We’ve all heard about speed dating, dating sites or even going on blind dates. But, which one out of all of the dating options is the most popular?

With social media and the internet becoming ever the more common in how we function in today’s society, it’s no surprise that internet dating is triumphing over all other dating methods.

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Some people believe that we’re sacrificing ‘love for convenience’, but is this really true? Long gone are the times of meeting someone in a bar or cafe and exchanging numbers.

As much as that odd occurrence happens, it’s not quite the same as apps like Tinder, Match.com and our featured one today…Bumble!

What is Bumble?

Whether you’re familiar with Bumble or Tinder, the principle is pretty much the same. To create a profile you need to have Facebook. Once Bumble is downloaded to your smartphone, then it uses this information from Facebook to create your profile to make it as easy as possible.

With just over 40 million registered users worldwide this app is taking over. To begin, you simply create a profile on there, swipe right if you’re interested and left if you’re not.

How Does Bumble Work

If you’re really, really interested then there’s the ‘super swipe’ option to let them know. Once a connection is created and two people ‘like’ each other, there’s the chance to talk. However, unlike Tinder, it’s the woman who gets to make the first move.

Unless she messages within the first 24 hours of that ‘connection’ becoming live, then it’s a no-go on the male’s part. No more sleazy unwanted messages or naughty pics, it’s all in the female’s hands.

Is there a big difference between Tinder and Bumble?

As two of the biggest dating apps around, we see a constant battle between the two popular apps. It’s more than likely that people using dating apps have both or at least one on their phone.

According to narcity, Tinder is reputed to be used to find a simple ‘hook up’, while Bumble is more about ‘love.’ What do other people say?

Difference between Tinder and Bumble
Difference between Tinder and Bumble

Some of us out there agree that it’s now a known joke that you hop onto Tinder should you need to either get over a breakup or look for a quick and easy ‘date.’

Our experts believe that there’s not that much difference between the two. However,  many women like the idea that they get to have the say about who speaks to who. Also, we like the fact that this empowering idea has been the leading drive up to the invention of this app.

What’s Bumble?

So what is Bumble?

Bumble was actually created by Whitney Wolfe, who originally worked as one of Tinder’s founders. However, after filing a sexual harassment case with the company and its partner IAC Whitney actually left.

With the settlement of just over $1,000,000, she decided to launch Bumble. IAC did try to buy it off Whitney in August 2017, however, she declined there offer.

What should we know about Bumble?

1. Women are in control

Feminism and dating are all encompassed in Bumble. This modern app gives the ladies out there to take control of the attention they get.

This feature was put in place to empower women and help them to more easily date online while feeling safe and secure. From being able to make the choices of who they want to swipe left for, the ladies out there also decided who to talk to.

Bumble - women are in control
Bumble – women are in control

However, men don’t worry! The males do get to extend the window for 24 hours if they wish and also, if they pay a small fee while keeping their hopes up, wishing that that lovely lady might reply!

2. It’s free (but you can pay for extra features.)

Following on from point one and as with anything, we usually expect a fee and Bumble doesn’t come without the same.

Although it’s free to sign up, there are some features that require us to pay. As mentioned in point one, men can pay a fee to extend their match for an additional 24 hours to see if they’ll reply.

Furthermore, there are features like being able to swipe through the profile of people who have already liked you for a small fee.

We love the idea that Bumble brings out the most of the love and lust in people. Not only that but as a result, users get to know who really is genuine and who’s not.

3. Bumble is definitely not just for heterosexuals.

We know what people might think… ‘I’m gay so this app is not for me?’ Or maybe an outraged ‘this apps one of the most modern, yet it doesn’t cater to the LGBTQI community?!

Bumble and the LGBTQ community

Woah! Stop right there. Don’t worry, this app is for all members and of all sexualities.

The app simply asks you to state who you prefer ‘men’ or ‘women.’ If it’s both, that’s fine as well, the app simply lets both sexes find your profile and swipe. Bonus!

4. Bumble isn’t just for finding love.

It depends what we define as that ‘special someone’, right? It could be a family member, a lover or simply a BFF or best friend.

Either way, Bumble knows this and it caters for all! We love making friends and if it’s easier to do than doing it face to face, then why not make that move?

We don’t have to use Bumble for dating alone, we can also use it to find networks of people, new communities and friends.

Making friends on Bumble
Making friends on Bumble

By switching to the BFF mode, it provides the user with people of the same sex to match up with. Maybe with the same interests or hobbies.

There is also a feature called ‘Bumble Bizz’, where the user can create a network to build their careers and occupations. Not only can we use Bumble to find people who we might like to date, it’s also available to connect on a professional and business level as well. Pretty cool, right?

5. Restrictions

As with anything dating related or personalized, there are restrictions to keep people safe. Why? Because we know as much as anyone else that nowadays, danger can be anywhere. Bumble uses high privacy settings as well as not allowing anyone to sign up under the age of eighteen.

As mentioned earlier, it is essential that users have a Facebook profile to link up to their account. Not only that, but people who sign up to use Bumble MUST be legally permitted to use the app within their home country.

We’d say that that’s a fair agreement and it’s great that apps like Bumble are aware of the risks that come with such activities.

What do users need to add to their profile?

Optional choices on Bumble are individual to each member that signs up. It’s recommended that users post up to six pictures to show those keen lads and ladies who we are and so that they can see the face of who they’re talking to.

