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Zoosk is an online dating service and app that launched in December 2007. Founded by Shayan Zadeh and Alex Mehr, the app is available in 25 languages and in more than 80 countries making it one of the leading global dating apps.

With a membership of 40,000,000 singles worldwide and an estimated 3 million messages sent daily, the company has designed matchmaking technologies that personalize the dating experience to help singles find the right person and relationship.

The app has one of the largest total memberships in online dating commonly referred to as “Zooskers” as it has been around for more than a decade now. Zoosk is available on desktop chat and one can also download it on Amazon, Google Play and App Store for both Android and iOS.

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Creating a profile and sign up process

The sign-up process for Zoosk is one of the simplest. Users do not have to fill a long questionnaire as compared to other apps such as Elite Singles. You can create a new account either via email, a Facebook account or Google account.

If you sign in via email, you will be prompted to fill in information on your sexual orientation and that of the users you are searching, your email address, birthday and a password. However, if you choose the social media way, the app draws most of the basic information from your account.

Once you log in, you have to go through a 3-step registration process where you enter details about your ethnicity, location, body type, height, religion and whether you have kids.

Zoosk online dating - signing up

At this point, you also upload a photo. To maximize on the app, you can refine your profile by adding up to a maximum of 6 photos. Once you have uploaded your photos and verified your email, you get a brief tour of the site to understand how it works. Users can also create a short bio and answer some of the provided questions on your interests.

Zoosk gives the users the opportunity to verify their accounts by either connecting their profile to additional social media accounts such as Twitter or verifying their account over the phone or with a photo.

How does it work?

Zoosk uses a sophisticated “Behavioral Matchmaking” algorithm. Based on the users profile and who they are “liking” or “messaging”, they are able to generate the best matches for them.

This section takes some time to analyze as the system has to pick your trends once you start using the app and from there the smart matches section will select some of the best profiles for you on a daily basis.

Zoosk online dating - bio

The “browse’ section on the app allows you to swipe through different profiles. To show interest in any of the profiles, you can either add a member; send a gift, a wink or message. In the matching section, there is dislike or pass option.

You can “like” someone by selecting the heart icon which stands for love or a select a smiley face which indicates friendship.
The in-app currency for Zoosk is known as Coins. Members can use this to purchase virtual gifs for their matches.

Profile Features

  • The ‘browse’ section allows you to swipe through different profiles.
  • You can use “advanced search” to filter users on the app and refine your results.
  • The app has a section where you can browse members that are online so as to initiate chats. Additionally, you can check your site activity and which users have viewed your profile.
  • Similar to other apps like Tinder which has “super likes”, Zoosk latest updates have included “Crushes” for users to send to individuals that they really like.
  • For all the members that you mutually match with, they are listed in the “match” section of the app. From this tab, you can view their profile and get to know more about them.
  • Zoosk increases your chances of meeting a new match by promoting your profile via the mega flirt feature. These are then mass sent to the members every 15 hours. The app will show you the user a maximum of 6 members that have received your mega flirt.

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Just like many other dating apps, Zoosk has a virtual currency system referred to as Coins. Users can use coins to boost your profile which will make it more visible to other members increasing your chances of a match.

To do this, users need 150 coins per boost. In case you meet someone you like, these coins can come in handy if you want to send more messages or emails to them. Additionally, you can send virtual gifts to your matches such as roses, chocolate and much more which makes you stand out.

The coins are however optional. The costs for each are as below:

  • 180 coins: $19.99
  • 480 coins: $39.95
  • 1800 coins: $99.95

You can actually also earn coins for free by just using the app, inviting your friends to sign up to Zoosk or even like the app’s Facebook page. Additionally, you can participate in surveys provided by the app.

Keep in mind that purchasing coins is an additional payment on top of your monthly subscription which you can easily pay either by debit or credit card or PayPal.

Free Account

If you are using a free account, the features are very basic and you just get the ability to like and browse other users on the app. Unlike other major sites like Tinder, OkCupid that let their users send and receive messages for free, Zoosk requires you to upgrade to a paid subscription. This is considered one of the major downsides of the app.

Premium Account

Since November 2014, Zoosk introduced paid subscription for users to send messages. With this upgrade, you can see profiles that have viewed you, have unlimited access to smart picks as well as send as many messages as you would like.

Under this platform, you can also know when you receive messages from a verified user before engaging further in any conversation.

Premium membership also gives you full access whereby you can be able to chat or view all the other members irrespective of whether they are on the free or paid platform.

Your profile will also appear more prominently on the search tab which definitely increases your chances of meeting someone.

For a one month subscription, users are required to pay $30 per month.



Based on the app’s “Behavioral Matchmaking” engine, the company looks at your habits as to who you are liking, winking at or messaging to determine which matches would be suitable for you. Once you are matched, you can now send a message to the other person. This app is more casual and most connections are “flirty” as compared to other apps like Coffee Meets Bagel.


Currently, Zoosk requires users to have a premium subscription to send a message. In order to bump up the communication, they have also included some “icebreakers” which are tailored according to your profile and interests. This is an impressive feature to help users start a chat in case something does not come to mind right away.

For premium accounts that are low-tier, users have to spend more money in order to receive messages which can be frustrating. The app may require you to purchase Coins in spite of your subscription in order to send or receive more messages from your match.

Users can also choose to go invisible while browsing but this is only exclusive to paid subscribers. This is so important especially due to the high number of spammers and bots that are present on Zoosk. It allows you to only chat with the people you like or have matched with and saves you from receiving thousands of unimportant messages.

