as much emotional support to a man, as they expect to receive.

4. Experience

As mentioned before, women want to feel enriched by doing or experiencing something new. The best thing a man can do for any woman is to introduce her to something new. It can be something he is interested in or something that he thinks she might show interest in herself.

It can be going out to a nice restaurant where you spend the time talking about your lives. It can even be a quiet night in front of the TV where both of you just sit silently and enjoy each other’s’ company.

Why are experiences important? 

Having new experiences is very important for a woman. It helps her become more creative and more goal-oriented. In a study by Oxford done in 2017, it was discovered that women who occupy themselves with small tasks such as travel, reading, writing, or cooking, are generally happier than those who do not.

what do women really want

This is quite understandable. If a person does not keep busy then they are not learning new things and hence not developing themselves. This leads to stagnation.

It is worth mentioning that a woman does not need a man in order to have new experiences. A man can take interest in the well-being of a woman and try to introduce her to new things in order to strengthen the bond between them but a woman is very capable of achieving the same effect on her own.

5.Loyalty & Devotion

Perhaps one of the most important things for every woman: loyalty. Loyalty is the presence of mind not to hurt someone both physically and emotionally by straying away from them. Being disloyal to your loved one is one of the ugliest things that a person can do.

What if you’re not loyal? 

It not only hurts the person, but it betrays the sociological aspects of being in a relationship. A relationship is a bond between two people that promises that those two people will stay together. By being disloyal (cheating, for example) you are destroying the bond that both of you tried to cultivate.

What is devotion? 

Devotion refers to the time and energy spent on your significant other in a relationship. A man should always put their significant other above all else. If they do that, the women will feel content and happy and as a result be able to develop as a person.

Being devoted to someone means that you are putting 100% into the relationship. This type of devotion should not be mixed up with the fanatical type of devotion that has a negative connotation. In a good and healthy relationship, being devoted to your partner means that you will take the time to talk and do things with them.

You will help them out whenever they need help and you will not do anything that might hurt them. Spending time with that person is a very important factor in a relationship.

what do women need - love and devotion

Different people have different core needs in terms of the amount of time they require from their significant other in order to feel fulfilled in that relationship. People all have different Love Languages and it is important to understand your partners love language.

6. Love

Finally we have arrived at the subject of love. Every single person on this planet is entitled to love. Love is a core sociological need that is inherent to everyone. There is not an individual who can or should, live without love.

It is without question that a man should be in love with the woman he is with. You cannot have a healthy relationship without love.

There are many ways in which a person can show their love to their partner.

Spend time with them. This is the simplest and most effective way to show your devotion and love to a person. Taking just a few minutes from your busy schedule in order to spend time with the person you are with can help boost the strength of your bond.

Do something special. It does not have to be something big. Doing something special can be as simple as buying a bouquet or picking up their favorite snack. Special moments don’t need to be planned. Just go with your gut and do what you think is right.

what do women want - quality time

Tell her you love her. This is the ultimate thing that shows you love someone. It is, sadly, the most undervalued. People put too much emphasis on doing grand gestures or giving gifts to the people they love. In the end they forget to say the most important thing that a woman wants to hear: I love you. It costs nothing yet it is the most powerful message that you can give someone.

So, what do women really want?

Women want to feel loved, not only from their partner but from their friends and family as well.

We have taken a look at what women want from themselves and from their significant other. We’ve taken the most common aspects of life and analysed them to the best of our abilities. What can we do with that information?

The answer is surprisingly simple: everything!

Every human being has the right to ask for the things that will make them happy. One key secret to being happy is simply getting your mind off yourself and on to other people. It truly is more blessed to give and receive. When we throw our lives into others, and sow good seeds of kindness, love, appreciation, all those things will come back to us.