Other features that are optional but that might well increase the chance of a match or that chat is to add a three-hundred max word count as a bio to really customize a member’s profile and to also add up to three move-makers.

bumble online dating app - communication

What are Move-Makers? Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. This feature gives all members the chance to fill in little snippets of information that are relative to them.

Bumble has a great way for all their users to spice up their profiles. For example, we can add to statements like ‘after work you can find me…’, ‘Night club or Netflix?’ and ‘My Perfect Sunday…’ and they’re just a few!

Can I add more pictures to my profile?

Everybody wants to look their best when they first meet someone. More so if you’re going to be potentially dating! It’s just a human instinct to want to look the best we can and when we can.

Some of us don’t feel that six pictures do us justice. It’s okay having one picture of a face or dance move, maybe at the club and on holiday. But, what about those extra ones that show what we like to do and how much we enjoy life?

There’s good news! Bumble has this covered. Not only do we have the top information as to what Bumble is, but we also have tips and tricks to make your profile stand out.


Instagram is hugely popular and the good news is that users can link their profiles to their Instagram accounts. Not only that, but the six pictures then gets increased, as Bumble pulls up the top twenty-four from there! Genius!

It’s okay having top tips on how to make that Bumble profile the best. However, how about those times that people make a mistake. As a result, you disconnect with that ‘special someone’ and the dating game feels even more impossible?

Mistakes to avoid on Bumble

We’ve got it covered in all ways and means! Here are some of our top mistakes to avoid making when using Bumble.

1. Don’t pretend to be someone else

It’s as simple as it sounds. Don’t say, don’t pretend and don’t begin to fantasize about being something you’re not. At the end of the day, we’re all wonderful as we are and what’s better than finding that special someone through being nothing more than your true self?

Don't pretend to be someone else

Have you ever heard of the term ‘catfishing?’ If not, check out the link. It’s horrible, it’s wrong and it causes nothing more than upset to a lot of people and both parties involved. There are TV shows on MTV that show lots of cases about it, and as much as we’re glad people can see the humor, it’s also a nasty way of playing mind games and being deceitful.

Another way to avoid being a ‘bad online dater’, is to only put up pictures that really look like us. As much as we all like to be looking good, sometimes a picture of a face slapped full of makeup and in attire that we don’t usually wear isn’t the best. At the end of the day, it’s better to show pictures of natural you, not a twenty-odd group of ‘who are yous?’

2. Don’t ignore your matches

The idea of online dating is to meet people, gain a connection and then talk, right? So, one of our main questions here is, why do people not make the most of their matches on Bumble?

 Jennifer Stith, VI of Communications and Brand Development of Bumble says that:

“The ephemeral nature of the app means you’ll have less time to sit on your hands and will really be presented with a small amount of time to decide who you really want to talk to. We’ve found that this leads to more confident connections.”

As Jennifer states, users do only have a short amount of time to make their move. So, in that 24 hour period that’s available, it’s important to engage in a conversation.

Bumble tips - don't ignore matches

Ladies, speak to that man who’s making your heart tick or maybe even say hello to see who they are. At the end of the day, we won’t know if something is going to work if we don’t try it first.

Another key fact that we’d like to advise you on is to simply not just use the word ‘Hi’ or ‘Hey’ to start a conversation.

Bumble is about engaging people and really connecting, so it’s important to start with something unique in the first instance and something that might make the other member think ‘Wow, she’s fun!’

3. Don’t treat Bumble like any other app.

            Bumble is just that…Bumble. It’s not Tinder, Match.com or eHarmony so it’s vital that we don’t treat it that way.

So what is Bumble? Is it for dating to find a friend? Or is it for love? Is it for a simple connection that could potentially lead to something more serious. Either way, we recommend that swiping right on everything isn’t the answer.

Don't treat Bumble like any other app

            Equally, it’s key not to just wait for another user or ‘match’ to make the first move. Realistically, if us women out there don’t make any sort of move, then the connection and conversation just won’t happen.

Woman have the chance to take control and power on Bumble so it’s important to embrace that.

4. Don’t forget to shake!

‘What, wiggle?’ Or, ‘dance?’ Nope! We mean shaking our phones. One of the great features on Bumble is that if a user accidentally swiped left instead of right, then it’s okay. Shaking the phone straight after brings the last available connection back up.

5. Don’t have a breakdown if someone doesn’t reply

            We’ve matched with that person, we’ve made that first, bold move to say ‘I like your smile, what’s caused it?’ Only to get no reply… ‘Ghosting.’ It’s horrible, it’s unpleasant and nobody likes it but it’s really important that members don’t take it to heart.

Don't have a breakdown if someone doesn't reply

            One thing that we have learned is that if we keep on chatting without making the next move, the conversation becomes stale. Maybe it’s a case of asking for the other person’s number early and starting a conversation away from the app. That way, it’s sometimes easier and it feels less of an effort. Pretty smart, right?

Final thoughts

So, what is Bumble? We think that we’ve got it covered as well as helping new users out with any little mistakes that might occur. It’s not easy to start dating online if you haven’t done it before. For those of you who have online dated and perhaps the experience wasn’t great, getting the confidence to get back on the ‘dating app wagon’ can be hard.

But, it doesn’t have to be! There’s lots of material out there to help us learn about the do’s and dont’s of online dating, as well as other dating sites to try if you wish. Bumble is probably one of the safest for women. And it definitely is the top app to help women feel in control.

Bumble is one of the best dating app in our eyes.  For a fun, empowering experience give it a try.  While it is skewed towards female empowerment, there are a lot of great guys on the site for sure.