Have you heard of cuffing season? It’s the time of year—during the cooler months—when people look for someone with whom they can spend those longer and colder nights. While you may swap shorts for leggings or slacks, you will also make switches in how you date.

What is Cuffing Season and When Does It Start?

Cuffing season usually begins in October and runs through February. During this time, single people tend to enter in new relationships. In fact, some facts about cuffing season may surprise you. For instance, one study in 2008 revealed that guys were more attracted to women in the winter months. Moreover, research covering the summer months, when short shorts and bikinis are worn, showed that men had the least desire to pursue women.

The Research

Researchers explain that when there is more left to the imagination, heterosexual men feel more like pursuing the opposite sex. This contrast triggers men to seek out female companions more in the winter than any other time of year. Also, when it is cold, people tend to feel lonelier.

the rules of cuffing season

One theory, known as embodied cognition, has been demonstrated through research. Researchers found that study participants sought companionship more frequently when the outdoor temperature plunged. When it gets cold outside, people seek companions to stay warm.

Cuffing season often leads to partners meeting each other’s family. In some instances, however, it may lead to breakups.

For example, if you meet a cuffing companion in October, you will probably either introduce him or her to your family, or decide to call it quits about two weeks before Christmas.

If you end up breaking up right before the holidays, your cuffing partner probably just wanted to get warm or stay warm. He or she did not warm up to the idea of an ongoing relationship. However, if you are still together after three months, researchers have found that your relationship will probably last for several years, if not longer.

Cuffing Season Rules

If you want to get cuffed to someone else in October through February, you need to observe some cuffing season rules. Take these rules seriously, as you want to make the most of this time of year.

1. Don’t Cling to a Summer Fling

If you want to be cuffed to someone in the cooler months, you have to say goodbye to summer – literally. The type of person you choose during cuffing season is different than someone you meet in summer. While summer is a time of carefree romance, winter tends to make us feel more intimate or closer.

2. Choose a Partner that Complements Your Winter Lifestyle

Once winter arrives, you will get into hibernation mode. You will be spending time watching Netflix, sports, or binge-watching a favorite program – anything that will get you through those harsher and colder winter nights. Therefore, make sure your cuffing partner likes to watch the same shows as you.

3. Don’t Count on Getting Attached

While cuddling and cozying up with someone special releases oxytocin – the happiness hormone, don’t get carried away with bliss. Remember, some cuffing partners take off just before Christmas. Therefore, the partner you meet may only be temporary. Keep that in mind, as the cold and snow tends to influence one’s thinking.

the details of cuffing season

4. Be Ready to Answer a Text

Being attentive to your cuffing partner is important. Why should you play games? This is the time of cozying up and staying warm. If your buddy texts, by all means answer. You should be available, at least once a week, to date or spend time with your newfound friend.

5. Pace Yourself

While watching movies and eating pizza together can get addictive, don’t get super-engaged with these activities. Pace yourself. If the person with whom you are cuffed decides to end the relationship in the spring, you want to think of this time as a positive memory.

6. Don’t Assume Your Partner Is Thinking Like You

You may be having a lot of fun during the fall and winter, and the holidays. However, that does not mean you will attend any of your partner’s family gatherings. For instance, if you plan to introduce your cuffing partner to the family, but he or she has made other plans, you could run into a huge glitch in communications.

7. Always Be Honest about How You Feel

After seeing each other for two months, you may want to sit down with your cuffing partner and simply talk about the relationship. Usually, after two months, you will know if your feelings have developed. If you find that your feelings are not the same, break off the relationship before someone gets hurt.

8. Don’t Become Too Involved in a Cuffing Relationship

Romance can easily come into a person’s life, especially in the winter. However, you also have to remember some of the other activities in your life – such as your job, school, or other friendships. Never lose sight of certain goals when you are in cuffing season mode.