Unique Features


Profile Verification

This app has a history of a very high number of fake profiles and spammers compared to other apps. This is because it is so easy to create a profile on this site as long as you have an email or Facebook account. Most of the profiles are also not as active which prompted the company to add a profile verification feature.

Verifying your account is just as easy as creating your account. You can do this either by using your phone number, Twitter account or photo. The process normally takes a few hours to complete but it is worth it if you need to have a profile that other users can believe. You will receive verification codes on your phone or account to activate this feature. Once the administrators verify you, a green badge will appear on your profile to show other users you are a real person.

SmartPick Section

Once you join the app, it takes a few days before it can “learn” your behavior depending on your preferences. Based on this data and the people you swipe, the app will hand pick for you the profiles that have the best potential on a daily basis. SmartPick is adaptive and evaluates your compatibility with other users over time.


This feature gives you a head start by placing your profile in front of all the other users in your area. An advantage to this is that your profile gets more views which puts you at a better place to get more matches. However, these boosts do not come for free as they will cost you Coins with each one costing 100 coins.


This feature gives you a head start by placing your profile in front of all the other users in your area. An advantage to this is that your profile gets more views which puts you at a better place to get more matches. However, these boosts do not come for free as they will cost you Coins with each one costing 100 coins.


Just like Tinder, Carousel is a fun feature of the app that allows Zooskers to just scroll through profiles where you simply pick “like”, “dislike” or “maybe” without going into details of their profiles.

It just shows the photo and age of the user and from this, you can make a decision if you would like to meet them. This is a faster way to go through the hundreds of profiles and just choose someone that you fancy. If both of you have a mutual match, it appears on your connections.

Dating Insights

Zoosk has this unique feature that provides you with feedback on how you are faring on the app. With this breakdown, you can see your performance and decide on how to increase the quality of your matches while learning more about yourself.


How safe is my information?

For users who have signed up via Facebook, the app does collect your basic information. However, it does not use that data for any other purposes or put it out in the public. They also do not post on your account or notify your friends that you have joined the app.

Zoosk online dating - verification

To increase their dependability as a safe app, the company launched an app called Insignia in early 2018 for U.S military members to verify their information. For verified members, the company offered a 20% discount on their subscription. This has significantly reduced the cases of romance scams which were rampant especially when it comes to individuals who had served.

How to cancel or deactivate my account?

If you are logged in to Zoosk on your desktop, you can easily deactivate your account by selecting “Account settings” then choose to either deactivate or pause your account. For users on mobile phones, the procedure is the same however, you can only pause the account but not deactivate it.

Pausing your account allows you to temporarily hide your profile, however, all your data such as messages and connections will remain if you plan to come back to the app.
If you are on a paid subscription, you will have to first cancel the subscription before you can go ahead to deactivate your account.

Which is better between the app and website?

The Zoosk app and website have both been designed in a way that is easy to navigate. Both have a modern design that encourages interaction and engagement. On the mobile app, the discovery tab consists of the carousel, browse, and smart picks sections.

Both have the same features only that they might be labeled differently for instance, “browse” on the mobile app is “search” on the desktop. You can choose to use Zoosk on either platform for the same experience.

Similar Apps


  • Easy to sign up and create a new account. The app has a shorter questionnaire for new users.
  • Zoosk is good for both mobile and desktop users hence it is available to be used by more people.
  • The app is available in more than 80 countries and can be translated into over 25 languages which makes it very popular among those in the service.
  • For premium users, you can message more people and contact all members on the platform whether they are on free trial or paid subscription.
  • Verification of users ensures that you can filter and limit the number of people you are talking to by checking the green verification badge on their profile.


  • The site has a very high number of fake profiles. Users have encountered a lot of scammers. There are also so many inactive members on the app which result in cold communication.
  • Messaging is not free. The pricing structure which requires users to subscribe to the premium platform in order to send messages, makes this app less competitive compared to other dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble. Many users don’t want to keep paying to send a message when they can do it for free on other platforms.
  • Limited search categories on the app give the Zooskers very few options in terms of selecting a match.
  • The app developers have not added many new features to keep it competitive in todays dating world such as video uploads and webcams.
  • Some users find it hard to cancel the service once they decide to deactivate their accounts.

To Sum It Up

Zoosk is undoubtedly one of the easiest online dating sites to join. It has a great and modern design that is simple to navigate both on a mobile phone and desktop.

The app is most suitable for individuals who are not looking for something serious as it is more playful with features such as the currency coins, carousels, and winking. It also works in a way in which the more you keep using the app and selecting profiles you like, the more the app will understand what works best for you and curate a list of the most potential matches.

However, the many cases of fake profiles and bots can be overwhelming for any user. Despite the introduction of a verification process, there are still loopholes for users to create phony profiles that end up scamming innocent people. It is imperative for new users of freemium services such as Zoosk that have a lot of appeal, to be very cautious when communicating with others on the platform.

The app has won many accolades and awards from the international dating community but just like any platform there is both good and bad. Zoosk may be a good place to start your online dating journey but give the free service a try before upgrading.

Zoosk Review; App-Based Dating for the Modern Single
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  • Value


Zoosk is an app-based dating platform that is extremely easy to join, with the simple appeal of modern dating design. It is great for playful or casual dating and is designed to get smarter and more in tune with what you want, the more that you use it.