9. Plan Some Inventive Winter Activities

You want to make the most of your fall-winter romance. Therefore, you can dream up some great activities together. Choose from winter activities, such as ice skating, tobogganing, drinking hot cocoa while it is snowing outside, or taking a horse-drawn carriage ride.

learning about cuffing season 101

10. Don’t Get Involved with in a Cuffing Relationship If You Are Not Ready

Are you sensitive and trusting? Perhaps you just got out of a relationship. If so, you need to assess whether you are ready or not to form a bond with someone else. While cuffing season should be regarded as fun and casual, our emotions are usually more complicated.

11. Don’t Talk about a Past Relationship

Remember – cuffing up with someone means cuddling and having fun. You do not want your new partner to serve as a therapist. Don’t talk about the problems in a past relationship. This type of talk can lead to a quick separation.

12. Never Text an Ex

If you are still seeking a cuffing buddy, but have not found anyone who meets your criteria, don’t get desperate and text an ex. Don’t forget, your ex is an ex for a reason. You don’t want to rekindle trouble. Remember – patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to dating new people.

13. Be Expressive

If you have found someone on an online dating site, and have had a successful date – let the cuffing process begin. Have fun, be expressive, and make the most of the fall and winter season.

14. Don’t Lose Touch with Friends

Your new cuff buddy may be really fun to know. However, don’t get caught up in the romance and forget your friends. If the relationship ends in the spring, you will have annihilated a whole group of important people in your life.

15. Put In Some Effort

Even when we are having fun, we need to take chances and put forth some effort. After all, cuffing season means more than binge-watching programs or cuddling up under the covers on cold wintry nights. Now is the time to arrange some romantic fall or winter dinners, or surprise your new partner with a special treat – such as boxed chocolates.

16. Don’t Buy an Expensive Christmas Present

If you are wondering what to buy your cuffing buddy for Christmas, don’t spend too much money to impress him or her. Again, romance tends to cause us to lose our heads in this respect. Simply buy a meaningful or thoughtful present without a high price tag. After all, it is the thought that counts. Sometimes the simplest gifts create more of an impact.

Christmas and cuffing season

17. Get Out and Enjoy Yourself

Whether you and our cuffing partner end up together for a long time, or just enjoy each other’s company over the winter months, you will find that you can create some special memories. Just make it your goal to make this part of the year memorable. Think up some fun things to do and make the most of each day and month.

Fielding Season – The Other Dating Season

While you may ask what is cuffing season, you also may want to know what the opposite of cuffing season happens to be. After all, we have seasons of the year.

We also have two main dating seasons.

The other season, fielding season, happens, as you may have guessed, from May to September. It is a time when people try to keep cool and play more to the field.

When the sun comes out, that is a person’s clue to socialize and enjoy outdoor life. This can be a great elixir after a drawn-out dreary winter. All of a sudden, the need to couple suddenly diminishes.

Women, in particular, don’t want to miss their opportunity, as suitors naturally increase.

Therefore, when it comes to cuffing season and fielding season, you need to look at each season statistically.

Fielding Season vs. Cuffing Season

When the sun comes out, most single people naturally become more selective, as they have more opportunities to date.

While that does not mean you cannot be selective during cuffing season, it just means that you have more people available to date and an increase in activity.

During fielding season, it is much more difficult to make commitments, especially when you check your texts, and your have several possibilities from which to choose.

Unlike cuffing season, when it feels good to lie next to a special partner to keep warm, fielding season can have the opposite effect. Who wants to cozy up next to someone when the temperature on the Fahrenheit scale reads 98 degrees outside? It can even get worse if your AC does not exactly kick in when the temperature escalates.

getting cozy during cuffing season

Evidently, summer is a time that provides daters with a temporary type of dating bliss – one in which fun is prioritized over responsibility. Maybe that is why some cuffing partners end up being together – that is, if they make it through the holidays.

While you may be more monogamous and do not really get into playing the field, fielding season, as opposed to cuffing season, may make you more of a free spirit. That is because the emergence of sunny days causes you to want to make plans of your own – plans that can include one of several partners.

This type of mentality is the opposite of cuffing season, when the plans you make hinge on togetherness. With that being said, September is a good time to think about what you can do on an autumn or early cuffing season date.

Early Cuffing Season Activities

What is cuffing season with a list of fun activities to set the mood? Check out our top recommendations below:

1. Going Apple Picking

One cuffing season date in the fall that is popular is to go apple picking in a nearby orchard. You can even extend the date by making an apple pie with your cuffing partner.

2. Enjoying Coffee or Cocoa in a Cozy Café

If you love pumpkin spice latte, why not savor the beverage with you newfound cuffing mate? You might also try hot chocolate or maple latte for your drink.

3. Participating in Movie Marathon

Now is a good time to watch a move series, such as Lord of the Rings trilogy. You might also consider watching the most romantic films ever. In fact, those romantic flicks might be a good choice, as researchers have found that cooler weather brings out this type of interest.

4. Getting Lost in the Moment

One fun place to “get lost in the moment” is a fall corn maze. Among the tall corn harvest, you may find a secluded place to steal a kiss or just have some alone time. If you live in most places in the US, this type of event is not too hard to find during the fall season.

cuffins season at the pumpkin patch

5. Visiting a Pumpkin Patch

Find a pumpkin patch and choose the ideal pumpkin – the one that you will carve and place on your doorstep.

6. Going on a Short Hiking Excursion

One of the fun activities for active couples is to go on a hike. Go on a day when the fall leaves are colorful and vibrant. You can work off those extra calories you ate when you enjoyed that pumpkin pie or cider donuts. Choose a day that is coolish – when it feels good to work up a sweat.

7. Creating a Special Fall Cocktail

Be creative – and think up an autumn cocktail that you can drink while slow-dancing to a favorite dance tune. You can make the tune your cuffing season song.

8. Preparing and Baking a Pie

Find a recipe online for pumpkin pie or apple pie and make the pie together.

9. Finding a Place to Drive to Admire the Foliage

If you love to ride over remote country roads, you will love this cuffing season adventure. Check out the beautiful and colorful leafage during your autumn ride.

cuffing season - what is it?

10. Stargazing in the Bed of a Truck

If you or your cuffing partner own a truck, take it out to an idyllic country spot and stargaze on an autumn night. Cover the bed with soft blankets and pillows. Keep extra warm by adding hot cider to a thermos. This is one of those nights you can only describe as memorable. If you don’t have a truck, rent a truck. What could be more romantic than gazing at the stars?

11. Riding Bikes on a Warm Autumn Day

In the early part of cuffing season, you may want to take to the road on a bike. Enjoy nature and savor the moment.

12. Attending a Fall Festival

This is a great activity to do for a cuffing season date. You have a large choice of festivals from which to choose. Add this to your fall calendar.

13. Creating a Bonfire

If you create a bonfire, be sure to invite friends to add to the festivities. Bonfires take you back to being a teen – when you felt irresponsible and carefree. After the bonfire party, cozy up in front of the fireplace with your new date mate.

14. Going on a Last Camping Trip

Summer is not the only time to enjoy camping. You can also take part in the activity in the early fall. Find an ideal camping spot and bring a double sleeping bag – the ideal romantic trip.

15. Making Caramel Apples

One of the treats of early fall are caramel apples. Instead of buying them, make them together. Find a good recipe or directions online.

16. Going Shopping for Halloween

Even if you don’t end up going to a Halloween party together, it still is fun to try on different masks and check out the costumes on display. Make sure you buy candy and treats if you expect to entertain trick-or-treaters.

17. Raking Leaves and Jumping in the Piles

You can take care of your yard work and have fun at the same time. Even raking can be fun when you do it as a couple.

raking leaves during cuffing season

As you can see, you have plenty to do to stay entertained during the early part of cuffing season. You can expand on that entertainment by choosing winter activities, such as sledding, ice skating, snuggling at home, and building snow people.

What Do You Think?

Does this answer some questions about what is cuffing season? Which fits you more? Cuffing season or fielding season? Both times of the year have certain qualities. Whichever time of year you prefer, let’s hope that the odds are always in your favor.